Countertop Templating Process And Why It Matters

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The countertop template process is an essential step in every kitchen and bathroom renovation project. It involves creating a precise and accurate template of your countertops, which acts as a blueprint for the fabrication and installation process. Think of it as your “map” to ensure your new countertop fits perfectly.

Today I am sharing our countertop templating process for the new quartz we picked and how they used a countertop laser to measure over our existing granite. I had no idea how in depth this process was!

countertop templating by measuring existing granite counter
measuring for new countertops

FAQs about Countertop Templating

Our countertop templating took roughly 3.5 hours as templating over existing granite or stone is a lengthy process. If you are templating over just cabinets (no existing countertop) the process is much faster.

Countertops do not need to be removed as the fabricator will use a template laser to take measurements and account for the existing counter height. However, the templating process is much quicker without existing counters.

What is Countertop Templating

During the templating process, a professional fabricator will measure your countertops, cabinets, appliances, sink and faucet to create a template that will be used to fabricate your custom countertops. The process involves creating a blueprint of your countertop design, including cutouts and overhangs, to ensure that the finished product fits perfectly to your space.

Part of our kitchen remodeling process was replacing the brown granite countertops with quartz and installing a full height backsplash. Both required different templating appointments.

We selected Cosmos Marcella Quartz and it’s the perfect mix of white and larger gray veining.

cosmos calcutta quartz slab
Cosmos Calcutta Marcella

Once you have selected and purchased your new countertop, the company you purchased from will send someone to template your countertop.

Discover Surfaces, a company we have relied on for various house builds and renovation projects, is where we bought our new countertops from and they are amazing!

Discover provides one-stop-shop for all things countertop, including selling, fabricating, and installing the new countertops, making the process simple and hassle-free. We love them!

Benefits of Countertop Templating

Templating countertops is no joke! Accuracy is essential for a successful installation for any stone countertop. With a customized template, you avoid any mistakes during the fabrication process, such as cutting the wrong size or shape.

countertop fabricator setting up a laser on a tripod to template kitchen cabinets
countertop laser

A precise template also ensures that seams are nearly invisible and the edges of your countertops align with your walls, cabinets, and flooring.

What to Expect During the Countertop Templating Process

Step 1: How to prepare for countertop templating

Before the templating process starts, remove everything from your counters and ensure that your base cabinets are level.

measuring granite countertop

During the process, the fabricator will carefully measure your countertops and mark any necessary adjustments before creating a digital template. Because we kept our existing cabinets, we had a lot of adjustments the fabricator needed to account for.

using a measuring tape, measure the distance of the existing countertop to the edge

Step 2: Decide on edge style

During the templating process, you will also pick what type of edge you want and which locations you prefer for the seams.

Step 3: Ensure the space is clear from clutter

Make sure there is enough room for the fabricator to setup a tripod, computer station and can easily move around the area without clutter.

countertop template laser and software

Step 4: Measurements

Sonny worked his way around the kitchen shooting the measurements with the countertop template laser. The entire process was pretty strategic and honestly, Sonny was a genius at creating the layout on the computer from the laser measurements. I asked him if he had a degree in using the countertop laser software because wow, it was very detailed and tricky.

adding measuring measurements to countertop template software from the laser
adding measurements to the countertop laser software
countertop template software drawing new countertop edges

Full Height Countertop Backspash

The templating system is a little different for a backsplash. Our full height backsplash required a separate template appointment because we didn’t have the existing backsplash removed at the time of the counter template appointment. They used plastic strips and hot glue to make the backsplash template.

You will notice below, the new template shows our entire kitchen with appliances, island and all the cabinet dimensions.

full kitchen diagram with countertop measurements for fabrication
new countertop layout

You will notice below that the software allows you to see your countertop and backsplash diagram on the computer before manufacturing, which can help you imagine how your future countertops will look in your home. Isn’t that so cool!?

kitchen countertop and full height diagram with new quartz design

Once the measurements and templates are made, they will be taken to the fabrication shop to process and manufacture your custom countertops. Seven days later, they were back to install the kitchen countertops and you can see a sneak peak of them here in our blog post, “how much does painting kitchen cabinets cost.

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Countertop templating is an essential step in the process of installing new countertops. It ensures that your new countertops will fit perfectly and be a beautiful addition to your space. Whether you’re renovating your kitchen or bathroom, or building a new home from scratch, proper templating is key to achieving the results you desire.

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