How to get organized 2014 {closet + cabinet door solutions}

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We (me and my mom) have spent the last few days figuring out how to make room for all of our stuff and how to get organized for 2014. When you live with four generations under one roof, space is limited and it’s amazing how much stuff accumulates over time. Thankfully I like to purge every couple months and donate what I can and trash the rest! Clutter causes me anxiety, literally. Most of our closets are extremely small and original to the house. One of my favorite finds while searching pinterest for closet solutions was the usage of the inside door!

how to get organized 2014

how to get organized 2014  Peg board 

Even though our closets and cabinets are small, they all have doors! Adding an inexpensive peg board to any door is a clever way to keep a command center organized. If you are unsure about drilling holes in a door (my dad almost had heart attack when he saw me doing this), 3M makes heavy duty adhesive hooks as well as a variety of hanging adhesive options.

how to get organized closet solutions

Closet door solution

It almost looks like the hooks on the door above are adhesive hooks. I love the idea above of using over-the-door shoe storage for other items such as umbrella’s, dog leashes and other outdoor items. What a creative mudroom solution! Hanging a small step stool on the inside of a door is perfect for reaching high closet shelves.

how to get organized inside door hooks

Closet door hooks

I don’t know about you but our spice kitchen cabinet is a complete disaster. I can never find salt when I need it! Our kitchen cabinets are on the list this year to get organized.

how to get organized inside door spice rack

Spice rack storage

The idea below of creating a workspace and adding a floor to ceiling enclosed cabinet for cleaning supplies is one that we will consider this year. Because we have minimal closet space, I think we could build something similar to what is shown below. All you need is a bare wall! I can definitely see my grandfather helping make the wooden shelves that are hanging on the door. I think that is a great job for him :).

how to get organized

Utility closet solution

Do you ever wish your toilet paper was hidden? I do! I love this idea of hanging it on an inside cabinet door. Obviously, the cabinet needs to be conveniently located to the toilet.

how to get organized 2014

Toilet paper hanger

Are you starting to see that you can literally use the inside of any door and create fabulous storage options. How to get organized can be extremely overwhelming. My inspiration for many of our projects, including this post, come from Better Homes and Gardens.  My suggestion, start with one closet or cabinet at a time and forget about the rest! Clutter and disorganized spaces make me crazy and if I am not careful, it can be paralyzing causing procrastination! I despise that word procrastination so one room, one space, one closet at a time is our motto. Happy organizing!

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