Simple Christmas Decor Ideas For A Staircase

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Christmas is here and today I am sharing simple Christmas decor ideas for a staircase. We decked out our front staircase with country creatures and woodland theme decorations and it’s the absolute cutest! 

Let’s take a look at how simple decorations can transform a staircase for the holiday season.  

Cozy Christmas staircase nook with country creatures

How Can I Decorate My Staircase for Christmas?

This year, I decided to not use Christmas staircase garland. I was on a budget and honestly, real garland can be pricey and I didn’t have a long enough set of garland to cover the entire stair rail so I opted to skip it this year!

Cozy Christmas staircase nook with country creatures
Decorating a staircase nook for Christmas is a great way to add holiday cheer to your stairs

I decided instead of traditional stair garland, a small tabletop Christmas tree with lights would be perfect in the small alcove at the bottom of the stairs.

If you are looking to create a cozy Christmas nook or vignette in your home, try mixing a variety of Christmas trees, wrapped boxes and woodland creatures on a table top. 

Christmas rustic squirrel dressed in overalls, christmas tree, red berries

I decided to mix Christmas reindeer, snowmen and woodland creatures throughout our cozy staircase nook to create a traditional theme focus on Country living. 

rustic christmas squirrel, christmas tree, chipmunk and let it snow sign

How Do You Accessorize Stairs?

Decorating your stair steps is as simple as placing decorative Christmas pillows, snowmen figurines and small decorative trees. There were so many fun Christmas signs too that make creating a “stair vignette” unique and fun.

Isn’t it adorable? 

Christmas staircase with trees, reindeer, tree, vintage red truck pillow
Holiday pillows are simple Christmas decor ideas for staircase

One of the biggest Christmas trends this year are vintage red trucks.

Everything from pillows, ornaments and table top decor – The vintage red truck wins the race!

I will tell you a little secret.

This cute Christmas truck pillow from The Christmas Tree Shops is my 4th truck pillow that I have purchased this season. 

I am loving them and they are all over my house!

Pillows don’t just need to sit on a chair or sofa, try adding them in unique places like your staircase. 

The Christmas Tree Shops And That! has everything you need for the Holidays and more.

white and black goldendoodle, Christmas staircase
The pups are loving our Christmas staircase decorations so much they think they are dog toys! ha

The goal will be to keep Chesney and Bentley from snagging the Christmas creatures from the staircase and top of the table.

The dogs think they are toys and fun to play with!

All in all, these stair Christmas decorations and tabletop vignette are super cute and easy to create. If you are looking for Christmas decoration ideas, be sure to head over to my Amazon Storefront where I created a special Christmas collection of all my favorite decorations.

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