My 9 Indoor Home Organization Projects to Reduce Stress

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The start of a new year is always a great time to get organized and today I am sharing my 9 Indoor Home Organization Projects to Reduce Stress . I find that the winter months seem to be more stressful for me and getting my house organized helps reduce my stress. Call me crazy but the act of removing ALL the clutter and “noise” from a closet, cabinet or space is very therapeutic. 

My 9 Indoor Home Organization Projects to reduce stress | bathroom organization, kitchen organization, drawer organization

Be sure to check out all the BEFORE pictures of these projects. We all love a good before and after! 

How to Store Bed Sheets  

Bed sheets and blankets are a big mess offender in my closets. We have so many beds and many sets of sheets that fall over and before you know, the sheets are in a mismatched pile. 

Bed Sheet Organization|Store Bed Sheets in a Pillowcase| Linen Closet Organization

Pantry Organization Tips 

This is the closet at our old house and it was used for coats originally. Our previous kitchen didn’t have a pantry so I decided to convert this small closet to a food pantry. There is a great DIY shelf tutorial too when you click over to view the project. 

Small Kitchen Closet Pantry with Shelves and Food Storage Bins for Cereal, Snacks, baking items | Coat Closet turned Kitchen food pantry

Organize an Office Drawer in 1 hour or less 

Pink Office Storage Containers in a small cabinet Drawer | Office Storage Cabinet |

Simple Kitchen Storage Techniques 

This bread box DIY cell phone station that I did a few years ago is still one of the most viewed projects on my blog. The kitchen seems to be the hub for all things related to cell phones so if you have that problem, check out this project and see how I added a shelf and cord access to the bread box! My stress and anxiety level was much lower once I didn’t have to look at all the phones and electronic cords all over the counter. 

Bread Box Cell Phone Storage Charging Station

Organize Dresser Drawer {sock drawer organization}

Sock Drawer Bureau Organization, Plastic Containers for Socks,

Organize Your Refrigerator

A clean refrigerator not only reduces stress but it’s good for your health. Removing all the shelves and washing with soap gets rid of germs and bacteria and provides a clean foundation for all of your food. The refrigerator project below from a couple years ago took an afternoon to complete but it was WELL WORTH IT! I still remember feeling so excited every time I opened the door. I need to clean out and organize our current refrigerator this winter. 

Plastic Refrigerator Storage containers for juice boxes, fruit, yogurt, deli meats, soda | Refrigerator Storage Ideas |

Bathroom Closet Storage Organization Ideas 

Pull out shelves was the best thing I ever added to this small bathroom closet below. Deep narrow closets are a black hole for items and my frustration level every time I had to dig to find something in the back of the closet was not pretty. 

Bathroom Linen Closet Storage with wood shelves for laundry detergent, toilet paper, cleaning supplies and mops

DIY Shoe Storage 

Kids shoes all over the place always stressed me out until I found a storage solution that was convenient and functional. The toy box DIY shoe storage project was one of the first blog projects I ever did and I remember my grandfather watching me giggling as I added a shelf inside for additional shoe storage. He told me that I got my genius ideas from him. 😉 

Shoes stored in a wooden toy box with DIY wood shelf |

Cabinet Door Storage Ideas

Cabinet Door STorage ideas | Hanging door racks for small cabinet doors |

My 9 Indoor Home Organization Projects to Reduce Stress

Creating organization in your life whether it be living a healthy lifestyle ( click here to see my nutritional journey) or having an organized home most certainly helps reduce stress. Easy winter home organization projects can take either an hour or 5 hours (or even an entire weekend) but that is part of the benefit of tackling a project. The act of spending a few hours on a project allows you to detach from the rest of the world and focus on something that will make you happy and feel good once it is complete. For me, a tidy clean space inspires my creativity and motivates me to do more projects. 

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