Common House Plants you can’t kill

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Who loves house plants? I like them but my mom “loves” them. Some of her house plants are many years old, in fact, she still has one that I gave her almost 15 years ago. My grandmother (her mom) was the same way. I always remember seeing plants around our home as a kid. As my grandmother says, house plants are like children, you must feed, water and love them. These are some of the most common house plants below that I found over at Better Homes and Gardens.

What I love about these house plants is that even I can’t kill them.

I normally forget to water indoor plants which doesn’t fair well for the plant. We live in New England as well so it’s important to move the plants away from windows to prevent the draft from chilling the plant during the winter months.

Common House Plants That Thrive

Philodendron house plant on brown bar stool - common house plants

My mom’s Philodendron lives in her kitchen on top of a bookcase.

I placed it here on one of her stools so I could get a quick picture of it.

Philodendron and spider plant - Common house plants

Philodendron house plant on red table runner, wood bureau - most common house plants


Did you know that you could grow english ivy indoors? I didn’t know that! Ivy is a very common house plant that provides a beautiful backdrop.

english ivy in a small IRN as a table centerpiece , champagne glasses, white table cloth

English Ivy

Easy Care Spider Plant

The spider plant was the very first plant I ever grew when I got out of college and bought my first house. I remember my mom cutting off one of the “baby spiders” and showing me how to replant it.

These plants are very difficult to kill. Mine grew like a weed and I wasn’t the best caregiver.

spider plant in red planter indoors on a black top table

Spider Plant

The spider plant is a common plant that is also great for first time home buyers or apartment living.

Here is one of my mom’s spider plants. It’s due to have it’s tips clipped but I wanted to show you this because this is one of the spider plants that I had almost 20 years ago when I bought my first home. I can’t believe it’s still alive.

My mom takes good care of it. Occasionally you need to pull out the dead leaves underneath (there are a couple below, you can see they turn yellow) and clip the tips if they get a little brown.

spider plant on a wood stool with white plate

Easy Care Indoor Plants

The Boston Fern is another house plant favorite and brings back childhood memories. My grandmother always had these hanging and I think they are tough as nails.

The Boston Fern was another one of my first plants I grew as an “adult” and it lasted for years!

hanging boston fern plant

Boston Fern

My mom has house plants everywhere. In baskets, pots and dishes. You name it, she has a plant in it!

philodendron plant in a wicker brown basket on a trunk

This cactus below isn’t really a common house plant but I had to show it to you. It’s almost 40 years old and my grandmother (my mom’s mom) got it when she was visiting Montana and gave it to me when I turned 10 years old.

I remember it was the size of my pinky finger when she gave it to me.

Both my mom and I are scared to replant it as we are afraid to kill it. This is the same mug that my grandmother planted it in 40 years ago.

Can you say sentimental value?

common house plants

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Some of our outdoor plants that I prefer to care for are featured around our patio and pool area. See our patio makeover here featuring outdoor plants and shrubs.

brown wicker furniture on patio with plants and trees

These are just a few of the most common house plants.  What type of house plants do you like? Be sure to checkout our outdoor gardening plant favorites too. Our top annual plants for Spring is a reader favorite!

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  1. I really want to get a plant of some kind for our house. I was thinking maybe a fiddle-leaf fig or something for the living room when I do the redesign.

    1. I do like plants, I just never remember to water them! So it’s a good job for my momma 🙂

  2. Each one of my family members has a Mother-in-law Tongue plant that was originally part of one that was my great grandmothers. It’s a wonderful thing to have a living reminder of a loved one.

    1. It sure is Maggie. That’s great you have one as well to be reminded of her 🙂

  3. I also have a spider plant and it’s growing out of control. I’ve been too fearful to try cutting the spiders and haven’t had the time to replant them at all. Not to mention, it’s always in the spare room because my cats like to graze on the poor thing.
    Have you ever tried a Hoya plant? My grandmother has a number of HUGE ones of those and gives out cuttings of them all the time. All you do is snip off a piece with some leaves and stick it in some water and it roots just like that! But then you have to be careful not to overwater it after you put it in the soil or else it’ll die. Weird, huh?

    1. You are right the spider plants do grow out of control! ha. I have never hear of a Hoya plant but that is great that it reroots so quickly!

      1. how do you re plant the baby spider that comes from it..will it root if you put them in water

    2. paul dettman says:

      love my rope hoya beautiful plant easy to take care of !

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