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Organization in my son’s dresser {nasty!}

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Project organization took place this weekend in our house. It wasn’t planned, it was a case of my son having a minor melt down because he never can find matching socks which made me have a bigger melt down because his dresser drawers are a nightmare. It’s a constant daily battle trying to get him organized and be able to get himself dressed without my help. So I decided to purchase a few inexpensive plastic kitchen organizers at Home Goods and use them inside his drawers to keep his things corralled in one place.

organization kids dresser drawer

Here is the before:

organization dresser drawer www.fourgenerationsoneroof.com

I emptied the drawers and lined them with shelf liner.

organization dresser drawer-2-2

Isn’t the shelf liner pretty?

organization dresser drawer-1

These plastic bins with a rubber bottom are perfect for drawers.

organization dresser drawer-2

I weeded through the socks and threw out the old and randoms ones.

organization dresser drawer-3

Now the drawers are organized. Yay!

organization dresser drawer-4

Plastic bins and small baskets are perfect for keeping smaller items in drawers organized. The plastic or wooden silverware organizers would be perfect for jewelry and cuff links. My husband said to me, “I need those for my drawers!” Don’t we all honey.

organization dresser drawer-5

This organization project was fairly quick and easy. Weeding through the old items and matching up the socks was the hardest part, but honestly it didn’t take long. I basically threw everything in the trash and as you can see, he needs a few new pairs :). Be sure to checkout our other organization projects from earlier this year, our craft drawer, pantry closet, bathroom closet, vanity and refrigerator organization project.

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  1. Jessica, what a great idea! My kids rooms are in need of some MAJOR organization boot camp strategies. I’m glad you’re sharing simple things you do that solve problems so easily. It’s inspiring to me. Since your son was worried about finding socks, maybe you’d like to see what I did to keep my kids socks together. My site is still a little rough as it is so new, but I think you’ll like the concept. http://bigideaslittlecents.com/avoid-folding-socks/

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