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How to make a Christmas JOY sign

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We shared our Christmas Home tour earlier this week and the JOY sign above our mantel seemed to be a hit! Can I just tell you that I made this sign in under 10 minutes…….It’s so easy and inexpensive, it’s almost ridiculous 🙂 Today I will show you how to make a Christmas JOY sign that will add a pop of whimsy to your Christmas space.

Christmas Home Tour 2013-1

Items needed for this project:

Foam board (I purchased mine at Michaels Crafts – Elmers foam board)

Exacto knife or equivalent

Paint of your choice (I used Martha Stewart Acrylic bronze)

I drew the letters free hand using my 12″ level. Using a level or ruler will help you keep your lines straight. I didn’t really have any idea how I wanted the letters to look but I knew I wanted them to be fun and chunky looking.

how to make a Christmas JOY sign-2

I then painted the inside of the letters with Martha Stewart bronze craft paint.

how to make a Christmas JOY sign-3

how to make a Christmas JOY sign-4

I used my dad’s stanley knife to cut the foam board. If you can watch this tutorial on how to cut the board if you are unsure. Michaels was running low on white foam board so I ended up purchasing a gold piece of foam board thinking that I would love the gold color for the sign but it wasn’t the look I wanted so I ended up painting with the Martha Stewart bronze color.

How to make a Christmas JOY sign

I purchased the 1/4 ” foam board. Although, I think next time, I would use the 1/2″ foam board.

how to make a Christmas JOY sign-2-2

Once I had my “J” and “Y” painted and cut out, I used 3M Command Stripes to hang the letters. I used the ornament wreath below that I made a couple weeks ago as the “O”.

how to make a christmas JOY sign

I decided to hang the “Y” a little crooked to stay with the fun and whimsical look in the room.

how to make a christmas JOY sign

how to make a chrismtas joy sign

Creating a Christmas JOY sign is an easy way to add Christmas cheer to a room. You can also purchase wooden letters like my friend Kim did and paint them. If you are looking for more Christmas inspiration, be sure to head over to our Christmas home tour, 2013 or 2012.

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  1. Love the JOY sign 🙂 Definitely crafting this today. Question that I hope won’t seem too intrusive: Who are the two little girls in your family photo? I noted that you only mentioned a son & 7 people yet have 9 in the photo. Happy Holidays! x

  2. What a fun, colorful Christmas space! Love the sign!

  3. Question: How did you hang the J & Y to the wall with out damaging the paint?

    Thank you for the idea btw!!! A whole new look for Christmas this year!

  4. i love this! How did you hang your wreath?

  5. i love this! How did you hang your wreath?

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