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Coastal Pottery Barn Living Room on a Budget

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Would you like to design a coastal pottery barn living room on a budget?  Do you love the Pottery Barn look but not their prices? I am right there with you. I recently helped a friend and her husband decorate their new living room on a budget featuring a coastal Pottery Barn living room theme.   

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They loved the Pottery Barn look but didn’t want to spend thousands. They did end up getting a coffee table and side table at Pottery Barn when they were on sale, and honestly, sometimes you just need to wait for the sales when you are decorating on a budget.

Today I am going to share ideas on how we achieved a Coastal Pottery Barn Living Room on a budget while shopping for similar items at Homegoods and local stores. 

Pottery Barn Living Room

Coastal Pottery Barn Living Room on a Budget

Coastal Pottery Barn Living Room on a Budget

Your wall color is one of the easiest most affordable places to start when decorating a Pottery Barn styled room. The blue paint color on the wall is Mount Saint Ann by Benjamin Moore. The blue gray color provides a neutral beautiful backdrop indicative of coastal design. 

The wall color with bright white trim is pretty fabulous right? Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore is my favorite neutral white paint and looks fabulous paired with the blue Mount Saint Ann color. 

To start this makeover, they needed all new furnishings. They recently moved into their new home and had nothing to start with so they did invest in some key furniture pieces.

They ended up getting their slipcovered sectional from a local retailer here in Mass for about $2300. This sectional from Wayfair (click here) is similar and this is the sectional (click here) I had at my old house. Both are great options! If buying a white slipcovered couch is not in your budget, you can purchase a white slipcover to put over your existing couch. I have done that in the past and stapled the slipcover to the couch to keep it in place. 

Be sure to checkout my latest, “affordable sectionals and where to buy” post for great deals on buying the perfect sectional or sofa.

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Coastal Pottery Barn Living Room on a Budget

The blue and white rug is from a local retailer but this rug option will get you the white and blue pattern look.

This coffee table and this  end table are a matching set which provides a nice balance. This one is similar and 1/2 the price! Her sofa table is sold out but you can easily get the look with this one.

Pottery Barn Living Room Ideas

Their end table, coffee table and sofa are all from Pottery Barn (they were on sale and she had a gift card) but the key to getting the Coastal Pottery Barn look is to layer in deep warm wood tones with white (or light colored) furniture.

We mixed in varying sisal and wicker elements from HomeGoods which often you can find at Pottery Barn, but at a high dollar amount. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Pottery Barn but often wait for their sales.

Coastal Pottery Barn Living Room on a Budget

The wicker baskets (similar) and these white basket planters (similar)  from HomeGoods are great to fill room corners. To achieve the coastal look, we went to Home Depot and got a few indoor/outdoor plants. Large rooms need plants and placing the plants and corners or behind a couch (next to a sofa table) are usually great spots for them. Here is a great white ceramic planter that is similar to the one above.

You can shop this room by clicking the images below. 




Coastal Pottery Barn Living Room on a Budget

The rope styled tray (similar) from HomeGoods layered on the coffee table works perfectly for holding remotes, coasters and a vase full of flowers.

I also love this white affordable tray option from Amazon too!

Layering blue pillows (like this one) and this blue and white block pillow  will help add a coastal look. This textured pillow and sand toned decor elements + coastal palm print pillows like this one will help you achieve this look in no time.

Coastal Pottery Barn Living Room on a Budget

Pottery Barn Living Room – Get the Look for Less

The Coastal Pottery Barn look is all about texture and color. Like I said, blues, whites and sand colors all look great together giving beautiful results but you also need to mix in varying elements of texture through pillows and throws.

We decided to mix blue blue pillows from Walmart, stripes and a hint of green on the couch and chair. The green is also introduced through the plants. The slipcovered striped chair and ottoman are also from a local retailer here in Mass but keep reading, I will share options at the bottom of the post.

Coastal Pottery Barn Living Room on a Budget

The wooden off white lamp (this one is similar) from HomeGoods is to die for and was the perfect accent near the sofa table and slipcovered chair. Not only is it functional but it added the necessary height behind the chair.

Once again, coastal accents from HomeGoods were added on the sofa table to achieve the casual coastal feel.

Coastal Pottery Barn Living Room on a Budget

So here is a tip when it comes to buying decorative accents. Don’t over think them! We knew our color scheme was white, blue and sand. So when shopping for accents, we simply purchased items in those colors. Anything sisal, wicker, sand, white or blue will most likely always give you a coastal feel, especially if they are boats! -ha

Coastal Pottery Barn Living Room on a Budget

Coastal Pottery Barn Living Room on a Budget

Pottery Barn Coastal Living Room

Want to see more of their beautiful house? Check out their waterfront blue lakeside deck living space (click here) I helped them style about a month ago. It’s a winner for sure!

Hope you enjoyed these easy tips to achieve the Coastal Pottery Barn living room on a budget. If you are looking for more coastal living room ideas, be sure to click through this post, “decorate a coastal living room like a professional designer.”

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  1. I love this room! I live in Mass and am wondering where the couch is from? Jordan’s? Also what color did you go with! Would love to have in my back pocket as I try and convince my husband that we need a new couch ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Yes Jordans! I will find out the exact color but it’s their only off white sectional color choice

  2. Sharon Bernstein says:

    Lovely room! Great job! What is the light blue wall color? Would love to paint my sunroom that color. I am a fan of blue and yellow with white.
    Thank you.

  3. So pretty and welcoming! Love the ducks in boots–can you share where they came from? Prayers still continue for you and your entire family.

  4. Wow, your living room looks amazing! I simply love the style and the color palette. Thank you for sharing the pics!