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How To Decorate A Flocked Christmas Tree

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Today I am showing you how to decorate a flocked Christmas tree with gold and white decorations. Flocked Christmas trees are made with a powdery mixture to create snow covered tree branches. They are gorgeous when decorated (a little messy) and for our tree this year, I reused all my rustic Christmas decorations from years past to save money.

There are several tree ideas and options to decorate a flocked Christmas tree and the white snow filled branches coordinate with just about any color Christmas decorations.

flocked christmas tree with twig garland, white owls, metallic gold ornaments, gift boxes, bells as a topper and white knit hanging stockings on mantel with tv

Best Color Scheme For Flocked Christmas Tree

The first step is to decide what color scheme you want to decorate your Christmas tree. This year, I used gold, white and organic earth tone colors.

In years past, I have used several color combinations that look beautiful on a flocked tree. Pre lit lights coordinated with the white snow covered branches and color schemes below look amazing together.

  • Elegant – white silver and gold metallic ornaments featuring matte and glittery styles
  • Farmhouse – red buffalo checkered ribbon, plaid ribbon or black and white
  • Classic – warm tones like red and gold
  • Classic – red, white and green colored decorations
  • Glamour – blush pink and gold
  • Coastal – blue, earth tones and white

Flocked Christmas Tree with Gold Decorations

This year I decided to decorate our flocked tree with gold decorations paired with white owls, gold and clear metallic ornaments with rustic earth toned twig garland.

Rustic Tree Limb Garland

First add you garland to your flocked tree. I used 3 sets of rustic tree limb garland that I purchased a few years back. The brown texture of the garland is a nice contrast with the glitter and metallic ornaments. You can use wide gold ribbon for garland as well.

flocked Christmas tree, tree limb garland, white fur owl ornaments

Owl Ornaments with Gold Glitter Tree Picks

I used a handful of different ornaments in the warm brown tones and textures. The white fur owl ornaments add an additional texture to the tree. You can use any white ornaments in place of the owls to get this look.

I had a large box of glitter balls in gold and brown which I typically place in a basket as decorations but this year, I placed them on the larger branches towards the middle of the tree as fillers.

Gold Christmas picks, pre lit flocked Christmas tree, twig garland, white owl ornaments, metallic gold ornaments

We have 2 flocked Christmas trees that are over 5 years old and they both are in excellent shape. This particular tree is sold out but this one is similar. I am a big fan of an artificial Christmas tree!

Christmas Tree Topper

gold acorn bells and gold glitter christmas tree topper

Flocked Christmas Tree Decorations

I decided to decorate our fireplace mantel with white cable knit stockings to coordinate with the flocked Christmas tree decorations. The wooden and knit white trees on the mantel also nicely tie in with the white flocked tree.

white cable knit Christmas stockings, deer stocking holders, white knit Christmas tree, tv, fireplace
Christmas living room, flocked Christmas tree, gold decorations, white hanging stockings on mantel around tv

To complete the Christmas fireplace mantel, I hung a white fur Christmas wreath that I purchased last year at Homegoods to the center of the mantel.

white fur Christmas wreath with greens and red berries

What Lights Look Best On A Flocked Tree?

I personally love warm white lights on a flocked tree. The glimmer and shine at night when the tree is lit provides a warm cozy feel and the sparkling ornaments look beautiful. A beautiful flocked Christmas tree that creates a winter wonderland.

Check out our Amazon Storefront to shop this tree and coordinating decor! Click this link and then click the category, “flocked Christmas tree ideas” once on my store page.

Which flocked tree is the best? This tree on Wayfair is heavy on the flock creating a thick snow covered branch look. I also listed several others on my Amazon Storefront. Flocked trees are a little mess though, that is one of the drawbacks but well worth it in my opinion. The mess vacuums up quickly so it’s not a big deal!

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