30 Minute DIY Advent Tree Garland with Burlap

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It’s been a while since I put my crafting hat on but last week I made the cutest 30 minute DIY advent garland with burlap satchels. The only issue, the dogs keep sniffing out the candy and trying to take the burlap bags off the tree! 

red and white flocked christmas tree, black leather ottoman, gray Christmas crate with gifts

This is the easiest Christmas craft on the planet. 

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DIY Advent Christmas Garland, burlap satchels, red clothespins

How to make a DIY advent calendar 

An advent calendar is a special calendar to countdown the days to December 25th. 

Supplies needed (can be purchased by clicking the Amazon links below)

burlap satchel bags 

candy or treats to fill bags

fabric marker 

red clothespins

burlap twine 

burlap satchels, black fabric pen, burlap twine, red clothespins, kit kats

The first step to creating your DIY advent tree garland with burlap, is to number all of your burlap satchels using a fabric marker. 

burlap satchel, black fabric marker, December 1 advent calendar

I placed a folded piece of paper inside the burlap satchel to prevent bleed through from the marker.

burlap satchels numbered 1 - 25 December advent bags

Once all of your burlap satchels are numbered 1 – 25, fill with your favorite Christmas candy or treat. 

Don’t forget to fill the 25th bag with something extra special! 

Advent calendar ideas range from wood, fabric, paper and many more ideas. 

burlap satchels numbered 1 - 25 December advent bags

My son is a teenager now and he has lost interest in his wooden advent train. There are so many fun ways to countdown to Christmas!

It’s kind of sad really.

I don’t know why I am having such a hard time this year with him growing up. I guess it could be that he is 14 years old and wants nothing to do with his “mom!”  -ha. 

burlap twine on christmas tree as garland

Once I filled the burlap satchels, I strung the burlap twine on the tree and attached the burlap bags with the cutest red clothespins. 

Christmas tree advent calendar DIY

red christmas tree with burlap diy advent calendar garland

red christmas tree with burlap diy advent calendar garland

I am loving our 30 Minute DIY Advent Tree Garland with Burlap and I think it’s looks gorgeous on the flocked Christmas tree. 

The tree also coordinates with the red woodland theme going on in our Foyer, compliments of The Christmas Tree Shops! Thank you by the way for all your emails on our Christmas staircase :). 

I will be sharing our Christmas living room and Christmas station filled with hot chocolate goodies over the next week so check back often!







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