My Ikea Stoughton shopping trip

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A couple days ago I mentioned that I was feeling sooooo lazy and that a trip to Ikea might just be the therapy I needed. Well, I made the trip to the Ikea Stoughton location in Massachusetts this past Monday and of course, it was just what I needed. After the hype of preparing for Christmas and then the actual holiday passing, I always feel like I am in a slump once all is said and done. I know I’m not the only one because our entire household seems to hibernate for the winter months. All of these pictures were taken with my phone so the quality isn’t the best but you will get the idea of how cool many of the items are.

Ikea Stoughton shopping trip

Ikea Stoughton is fairly close to our house, about an hour or so give or take with traffic. I have been to Ikea a few times and the one tip that I can provide, that works for me, is to go with one project in mind. Ikea is like a candy factory. Literally. They have every single household item, small or large, on the planet. My goal for these next couple winter months is get organized within our closets, cabinets and create an office space. Yes, organization is on my mind!

Ikea Stoughton-2

The white and high gloss red unit above is from the BESTA line and I must say, the line is impressive with regards to quality and style. You can personalize the inside with which ever storage feature suits your needs.

Ikea Stoughton-3

My first recommendation is to enter via the showroom and walk through all the decorated spaces. Of course I visited the bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens but my main focus was home storage and workspaces. Once you make your way through the showroom, you will end up at the market place “warehouse” where you purchase any and all items that you may have seen in the showroom.

Ikea Stoughton-4

I was pleasantly surprised by the comfort of most of the furniture. Truly comfortable!

Ikea Stoughton-5

All of the kitchen cabinets that I looked at were very well constructed and I am considering this below buffet/upper cabinet solution for our dining room.

Ikea Stoughton-6 Ikea Stoughton-7

Many of the stand alone storage units are perfect for mudrooms or office areas.

Ikea Stoughton-8

We have minimal closet space so stylish shelving options and stand alone wardrobe units are perfect solutions. You don’t need to hang clothes in a wardrobe unit, they have many interior configurations for office and workspace/crafting storage items. I love the idea of using a wardrobe unit for a crafting station!

Ikea stoughton shopping trip

Ikea stoughton shopping trip

Ikea Stoughton-9

These units below fold down from the top and are used to store shoes! I don’t think my husband’s shoes would fit but certainly kids or ladies shoes would fit.

Ikea Stoughton-10

My mom and I recently created a storage room in our finished basement and I love these Billy Shelving units below.

Ikea Stoughton-11 Ikea Stoughton-12

The below BESTA Cabinet would be a great solution for storing paper. I love their filing cabinet system that you can mount right inside any cabinet.

Ikea Stoughton-13

The home organizational section at Ikea is insanely awesome. There is just no other way to describe it. From rows of pretty boxes to high gloss filing cabinets you are sure to find something to organize any space.

Ikea Stoughton-15 Ikea Stoughton-17 Ikea Stoughton-18

This workspace below is my absolute favorite room at Ikea. I am in the process of trying to create a space so I can do something similar. It might involve an addition to the house which would require help from dear old dad. I think we should enclose our covered porch area and connect it to our family room creating an office space for me. That idea may not go over to well with my dad but I am going to try! 🙂

Ikea Stoughton-19 Ikea Stoughton-20

Once you finish walking through the showroom, you will end up here, at the self service furniture pickup area and market place. This is where you buy your stuff!

Ikea stoughton shopping tripI

Ikea Stoughton is one of the newer Ikea’s and the only one in our area. We are lucky to be so close. If you don’t live near one and make it a day trip to load up on supplies, be sure to bring an exact list with the names and item #’s from the internet. I found the staff to be very helpful and accommodating. Don’t worry if you are by yourself, they have a loading area where you bring your cart and you pull up your vehicle and they load it right in for you. Easy peasy. I ended up purchasing two Vittsjo shelving units for an upcoming project that I hope to complete soon. Are you inspired to head to your nearest Ikea? I can’t wait to go back!

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  1. I absolutely adore IKEA. We used to live 15 minutes from one in Chicago and I miss it so much. I may need to make the hour drive soon!

    1. Oh how I LOVE Ikea… but we don’t have one nearby so I can only dream (or pay shipping costs) the store looks massive!

  2. I live in Canton Ma so I go to Ikea all the time. I am so spoiled living so close. I go there if I am having a party, holiday/ seasonal shopping as well as furniture shopping. I just got a pink sleep sofa for my basement. It was easy to get into the basement because it comes in boxes. My husband surprised me with 2 houndstooth chairs with chrome legs that I loved. The candle section is great. Love the store.

  3. I read this post while sitting at our IKEA dining table, one of the first pieces of furniture my husband and I bought together. Every year, we take a road trip with our friends in my SUV to the IKEA in Pittsburgh, I love to walk through and get ideas for better organization.

  4. I travel from Old Orchard Beach, ME to go to the Stoughton, MA store…I even love that they are making it bigger…2+ hrs. for me to drive but it’s an addiction. Being originally a Jersey Girl I have been spoiled with out 2 store in Elizabeth & Paramus…Who knows we may even run into each other sometime…Thank you for sharing !!

  5. Every time I walk through Ikea, I want to redo a room in my house 😉 Love that glossy pink cabinet.

  6. Stephanie Baumabn says:

    You love ikea as much as I do!! We got our daughter’s new bed there and always leave with more than we expected!
    I am going to be looking for your organization ideas-they have so many I never know where to start! Can’t wait to see what you do!

  7. I am so jealous that you got to go! I’m also about an hour from the Stoughton IKEA and have been itching to go for months. We had a trip planned, but was able to go because of the weather. Seeing your pictures just makes me want to go even more! Glad you enjoyed it so much.

  8. Stephanie says:

    The picture between the Billy and the Besta… Any idea what those are? I’ve looked through the ikea website with no luck. I like the glass upper, followed by the shelves, and the lower drawers. I’m thinking it’d be perfect for my bathroom!

      1. Stephanie says:

        Thanks so much!!! I’ve never been to an actual ikea store, just dreamt a little online…

  9. Ikea Stoughton is also my “local” Ikea (1.5 hours away), but the one item I really want for some reason they don’t sell! (the white isala cabinet) it’s so frustrating! maybe after they’re done with the renovations they’ll have more space and will finally sell this cabinet. and it’s ridiculous that you can’t order the item and pick it up at the store, if you special order something you pay for it to be shipped directly to your house, which for me costs more than the actual cabinet.

  10. I moved to Ecuador five years ago. I adore it here. I kind of miss a few things, especially when I look at this kind of post. I miss thrift stores (they use stuff here until it’s worn out), Costco, and most of all, Ikea. Of course I had a custom-made solid pine bookcase made that is 84″x42″x12″ for just over $100 US. It’s the little stuff I miss. Ah well, trade-offs. It more than evens out. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I also live near the Stoughton IKEA- about 40 minutes away. I went there on Wednesday and bought new frying pans, a scatter rug, table runner, Fluggis containers for my sewing room, and a tea kettle. Then went for lunch in Middleboro with my friend. It was great to get out of the house for a few hours!

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