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Easy organization projects {our home}

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So finally, school is back in session. O’l mother nature prolonged the Christmas break just a wee bit to long. The snow is being washed away today by rain so hopefully it cleans up quickly around here. I won’t lie, the prolonged winter school break made me very lazy and unmotivated. It’s time to get things in gear around here and nothing like a trip to IKEA to help move things along. Hopefully this week I will make the trip. It’s only about 45 minutes from our house but it’s not the best ride. Traffic is nasty outside of Boston so a 45 minute trip can easily turn into a 2 hour trip. Until then, these easy organizational projects we completed last year will get you motivated. They get me motivated just looking at them! 🙂

Our DIY cell phone charging station is probably one of the more popular projects on our blog. Simply take a bread box, ours is from Target, and drill a few holes in the back and if you are feeling a little creative, add a simple shelf.Easy organization projects diy cell phone charging station

Do you have nasty magazines all over your bathroom counter or floor? How about giving our DIY magazine “wall mounted” rack a try? I built this all by myself :). If you are not feeling up to building your own, I like this wire mounted one at Wayfair.

Easy organization projects Favorite projects of april

If you have an open space/bookcase, you may be able to mount cabinet doors from your local improvement store to create “closed door” storage similar to what we did below.

Easy organization projects DIY barn doors for built in cabinet

Shoes all over the floor drive me crazy! Converting an old toy box or any large wooden box into a shoe storage unit is extremely easy and requires only a tiny bit of DIY know how. The added shelf is what makes this project a success. No more shoes piled on top of each other!

Easy organization projects DIY shoe storage {how to repurpose a toy box}

One of our BEST projects we ever did was install DIY floating shelves in our laundry room last year. If you are lacking storage and it causes you to cringe, add a shelf! You will be amazed at what open space you have if you just “look up” in your home.

Easy organization projects diy floating shelves laundry room

If wood isn’t your thing, how about adding glass shelving from Home Depot using fun modern bingo brackets. These shelves were SO easy to install and give our bathroom a clean chic modern feel.

Easy organization projects DIY budget bathroom renovation glass shelving

If you are unsure of how to hang a shelf, try out our tip on how to hang shelves with painters tape. It’s a winner! Lastly, the easiest thing you can do to coral coats and outdoor items, is add hooks to a wall. Simple and easy. Find a bare wall like we did below and create an organizational mudroom unit on a wall.

Easy organization projects multitasking mudroom with coat hooks

Not convinced that hooks are a good thing? How about what we did on the wall near our back door. A simple window seat and hooks creates a great organizational spot for kids jackets.

Easy organization projects hooks

Are you motivated to get organized yet? Start off with easy organizational projects and work your way around your home. You will be amazed at how your motivation will increase once you complete your first project. I am headed to ikea to search for office and shelving ideas for our study and closets. Stay tuned, we are about to lift the “roof” here at Four Generations One Roof with some serious organizational projects in the upcoming months.

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  1. I love the hooks… my son is at that age where he likes to do stuff on his own and that would work great… Love your ideas….

  2. Where can I get all the clear drawers and bins you used when organizing your fridge?

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