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5 Steps to Best Hot Chocolate Bar Ideas

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Today I am sharing my Best Hot Chocolate Bar Ideas featuring the cutest Christmas gnomes ever! Did you know that hot chocolate bars are even being used now in weddings? I had no idea! Minus some of the Christmas decor, you could definitely create a fun hot chocolate bar for a wedding.

Today I am going to show you how to set up a hot chocolate bar or station with 5 easy steps and it’s easier than you think! Google hot chocolate bars (even coffee bars) are trending featuring some of the best recipes and ingredients filled with whipped cream and amazing topping ideas so I decided to create my own hot chocolate station.

Hot Chocolate Bar Ideas 

black wine cabinet, christmas wreath, hot chocolate goodies, christmas station gnomes

Last month Homegoods challenged me to create a countdown to Christmas station in my house so I decided to utilize the black wine cabinet in my living room to create a fun hot chocolate bar / station. 

The wine cabinet was originally being used as a sofa table in my living room but decided it would be cute in the foyer as a hot chocolate beverage station. 

It’s a little big for the wall but it works!

halden black server with wine storage

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Hot Chocolate Bar Decor

Mixing in a variety of Christmas decorations from a wreath, Christmas gnomes and classic holiday decor is a great way to create a fun filled hot chocolate bar and recipes that kids and adults will love. 

christmas station hot chocolate , gnomes, santa sign, red tree, white wreath

I am obsessed with red Christmas gnomes this year and I think my mom is too!

I noticed a couple new gnomes on her bed this past weekend :). 

christmas gnomes, red vintage truck pillow, plaid green throw, accent chair

What should I buy to make a Christmas hot chocolate bar?

I went shopping at Homegoods last month and filled my cart with every single gnome (I’ll share a few of my favorites online too – keep reading) and also found so many hot chocolate treats, hot chocolate toppings and fun Christmas mugs.

Additionally,  I found some new Christmas red tabletop trees, the adorable wooden red and green Christmas Sign along with the gorgeous white fluffy holiday wreath.

Other items that you will need for your hot chocolate bar are, hot chocolate, hot milk or water, cute mugs or thermoses (if outdoors) hot chocolate toppings, peppermint, chips, candy canes, paper cups, spoons and stirring sticks. 

christmas station gnomes, arched mirror, fluffy white wreath, santa sign, red vintage truck, hot chocolate

Any tabletop in your home will work to make a hot chocolate station.

Wondering how to spruce up a tabletop?

Try adding a festive red plaid or solid holiday colored tablecloth to create a baseline for your beverage station. 

christmas station gnomes, arched mirror, fluffy white wreath, santa sign, red vintage truck, hot chocolate

I love the idea of layering a Christmas wreath on top of a mirror with crafting wire so I wrapped the wire around the back of the mirror and tied the wreath to the  mirror.

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Shop For Your Own Hot Chocolate Bar Below:

If you are short on time, I have put together a quick list of hot chocolate bar ingredients and Christmas decor that you can purchase online and have everything delivered to your front door! Just click the images below to see the product and/or click the text links. You can find a full Amazon Hot Chocolate Bar Ingredient Ideas Here. Listed below are my favorites.

Ghiradelli Chocolate & Caramel squeeze bottles | Peppermint Sticks | Hot Chocolate Frappe Mix | Condiment Jars | Hot chocolate bar kit – labels | Faux fur wreath (mine is larger size) | Christmas Gnome  | Set of 3 Gnomes | Santa Sign | Santa Mugs | Mirror | Red Vintage Car

Click Images Below to Shop


white goldendoodle, black wine cabinet, DIY christmas station wreath, hot chocolate goodies, christmas gnomes

Even Chesney is loving our Fun Christmas Station filled with Hot Chocolate Bar Ideas, ingredients and sweet treats!

Additionally, you can find my hot cocoa station from a few years ago featuring a fun hot cocoa banner from minted and these 9 ways to make an incredible hot chocolate bar for more inspiration. 



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