Christmas Bedding Ideas: How to Decorate Your Room In 8 Steps

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Today, I’m sharing the best Christmas bedding ideas and how to decorate your room in 8 easy steps. Many of you loved my plaid Christmas bedroom makeover last year so today I am sharing how to achieve the same festive look. Christmas is just around the corner, and there’s something special about a Christmas-themed bedroom with twinkling tree lights, cozy bedding, and a plush plaid comforter.

Before we get started with the Christmas bedding ideas, I am going to quickly show you how the room looked before and the steps I took to turn it into a winter wonderland for Christmas! Everything from painting the room to layering your Christmas bedding. So lets get started!

8 Steps How to decorate your Christmas bedroom | Plaid Christmas Bedroom
I love layering Christmas bedding in varying textures to create a cozy holiday look

How Can I Make My Bedroom Cozy For Christmas

There is nothing better than a bedroom decorated for Christmas and climbing into cozy Christmas sheets and a plush festive comforter.

Step 1: Paint Your Room White

Before I started decorating my bedroom for Christmas, I painted the walls white. You do not need to go crazy like I did and re-paint the walls BUT I did want more of a neutral backdrop moving forward so it made sense.

painting a navy blue bedroom white

Step 2: Gather Christmas Bedding

To save money, I used the white bedding I already had and invested in a few key pieces like a red velour blanket and a plaid Christmas quilt set.

The best thing to do when looking at Christmas bedding online, is to buy it when there is a sale or you have a coupon code. I’ll share my favorite bedding links towards the end of the post!

Shopping for Christmas plaid bedding, wreaths and wall art

Step 3: Make The Bed

Making the bed is the best part of the entire makeover.

Here are the steps using Christmas bedding:

  • add a neutral colored bedskirt
  • make bed with white sheets
  • layer a velour red blanket on top of the white sheets. If you do not have a festive red blanket, a gray, navy or even light tan color will work.
  • layer a white duvet on top of the red velour blanket
  • layer a festive Christmas quilt or comforter set on top of the duvet as your wow factor for the room
  • add Christmas shams and throw pillows to the bed to finish off the look
  • drape a throw blanket in a coordinating color at the bottom of the bed
8 Steps How to decorate your Christmas bedroom | Plaid Christmas Bedroom

My Favorite Christmas Bedding & Where To Buy

Just click the image below to shop!

You can also see all of my Christmas decorations here on my Christmas Bedroom Amazon Storefront list.

Christmas Bedding

Quilts & Comforters

Christmas Sheets

red and white plaid christmas comforter set

Red Plaid Christmas Bedding

How Can I Make My Room Look Festive?

Besides adding Christmas bedding to your bed, there are several other ways to decorate your bedroom for Christmas to tie together the whole room.


If you don’t have a budget to purchase new items, DIY Christmas bedroom decor such as greens, holly and pine cones from  your yard are perfect “free” decorations that you can use to make DIY Christmas garland.

Simply use crafting wire to assemble the garland!

String Lights

Hang string lights around your bedroom to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. You can drape them along the headboard, frame a mirror, or even hang them from the ceiling to mimic the soft glow of Christmas tree lights.

Christmas plaid bedding, most wonderful time of the year red wall sign, christmas pillow
I love layering Christmas bedding to create a beautiful holiday bedroom

Christmas Wall Art

Hanging a Christmas sign and wreaths above a headboard will add the Christmas feel to your room and also create a focal point.

red and white plaid christmas bedding

Christmas Tree

Introducing a Christmas tree to your bedroom, whether it’s a full-sized floor tree or a small tabletop version, is an easy way to infuse your space with the joyful spirit of the holiday season.

christmas plaid bedding set

These 8 quick tips will help you decorate your bedroom for Christmas with ease. If you’re not sure where to start, begin by decluttering and removing any unused furniture or items.

Sometimes, bedrooms become storage areas for things better suited for the basement or attic until you decide what to do with them.

More Christmas Decorating Ideas You Will Love

8 Steps How to decorate your Christmas bedroom | Plaid Christmas Bedroom
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