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our campsite in the snow {before & after winter-summer}

Roasting hot dogs in the snow {campsite winter vs summer}

Didn’t you know you could go camping in the snow? Just kidding. We took a ride a couple weeks ago to our campsite where our camper lived through the winter to check things out. Needless to say, there was still […]

Buffalo Chicken stuffed Crescent Roll

Last Thursday night was girls night at our house and I decided to try one of the Pillsbury crescent roll recipes. Growing up I had a group of girls all through elementary and  high school that were my best buddies […]

Yard cleanup made easy. Love this premixed high octane gas and oil mixture

Yard Work Made Easy! Get the weed wacker out!

I don’t know about you but yard work is kind of a bummer. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I (we) love a beautiful yard but getting it that way can be painful. We are always looking for ways to […]

my grandfather and his tiny pickup truck

My grandfather and his tiny pickup truck

My grandfather is a character. He is doing well but as time goes by, he is getting more and more forgetful……..and slower. He started going to work again in the morning with my dad about a week ago but he […]

TRY THIS: Grow a Vegetable Garden

You guys, I’m not ready to jinx myself by saying winter is over…..but there might be a chance that we’re going to have a few days of spring before summer!  We’ve all had spring fever for weeks, and can’t wait to […]

Home Improvements made easy with LightStream

As many of you know, we are big on home renovations, DIY projects and anything that will improve the value of our home. Of course, many of our renovations have been to increase the space or enhance existing space to […]

Strawberry Honey dew smoothie / greek yogurt + almond milk

Strawberry Smoothie + honeydew

Looking for a healthy smoothie to start your day off? Try this strawberry smoothie with honeydew, almond milk and plain greet yogurt. My grandfather wasn’t a fan because it wasn’t sweet enough. I told him sweet equals not healthy. His […]

banana smoothie + pineapple + spinach {fodmaps friendly}

Banana Smoothie + Pineapple + Spinach {Fodmap friendly}

There is nothing better than a green banana smoothie in the morning. I didn’t use to feel that way though. Drinking spinach was never a plan of mine until I started a low fodmap diet. I started sharing my stomach […]

Happy Easter!

We are hosting Easter this morning for about 20 so it will be loud, fun and a day full of yummy food and celebration! Happy Easter from our family to yours! Enjoy the day  

TRY THIS: 11 Yummy Ideas for Your Easter Leftovers

Happy Easter, everyone!  We will be taking tomorrow off and celebrating with family. We are having a big breakfast here at home so it will be loud and fun ;). If you plan to celebrate it, I hope you have […]

Spring Cleaning tips + SteamMachine Plus Giveaway / kills 99% of germs/ Chemical Free Cleaning + incredible steam heat

Spring Cleaning + SteamMop Plus Giveaway

Spring cleaning. Ugh. We all do it and we all most likely dread it. I am sure there are varying degrees of obsessiveness when it comes to cleaning. I am towards the higher end of the spectrum. Something about Spring […]

Quck & Easy cake batter treats

Quick & Easy Cake Batter Treats

Can you believe that Easter is right around the corner? We usually have a family breakfast that my mom and I prepare and of course, it’s full of treats too! Cleaning and cooking is sometimes a daunting task and we […]

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