Best Multigenerational Homes Floor Plan Ideas

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Multigenerational homes is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. As you know, we have been living in a multigenerational household for 13 years. The first 9 years included my grandparents who have since passed away. Our household now consists of my parents, my son, Jim and I make us a three generational home. Our previous home had the ultimate multi-gen floor plan as it consisted of multiple kitchens, living rooms and separate private living quarters for all of us. The best multigenerational homes will have enough privacy for each family yet still be under one roof. 

Lennar Homes

Have you heard of Lennar Multigenerational Homes? Lennar Corporation, founded in 1954, is headquartered in Miami, Florida and is one of the nation’s leading builders of quality homes for all generations. Lennar builds affordable, move-up and retirement homes in Communities that cater to almost any lifestyle – such as urban, golf course, Active Adult or suburban Communities.

I must admit, I am quite impressed with these guys and their site. Lennar homes has several family layouts and floor plans featuring a kitchenette and bedroom off one end of the home which is a perfect setup to create additional privacy.


Next Gen Home

Floor plans that include an in-law suite off one end of the home are excellent for multigenerational families living together as this provides ample space to live separately under one roof. This particular first floor plan below shows a great example of an in-law suite and two additional bedrooms.

multigenerational homes floor plan with in law suite

What is a multigenerational Home?

A multigenerational home is a home that has multiple generations living together under one roof. Living in a multigenerational home, we know the importance of privacy and individual spaces. Lennar is the first national homebuilder to recognize the need of individual homebuyers and families to “double up” home floor plans in order to share the cost of their mortgage and other living expenses. In response to this growing trend, Lennar offers NEXT GEN – The Home within a Home, a great solution for long-term guests, family members or anyone else who can utilize this innovative space. 

I love how these homes are designed with a “wing” off one end of the home and are aesthetically pleasing to the eye from the outside. If you search google for multigenerational home plans, you will be amazed at the creativity of some of the Lennar home floor plans. 


Multigenerational Homes 

Lennar offers homes all over the United States and has an interactive map to help you find your by location. Whether you are a first time home owner, looking for an adult 55+ community or looking for a Next Gen home to purchase with extended family, Lennar Homes has you covered.  It is imperative to having a successful family living arrangement! I seriously don’t think I could watch Bonanza every night with my grandparents.


Multigenerational Homes For Sale

When our multigenerational home was for sale ( see home for sale here), we were flooded with 25 showings in less than 2 days and had 7 offers all over asking price. Multigenerational homes are hot and high in demand.

Multigen floor plans featuring 2 kitchens, 4 living rooms and 6 bathrooms are popular features for Lennar home floor plans. 

From what I have seen and read, Lennar offers a variety of multigenerational home floor plans to suit many different living arrangements. Sounds fabulous to me! So tell me below in the comments, how many of you are currently living or looking to live in a multigenerational home and I would love to know, could you live with your extended family if you all had your own designated living quarters?

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