Multigenerational Floor Plans

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Today I am sharing some great multi-generational floor plans I found while searching for house plans for the land we recently posted for sale. My mom and I got inspired by these designs and even joked about building a new house for ourselves on one of the lots in our town.

If we build a new home, we’d design it with privacy in mind—separate entrances, two kitchens, and one-floor living.

My parents are doing great now but one day, they may need more help so we are always planning long-term. They would love to spend a few months each winter in a warmer climate but my dad loves New England winters, but my mom isn’t a fan, so she’ll likely win the move south.

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Looking long term, they’d have an in-law suite attached to my home, keeping their primary residence near their doctors while having the flexibility to travel and buy a second home in a warmer climate.

Let’s look at a few house plans I found that would be perfect for multigenerational living.

Multigenerational Floor Plan With 2 Garages

This multigenerational house plan from Architectural Digest has 2 garages and an inlaw suite off one end of the house.

This is a great floor plan except it doesn’t have a separate kitchen so that would need to be added.

We are not planning to sell anytime soon, but it is possible that we will consider it in the next couple of years.

If you’ve followed us for a while, you know we’ve lived multi-generationally for nearly 14 years. You can read all about how it started on my “meet Jess” page.

Farmhouse Multigenerational Floor Plan With In-Law Suite

This farmhouse ranch floor plan with an in-law apartment in the finished basement is also a great layout especially if your lot allows for a walkout basement.

This multigenerational floor plan from Architectural Digest features a spacious one-floor main house. This is a great floor plan if your lot allows for a full walkout basement.

A walkout basement with high ceilings ensures the in-law suite doesn’t feel like a typical basement.

The in-law suite has separate access in the basement, with a second driveway leading to a second garage at the back of the home.

Building a multi-generational home is all about balancing privacy, functionality, and family support. As many think about downsizing and designing a home with separate entrances and two kitchens, it’s clear this lifestyle offers flexibility and shared responsibilities.

If you missed last weeks post where I shared land for sale in our town, visit this post to see all the details!

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Living together under one roof has been a game-changer for us, and with careful planning, it can be a fantastic solution for many families.

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  1. Paulette Colr says:

    Are these plans ADA accessible for the parents to age in place?
    Our gut/ reno was done with that in mind. It’s working out and I have a few changes that I would make if I was designing the space today to accommodate walkers and fostering independence, like including a 36 in turn radius in front of the dryer.😃

    1. Hi Paulette! Yes some of them would need to be adjusted for that exact reason! If we build our own multigen house, that is definitely a consideration that will be addressed especially in my parents part of the house 🙂 I do love the open 1 story floor plan …so many benefits

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