Best DIY Christmas Wreath With Clothespins

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Today, I am excited to share with you our creative and enjoyable DIY Christmas wreath using clothespins and Washi Tape. Clothespin Christmas wreath crafts are not only perfect for kids, but also for adults to join in on the festive fun. With its easy application, decorative appeal, and reliable adhesion to clothespins, Washi Tape proves to be an excellent choice for this project.

Christmas Clothespin Wreath 

A Christmas wreath made from clothespins is an affordable way to decorate your home for the holiday season.

red stripes and green washi tape DIY Christmas clothespin wreath, red reindeer, white mirror, silver christmas tree cone

Making your own Christmas wreath is a great way to save money and create a unique decoration for your home. It doesn’t take much time or effort, and with some supplies from the craft store you can easily personalize and customize it to fit any style.

To get started, all you need are the items below:

Christmas Wreath Supply list

red duct tape and scoth washi holiday tape

How To Make A Clothespin Wreath

Wrap Floral Ring

  1. Start by wrapping your floral ring with red Duct Tape. Red Duct Tape is the perfect choice for a Christmas wreath but you can use any color or pattern depending on the style wreath you are making.
red duct tape around a cardboard wreath frame

Clip Clothespins

2. Next, clip your clothes pins around the ring spacing them evenly next to each other.

clothespins on a wreath frame

Add Decorative Tape to Clothespins

I used 3 different holiday Scotch® Expressions tapes. Green, green dots and red stripes. I alternated them to created an eclectic look.

3. Next step, you will need to trim the edges of the tape unless your find larger clothes pins. Smaller fine cutting scissors work the best.

red stripes and green washi tape DIY Christmas clothespin wreath

You could also pre-cut your tape and add to the clothes pins first, then clip once taped. Either way will work.

red stripes and green washi tape DIY Christmas clothespin wreath

Hang Wreath

4. Hang your homemade Christmas wreath on a mirror, wall or front door. I used a 3M™ Command™ Hanging Strip to hang the wreath on our mirror.

To enhance the wreath, I glued 2 different colored ornaments around the wreath making this a super cute wreath for the holiday season.

If using clothespins to make a wreath isn’t your thing, check out this post, DIY Christmas ornament wreath where I used colorful ornament balls. It’s the cutest wreath ever!

Clothespin Wreath Ideas

This homemade wreath would also look really cute as a table top centerpiece or Christmas decoration for a kids hot cocoa party. 

You could add a few small glitter trees with faux snow in the middle or small potted greens and you would instantly add a touch of Christmas to your tabletop.

Clothespins are used for several crafts and seasonal Fall, Spring and Grinch Clothespin Christmas wreaths are very popular holiday crafts. Washi Tape also comes in hundreds of holiday design themes so the possibilities are endless!

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