Leaves + Turkey Thanksgiving Checklist Printable + Remembering My Gram

A Thanksgiving checklist is a great way to keep you organized and this weekend is the perfect time to gather necessities. 

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Thanksgiving Checklist Printable

Thanksgiving Checklist Printable – Click here to print on white or ivory cardstock

Leaves + Turkey Thanksgiving Checklist Printable

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Thanksgiving will never be the same as my gram passed away the night before Thanksgiving and I remember like it was yesterday, kissing her good-bye and telling her to have a beautiful sleep. I left at 8:50pm that night from the Nursing Home and was the last one to see her alive. She passed away 1 hour later, about 45 minutes after I had left. It’s so strange to think back to that time and even stranger when I think about all the things that have changed in my life over the last 12 months.  Time has a way of creeping up on you !!!  We spent Thanksgiving Day (last year) at the Funeral Home making arrangements and trying to keep my grandfather calm and occupied. I am really hoping this Thanksgiving is better and less dramatic! Enjoy the printable!! 



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  1. That’s a great checklist! It’s going to be very helpful to lots of people planning their Thanksgiving meal. I like that you also included to plan for any guests you might have. I didn’t realize it’s already been almost a year since your grandma passed away. When you guys talk about what you’re thankful for around the Thanksgiving dinner table, I’m sure happy memories with your grandma will be included.

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