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Our Master Bathroom {before & after}

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Our master bathroom isn’t very big but I am the only one who uses it so it is perfect for me. Last week I shared a sneak peek of our new green and white master and boy, what a difference paint can make! It’s amazing how clean, fresh and bright this small space looks. Our master bathroom makeover is sponsored by Sherwin-Williams as part of National Painting Week and the color Composed, is what transformed this space from drab to fab.

master bathroom makeover {before & After} www.fourgenerationsoneroof.com #SWPaintingweekThe master bathroom before was lacking in character in style. It was a space that was thrown together when we moved in a few years ago using left over items from our previous home.

master bathroom makeover {before & After} www.fourgenerationsoneroof.com #SWPaintingweek

See what I mean by a little bit of paint can completely transform a space?

The color Composed, by Sherwin-Williams Emerald Interior (Satin finish), is a deep dark green but gives the spa feel that I was going after. The goal was to complete this project on a minimal budget.

I did purchase a new shower curtain, towel rod, bath mat and baskets.

master bathroom makeover {before & After}-5

Shower Curtain + basket / HomeGoods

master bathroom makeover {before & After}-6

I painted all of the trim and vanity a fresh new white (Extra white/Emerald Interior by Sherwin-Williams) color in a semi gloss finish.

Here is another before picture:

master bathroom makeover {before & After} www.fourgenerationsoneroof.com #SWPaintingweek

The vanity prior was a cream color and it didn’t coordinate at all so painting it white was necessary. I am hoping to add new hardware at some point but that is for another day.

master bathroom makeover {before & After}-7

I used two small finish nails and gently tapped them into the side of the vanity to hang the basket. The basket is perfect for toilet paper or even a magazine if that floats your boat in the bathroom ;).

master bathroom makeover {before & After}-8

A new towel rod, an inexpensive white valence and a set of new white towels added the finishing touches to the space.

master bathroom makeover {before & After}-9

I spray painted the existing black mirror white which helped keep me within my budget.

spring master bathroom makeover

and after,

master bathroom makeover {before & After}-10

Baskets / HomeGoods

Similar woven baskets at Walmart.

Here is one more before and after,

spring master bathroom makeover


master bathroom makeover {before & After} www.fourgenerationsoneroof.com #SWPaintingweek

The lime green hand towel and checkered towel add the perfect contrast to the dark green on the walls. Don’t be afraid to mix in different shades of the same color. I was pleasantly surprised how the lime and composed/green looked together. I am so pleased with how our master bathroom makeover turned out. If you are looking for more paint projects and ideas, be sure to check out SWPaintingWeek.com as well as these other fabulous blogger projects over at Vintage Revivals (niece’s bedroom) and Simply Grove (side table). You MUST jump over and see their projects today, they are amazing! Oh and guess what, these three rockstar bloggers are sharing their projects tomorrow, Thistlewood Farm (study)I Heart Naptime (son’s bedroom)House of Earnest (console) and many more bloggers throughout the week. You won’t be disappointed!

So, are you ready to paint your master bathroom now? Ready. Set. Go!

Update:Wondering where I bought something? Be sure to checkout the resource list for this bathroom makeover.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Sherwin-Williams and I was compensated for this post. All opinions and words are 100% my own. I think the bathroom is fabulous!

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  1. Your makeover is beautiful – I love the shade of green that you chose!

    1. Looks lovely, sometimes you don’t need to spends lots to make a big change. I love the baskets and shower curtain. I have the same colour walls in my bathroom. Love it x

    2. Love everything you did in the bathroom. Where did you get the toilet tissue holder at live that idea.

  2. Sheila Moore says:

    WOW is all I can come up with! I know it’s been said a little paint goes a long way and this transformation is absolutely beautiful! I’d spend all my time in here if I was you…LOL

  3. Tiffany G says:

    Absolutely love the finished product! Love the color! I love it all!

  4. Stephanie Baumann says:

    My Master bath looks like your “before” pic–wondering if you or sherwin Williams
    Makes house calls??!? Love the new shade of green–mine is a tired green right now and the cabinets are too dark –hmmm…you may have inspired a trip to the paint store!!!

  5. It looks beautiful Jessica!! Love, love, love the new color!

  6. So, so, so pretty Jess! What a total transformation! I love that color and Sherwin WIlliams is my absolute favorite paint!

  7. I painted my kids’ bathroom almost the exact same color. One of my favorite colors in our whole house 🙂

  8. Love that green! It’s amazing how your counter looks totally different against that color, love it! Where did you get the valence? Need to copy and go buy one ;)))

  9. Kelly Palmer says:

    It looks beautiful! Where did you get the shower curtain?

  10. Kelly Palmer says:

    It looks beautiful! Where did you get the shower curtain?

  11. Jessica, How Lovely! Did you have to prime or sand the vanity? I am desperate to find a light fixture like that. Do you know where it came from?

    1. Hi, I just painted right over the existing paint on the vanity. However, if you are painting over stain, you need to do a quick sand and Sherwin Williams sells a base Pro Classic white primer that you could put on first and then after it’s dry, add two coats of your paint 😉

  12. Green is my favorite, and I love what you did to your bathroom! Turned out lovely!

    1. I am sick as a dog and you just made me laugh out loud…. Yup I am going to Haven…..go easy on my guts 😉

  13. Where can I find the 3 bulb ceiling fixture? We’re seniors with neck problems & need something that is easy to change out light bulbs for hallways & laundry room.

  14. I LOVE your new bathroom! The color is amazing and I love the idea of your basket holding the toilet roll! Nice job!

  15. I absolutely love it! Its so bright and cheery. Amazing what a little paint can do.
    I have a few rooms that could use some sprucing up. Think it might be time!

  16. Can you list where you bought rug, towels, baskets, etc. ? It all just looks so great together!

  17. This color is gorgeous! Makes a huge difference. I need to repaint my guest bathroom. There are no windows and it’s very dark… thinking this color would be great to brighten it up.

  18. sewmaximama says:

    It looks so refreshed. The color really made a huge difference! How does a satin finish work in a bathroom? I thought that was a no no

  19. The paint color choice is just perfect! What a transformation! Love the baskets too!

  20. Absolutely beautiful, Jessica! That color is gorgeous!!

  21. That color is gorgeous and I love how bright your master bathroom is!

  22. Love the bathroom! What do you keep in the containers on the back of the toliet?

  23. Wow! The color is amazing and completely changes the genre of your bathroom. You truly inspire me with your ideas and they are so refreshing.

  24. Katherine says:

    I love this!! It is almost a spitting image of my bathroom! I’m headed to get the paint now! Thank you for the inspiration!

  25. Nicole Luces says:

    Hi there!! Where did you find your baskets??

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