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Organize Your Refrigerator {best storage containers}

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We have another month or so of cold weather so I plan on wrapping up our indoor organizing projects soon. I am anxious to get outside and do something different! A couple weeks ago I shared our kitchen pantry reveal and our organized refrigerator using food storage containers. Today I am sharing the best storage containers to organize your refrigerator.

organize your refrigerator best storage containers

For us, the kid’s drinks and snacks were the biggest problem. I found that the long narrow storage containers with built in handles worked perfectly from The Container Store (#2) and the baskets from Home Goods (#1) are large enough for fruit other food items.

organize your refrigerator

The narrow containers with the juice boxes and apple sauce are called fridge binz.

organize your refrigerator

The soda can dispenser keeps the soda organized and the boxes out of the refrigerator. This dispenser holds two 12 pks of soda but you can purchase a single one of this is to big. It does take up a bit of space so keep that in mind if you go with this size. I am actually going to raise the shelf above the dispenser so I can utilize the tray on top of the dispenser to have more room for left overs ect.

refrigerator storage containers graphic.

Are you ready to organize your refrigerator yet? Food storage containers are a great way to keep your refrigerator organized. Many of you have commented on why our honey is in the refrigerator. I giggled when I read that because it’s actually an experiment my 7 year old is doing to see how thick it will get. We don’t eat it, it’s pretty gross and thick right now :).

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  1. Where do you put leftovers?

    1. We rarely have left overs! ha. We have another refrigerator :). However, I mentioned in the post that raising the shelf towards the bottom so we could utilize the shelf/rack on top of the soda dispenser.

  2. I want some of those clear bins (or binz?) for my freezer. Badly. Are those…potatoes in your fridge? I thought they weren’t supposed to be refrigerated.

    it might sound crazy but we keep a soda dispenser like that in the pantry and just keep 2 or 3 sodas of each type (we get pepsi and sprite) in the fridge. When someone drinks one they are supposed to replace it with one from the pantry. Saves lots of fridge room.

    1. ha Gail, you are funny about the potatoes 🙂 They are actually there b/c we put the nights dinner to be prepared in that drawer so if my dad or husband or who ever puts the dinner in the over, it’s all together! haha. I have no idea if they are suppose to be in there or not, but it’s not for a long period of time :). Yes, that soda dispenser definitely takes up a lot of room. I mentioned in the post that getting a single serve one would be more practical for space. Fortunately, we have another fridge so it’s not a concern for us.

  3. Meat should always be the lowest in the fridge. It’s a safety and sanitary thing. Thus “Meat Pan” . Also, are potatoes good in the fridge? I’ve never tried it, but I see your potatoes in the fridge and I’m curious.

  4. It’s 2020 and I’m reading comments from 2014! But it’s never too late to learn something new! I am an older live-alone and my potatoes stored in my cool basement sprouted faster than I could use them. I have also read not to store potatoes in the refrigerator but I came across a column that “gave me permission” to store my potatoes in the refrigerator. They are keeping nicely in the plastic bag with ventilation holes that they came in and are stored in one of the vegetable drawers set on low humidity. It’s working for me!

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