10 Favorite Tips for Annual Flowers

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Happy Sunday! Today I am sharing tips for annual flowers. We have a jam packed day today between baseball practice, a baby shower and a birthday party later today. I don’t know how things get so busy but they do.

I will be sharing a fun project this week that we are doing for our local police department so stay tuned, more info coming soon.

If you follow us on facebook, you may have seen a picture that I shared last week showing their break room we are making over.

I have been scoping out the internet lately for flower bed ideas and potted plants for our campsite and came across some great inspirational ideas to share with you.

I just love this time of year and one of my favorite things about this wonderful time are annual flowers.  I know you guys have to agree with me, right? Today I want to share 10 favorite tips for annual flowers that I’ve collected that will be helpful for you.

 From choosing the correct flowers for your area to an A+ formula for planting annuals in containers, you are going to love these tips!

10 favorite tips for annual flowers

10 Fabulous Tips for Annual Flowers

Let’s see those awesome annual ideas… 

Height-Spill-Fill-Container-Gardening tips for annual flowers

This container garden formula from The Green Connection featured on Tidbits and Twine is my favorite tip of all.

There is one simple formula that you can follow to create an amazing container garden.

Head on over to get all of the juicy details.


If you live in an area with arid conditions, you may want to check out My Soulful Home’s guide to drought tolerant plants.

She gives some really great tips for care and keeping of these plants.


If you would like to take a peek at some new annuals that have just hit garden centers, Better Homes and Gardens is sharing their amazing new annuals for 2016.

Annual plants that attract butterflies

tips for annual flowers butterfly magnet flowers

Do you love butterflies?  Here is a guide from Gardner’s Corner that will help you learn what kind of plants are butterfly magnets.

Such a great resource.

You should totally check it out their tips for annual flowers.

tips for annual flowers

Have shade in your yard? This list by Apartment Therapy of beautiful plants are your best bets for shade gardens.

pink and yellow annuals and ivy in a planter

Do you like to plant container gardens for your home?  Southern Living has put together the most amazing list of over 100 ideas for container gardens.

Companion Planting Annuals

Companion planting for plants

Have you ever heard of companion planting?

Weed Em and Reap says that companion planting is that because there are different nutrient requirements of plants, placing plants together that require different nutrients from the soil will ensure a high yield in both.

Check out their article for all of the fun detailed tips for annual flowers.

steel tub filled with colorful annuals

Have full sun?  Miss Muffin Gardens shares some heat tolerant sun loving plants that will be perfect for your space.

I love this container!

gardening layouts for annual plants

Ok guys… Buzzfeed has compiled the ultimate list of gardening diagrams that are going to be incredibly helpful.

Seriously good tips for annual flowers.

purple petunias in a gray urn

Finally… here is a little glimpse at my very favorite Spring flowers!

 You are going to agree on how amazing they are! Looking at flowers for the spring and summer keeps me motivated during the winter months. I can’t wait to start working in our yard and sprucing up our flower beds and filling our planters with beautiful flowers.

I hope you find these 10 favorite tips for annual flowers helpful!

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  1. I have already started. My garden is going and I made 7 containers of flowers. Cant wait to see them all full and blooming.

  2. Mary Dulin says:

    Thank you for all the great info BUT how about what attracts HUMMINGBIRDS. They are my absolute favorite

  3. Lovely ideas and information! My sister was just wondering about adding some new flowers to her garden, so I’m definitely recommending your post to her. She’ll be very glad to read some more and to find the plants she needs. Thank you for all the good facts and advises. Happy gardening!

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