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DIY shoe storage {tutorial}

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Today I am sharing our DIY shoe storage box. Last weekend and this weekend have been all about cleaning, organizing and getting ready for winter. The lawn and patio furniture needed to be put away for the winter but that required cleaning out the storage sheds and making room. Not  a very pretty or fun job but it’s done now, and I’m so glad!


I’ve mentioned in the past that our closet space is limited so any little nook or box that I can fill is key to staying organized. This solution for converting a toy box to a shoe storage box may seem obvious and a bit silly to write about but for me, it only took  8 months of having shoes piled on top of each other to finally realize that adding a shelf inside would allow for better organization. Sometimes it takes me a while to have the light bulb go off, this was one of those moments.

DIY shoe storage {how to repurpose a toy box}

We have a few toy boxes, some old and some new. I decided to paint one of them white and build a shelf inside to hold kid sized shoes.

DIY shoe storage {how to repurpose a toy box}

This is such a quick and easy solution to keeping the shoes organized and not piled on top of each other.

DIY shoe storage {how to repurpose a toy box}

I used 1×2 pieces of pine cut to 5 inches in length and nailed them to inside of the box to create a ledge for the shelf to fit on. I measured the highest pair of boots that may be in the box and that is how I determined the height of my shelf. I cut a piece of 1×8 pine to the correct length and now I have a shelf for son’s shoes.

DIY shoe storage {how to repurpose a toy box}

After a quick coat of white paint, we have an extra shelf for kid sized shoes.

DIY shoe storage {how to repurpose a toy box}

You can use any width for your shelf, I just happened to use 1 x 8 because I still wanted my high boots to fit but 1 x 10 probably would give you a bit more room for larger shoes on the shelf.

DIY shoe storage {how to repurpose a toy box}

You could even make the shelf lower and add some hooks inside the cover for hats but I choose to have a higher shelf and more storage room underneath. I’m laughing at myself because this seems so obvious and a little silly to write about but I’m guessing I’m not the only one who has toy boxes with stuff piled on top of each other? I’m not sure why it took me so long to think of this but oh well!

DIY shoe storage {how to repurpose an old toy box}

This old toy box is now an organized diy shoe storage area that I think is pretty cute. I plan on keeping this in the multi purpose mudroom that is just about finished. I’m struggling with the odd shaped window in the room and hopefully I figure out a window treatment soon so I can share the room with you :).

UPDATE: The window treatment is finished!

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  1. Hide those shoes!! Love the fabrics you chose too – I’m sure your window treatment will be fabulous and can’t wait to see the whole room.

  2. I love it! It’s so easy to do and you’d never know it didn’t come that way. I love the cushion, pillows, and accessories all around it too.


  3. Oh wonderful idea, thanks for sharing!
    I’ve been wondering what to do with our old lovely blanket box and adding a shelf makes it 10 times more useful than just one big container!

  4. This is awesome! Love finding ways to hide storage : )

  5. Awesome idea, absolutely awesome. I need to do this. You should see my garage filled with boys stinky shoes. Or maybe you don’t want to see it. Pinned!

  6. That’s a great idea! Last week I got tired of all the shoes lined up in the laundry room and just threw them in the garage! We have a couple toy boxes I will now utilize, thanks to your idea, and will do that same! thanks so much (I also need to pick your brain sometime on how you manage with 4 generations, I think I mentioned to you my in laws were moving in… they did… so we now have 3 generations (my husband and I, our two little boys and my in laws)… I’m struggling to find the “balance” of living your own life still but also including them!!!!! Its been a tougher transition than I thought it would be. (can you write a post on that!!) LOL!

    1. Hi Shannon! Thanks for your kind words. Good luck with the living arrangements. We actually all do our own thing and don’t ever tell each other what each other is doing ! ha. That is what works for us. I mean, of course we all eat together sometimes and cross paths but for the most part, we (each family) does their own thing. Privacy is key!!!

  7. Love this!! We have that same problem with shoes being piled on top of each other at our back door!! It drives me insane!! Would love to come up with a solution similar to this! Thanks for sharing Jessica!

    1. Oh Tonya, I feel your pain on the pile of shoes! It’s ridiculous how nasty and smelly they get 🙂 ha. Thanks for stopping by!

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