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We have partnered with Bay Alarm’s various medical alert products w/ emergency monitoring across the US for over 5 years now and each year, their MEDICAL ALERT SYSTEMS and devices always amaze me. Today my mom and I are showing you the latest In Home Bundle Package including the SOS Mobile Device and Smart Watch.

Medical Alert System for Seniors

There are several medical alert systems out there for seniors and personally, we have always had a great experience with Bay Alarm Medical.

When my grandparents were alive (sadly they past 3 and 4 years ago) they always loved the new technology that came out each year and enjoyed the peace of mind that the Bay Alarm Medical Alert System provided.

Bay Alarm Medical

Bay Alarm Medical recently sent us a bundle package that included the SOS SMARTWATCH and ON THE GO / MOBILE GPS DEVICE and wow, they are stylish, easy to charge and provides several different ways to wear.

The package came nicely boxed and provided a very detailed instruction book with reference to setting up the system and charging the IN HOME system.

Bay Alarm SOS Mobile Devices

My mom found the SOS Mobile Device very intriguing and the directions were self explanatory. This particular help button below can be worn with or without the Bella Charms.

A new feature are the very cute and stylish Bella Charms that can be placed over the button and worn as a stylish necklace.

My gram would have loved these! My mom was equally impressed with the colorful Bella Charms.

The Bella Charms simply slip over the mobile device snapping on the backside of the charm.

It looks nice on my mom!

SOS Mobile Device

The SOS Mobile Device can be worn as a lanyard or a belt clip.


The mobile device provides 24/7 On-the-Go Peace of Mind.

The SOS Mobile Device is compact, lightweight and has a sleek look.

The latest 4GLTE Connectivity provides faster connection and more accurate pinpoint location tracking which is great for a more precise location should your loved one press the button for help.

Another great feature is the device is water resistant and can be used in shower and can withstand most wet conditions such as rain.

Medical Alert System – SOS Smart Watch

The SOS Smart Watch comes with a docking cradle, power supply cord and a usb cable for charging.

A few key features that the devices provide are 24/7 USA based monitoring, a two way speaker so user can talk to and hear a live dispatcher, has a built-in step counter and a battery life up to 6 days per charge.

The Smart Watch was very easy to setup and charge.

The watch has an adjustable strap, an SOS button on the side which when pressed, an operator will connect and if no response, they will send emergency personnel to your location.

Another fun feature is the watch will track your steps! The cellular connection feature also is easy to see with a green signal indicating a strong connection, yellow indicating moderate and a red signal showing a weak connection.

Another cool feature on the SOS Mobile Device is the Caregiver app which allows you to see your loved ones step counter results, see recent alert activity and most current or last known location.

Setting up your In-Home Medical Alert System base and charging stations in a centrally located spot in your home is best.

Our In-Home System came with a base unit which can be setup as a landline or cellular (the large white box above), personal help button, a wall button, a lockbox, Bella Charms (for the help button), a Smart Watch and SOS mobile device that an clip on your belt or be worn as necklace.

The Bay Alarm Medical Alert System is very easy to set up, charge and easy to use. Both my mom and I found the SOS Mobile Devices stylish and the directions are very straight forward. The visual instructions are also very self explanatory and easy to follow. If you are looking for a medical alert system for your loved one, I highly recommend Bay Alarm!


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