Best Split Level Front Door Ideas Before and After

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Let’s dive into a little story about transforming a dated split-level home into a modern stunner, with a special focus on creative split-level front door ideas.

Picture this: an entryway that just wasn’t living up to its potential, feeling more ‘blah’ than ‘ah-ha!’ With a sprinkle of creativity and a whole lot of heart, we turned that around. And you know what? I’m super excited to walk you through how you can make that same magic happen in your space.

split level front door ideas, enlarge opening and add accent roof

How to Make a Split-Level House Look Better

​Be prepared to have your mind blown!

I am going to show you exactly how you can modernize the exterior of your split-level by tackling only the front door!

Yes, I’ll get into a few other ideas too but it all starts with your front door!

Creating a Welcoming Entrance

The key to enhancing a split-level home’s appeal starts at the main entrance.

We realized that the old, narrow door was holding the home back.

split level front door ideas , enlarge the opening

By expanding the doorway and adding a modern craftsman-style door, we created a focal point that instantly uplifted the front of the house. This easy way to boost curb appeal made a huge difference in our home’s exterior.

Click through this post, how to increase your front door size step by step, to see Jim removing the old front door, cutting a larger opening and installing the new front door.

The upgraded door is more than just an aesthetic enhancement; it’s a practical upgrade that adds value and peace of mind.

With its improved insulation, it cuts down energy costs, and the modern digital keypad offers both convenience and upgraded security, ensuring our home is a safe, cost-effective sanctuary.

Plus, the new door color looks amazing stained in a warm nutmeg tone. 

Adding Natural Light

To make the living room and foyer wall more inviting, we introduced more natural light.

The view from the inside before we installed the new door was dark and cramped.

Sidelights and transoms around the new front door not only looked stunning but also brightened the interior, proving that good lighting is a good thing for making split-level homes feel more open and airy.

This was the best split level front door idea – making the space so much brighter

When we think about the entryway of a home, we often consider its visual appeal, but the psychological impact is equally significant.

The way light filters through the sidelights and transoms of the new door doesn’t just brighten the space; it creates an inviting, uplifting atmosphere, transforming the simple act of entering the home into a rejuvenating experience.

The before and after of our split level home front door and entrance is amazing!

This architectural psychology approach isn’t just about making a space look better; it’s about enhancing the way we feel every time we cross the threshold, turning a house into a comforting, welcoming home.

Let’s face it, walking into a home that is bright and flooded with natural light, instantly makes you feel better! 

Can You Put a Front Porch on a Split-Level?

Integrating a Small Porch


A small covered porch can act as a transitional element for a traditional split level house, providing both aesthetic and functional benefits.

Adding a front porch to this home was not possible but Jim had a plan up his sleeve and it worked out beautifully! 

If your home meets your local building code requirements and you have the budget, adding a small porch will not only enhance the curb appeal but also offered a cozy spot to enjoy our neighborhood. 

Imagine a covered porch with a couple rocking chairs, a throw rug and beautiful hanging planters. That is exactly why I love a small porch on any home. 

It’s an easy way to make a traditional split-level feel more welcoming and connected to the community.

Accentuating with Board and Batten Siding 

Replacing the old vinyl siding with new board and batten siding was a game-changer for our split-level’s exterior makeover.

split level house with white board and batten siding black windows and brown front door

It added texture and depth, making the exterior of our split-level stand out.

Combined with a new front door and some landscaping, our home’s entry became a testament to modern split-level renovations.

Crafting an Accent Roof

Adding an accent roof above the front door brought architectural interest and a covered space, enhancing both the look and functionality of our home’s entrance.

I love the accent roof that Jim built above the front door at the split level house

​Our original intent was to add decorative side braces on either end of the accent roof but once we installed the new larger front door with sidelights and transom, the braces looked awkward. 

The accent roof not only is aesthetically pleasing but provides some protection from rain and snow.

Split Level Outside Entry Ideas

A split level home typically has a fairly standard and often times, boring front entrance.

Here are 5 inexpensive updates that will instantly give your home a more modern look:

1. A fresh coat of paint on the front door that coordinates with the house color

2. Landscaping such as large shrubs on either side of the front door surrounded by smaller plants. Spreading fresh mulch also will complete the look.

3. Potted planters with seasonal flowers 

4. A new walkway leading to the driveway from the front door

5. Add a welcome mat or outdoor accent rug

Small, budget-friendly updates outside your front door can make a surprisingly significant impact on your home’s curb appeal and ambiance.

Something as simple as adding vibrant potted plants, updating the doormat, or installing stylish new house numbers can transform the entrance into a more inviting and charming space

Split Level Front Door Ideas Before and After

Everyone loves a good before and after so let’s take a look at all the changes including the interior of the split level entryway and the stairway that leads to the finished basement as you walk in the front door.

The new wood-stained door against white batten siding created an inviting focal point, showcasing the best ways to revitalize the front of the house.

split level front door ideas
split level front door ideas before and after

Before: The Outdated Entrance

Older homes are notorious for main entrances that have a narrow front door and limited light, making the living room and entryway feel closed off.

split level front door ideas
split level front door before

After: The Stunning Transformation

After widening the front door and adding sidelights, the foyer wall and living room were flooded with natural light.

split level front door ideas
split level front door after

To take things one step further, Jim removed the foyer wall and installed stair balusters creating an open feel between the living room and entryway.

Click through this post, split level entryway makeover, to see the step by step tutorial on how to accomplish opening up your split level entryway.

split level front door ideas
I love this split level front door idea of removing the foyer wall and installing balusters

Making It Yours

Every split-level house has untapped potential; it’s just waiting for your personal touch. 

Remember, whether you’re adding new siding, opening up the foyer wall, or just looking for split-level front door ideas, the goal is to create a space that reflects you and your family’s needs and style. 

With these changes, not only did we increase the curb appeal, but we also added value to the home, proving that even small changes can make a huge difference.

So, whether you’re dreaming of a finished basement, an exterior makeover, or just some fresh ideas for your split-level renovations, know that your journey to a more beautiful, functional home is well within reach. And hey, the good thing is, once you start, the possibilities are endless for your home’s exterior and beyond. Let’s make that split-level house not just a place you live in, but a space you love.

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