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How to decorate with plants – latest HomeGoods project

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How to decorate with plants. Sounds fun right? Yesterday I shared my latest project with HomeGoods and the fact that I am/was a little clueless about Mid Century Modern Design. Check out that post for more details. Anyway, working on any room makeover, project or design space, plants are one of the best ways to add warmth and a personal touch. It doesn’t matter if it’s the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or living room. Plants are many times, the rockstar of the room. Next time you are scouring inspiration images, look at rooms with and without plants or flowers. You will see what I mean. Something about live plants or fresh flowers illustrates life in the room. This past Friday, I headed to Lowes to get a slew of fresh greenery to spice up the rooms I am decorating for the project. I plan on cutting the doors you see there in half and creating window shutters. Like I said in yesterday’s post, I am a DIY’er at heart.

How to decorate with plants

how to decorate with plants-12

Imagine this living room below without the tree in the corner. It wouldn’t look as good right?  There is definitely something about the plant and tulips on the coffee table that adds the subtle touch of warmth that the space would be lacking otherwise.

how to decorate with plants

The Everygirl

I have always wanted to decorate an old ladder filled with a variety of plants. This is a perfect idea for any corner in your room.

how to decorate plants

Lobster & Swan

How about filling dresser drawers with plants? I never thought of that until I came across this image. Stacked books and plants look fabulous together. In this image, it appears as though they hung the drawer on the wall and it acts as a floating shelf but you could definitely use this idea for a free standing dresser as well.

how to decorate plants

The Guardian

Ferns are one of my go-to plants for any room. They are full, lush and I love the cascading effect.

how to decorate with flowers

Pottery Barn

how to decorate with plants

Luxe Interiors & Design

how to decorate with plants

Beneath My Heart

As I mentioned yesterday, I am decorating with clean crisp lined furniture and my goal is to warm up the rooms with plants and fresh flowers. Stay tuned, the project with HomeGoods concludes in about a week so hoping to have the professional photos to share with you soon. My mom also shared her best house plants last year so if you are looking for more information about which plants thrive indoors, check out that post. Be sure to check out our interior page for more decorating ideas. UPDATE: The beautiful patio is complete. See full beautiful flowers + patio / behind the scenes with Homegoods.

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