How to Paint Stripes on a Wall Perfectly Straight

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Let’s take a look at how to paint stripes on a wall and paint the bathroom a new color. If your wall feels a bit dull, why not consider painting stripes on it? It’s an affordable yet effective way to add character to a plain wall. Let’s dive into this fun and creative DIY project!

Today, I want to share the art of painting stripes. Our small half bathroom was in desperate need of a makeover so I decided to add a fun horizontal stripe on the wall.

painting_stripes_bathroom_makeover vanity
Such a fun project: how to paint stripes on a wall

The Benefits of Painting Stripes on Your Wall

Horizontal or vertical stripes on walls can create a stunning visual impact, giving depth and movement to an otherwise bland space. But besides the aesthetic appeal, there’s a financial advantage too! Using paint for wall decor is often much cheaper than other wall decor options like wallpaper or wall decals.

Our bathroom below was dark and the entire wall needed to be brightened up. Even though there is a window, it is completely covered by a tree outside.


Materials Needed for Painting Stripes on Your Wall

  • ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape
  • A level
  • Paint
  • Pencil
  • Paint Brush

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Paint Stripes on a Wall

Step 1: Preparing the Wall

Start by cleaning the wall and fixing any imperfections. This step is crucial as any uneven spots will show through the paint.

Step 2: Deciding on Stripe Width and Paint Colors

Creating a horizontal stripes accent wall is an easy paint design that can dramatically transform any room. The first step is to use painter’s tape to map out the width of the stripes you want on your wall. You can also use a tape measure to figure out width as well.

Choose your desired wall color and paint, I picked a calming grey which I love! You can opt for contrasting colors or choose different shades of the same color for a more subtle effect.

I painted below the line extra white by Sherwin Williams and the stripe Cobblestone Cape May by Benjamin Moore.

Step 3: Marking the Stripes

Using a level and a pencil, I marked where the stripe would go.

how to paint stripes on a wall using a level and pencil
how to paint stripes on a wall using a level and pencil
how to paint stripes on a wall using a level and pencil

Step 4: Applying the Painter’s Tape

Apply painter’s tape along the marked lines, ensuring the edge of the tape is straight and secure. The tape will help you achieve clean, straight lines. Whether you are painting one or two horizontal wall stripes, you would repeat the same process.

It’s essential to press the tape firmly against the wall to prevent any paint from seeping underneath, which could disrupt your clean lines.

how to paint stripes on a wall using a level and pencil
how to paint stripes on a wall with painters tape

Step 5: Painting the Stripes

Now, it’s time to paint! Apply the paint within the designated areas. Depending on the paint color, you may need two coats.

how to paint stripes on a wall using a level and pencil

Don’t be afraid to use a generous amount of paint to achieve a rich, vibrant hue. Depending on the color and quality of your paint, you may need a few coats to achieve the desired opacity and saturation.

Be sure to allow each coat of paint to dry completely before applying the second coat of paint.

how to paint stripes on a wall using a level and pencil

Step 6: Removing the Tape and Touching Up

Once the paint is dry, gently remove the painter’s tape. If there are any touch-ups needed, now is the time to do it.

how to paint stripes on a wall using a level and pencil

V. Tips and Tricks for Perfect Stripes

Achieving perfect, crisp lines can be challenging. To make it easier, remove the painter’s tape while the paint is still a bit damp. This will prevent the paint from chipping off and ruining your stripes.

Painting Stripes On Walls Without Bleeding Paint

Painting stripes on a wall is a fun, creative, and affordable project that can transform a room’s appearance.

The adhesive on painters tape will also help keep the paint within the boundaries of its intended area and avoid unwanted bleed-through.

how to paint stripes on a wall using a level and pencil

The cream color in the pottery vases coordinates nicely with the lighter color on the whole wall.

how to paint stripes on a wall

The beauty of this design is its versatility – stripes can be thin and delicate, or bold and wide. Using a level, ensure that the tape lines are straight to achieve sharp, even stripes.

how to paint gray horizontal stripes on a wall in a bathroom
how to paint gray horizontal stripes on a wall in a bathroom

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Painting stripes on a wall is a very easy and an inexpensive way to add character and pizzaz to a room. This bathroom went from being boring and blah to a fresh bright colorful space with paint and a few hours of my time. Don’t be afraid of striped walls or if stripes are not your thing, create a design using painters tape. 

painting stripes bathroom makeover

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  1. Sue DeChant says:

    I have a houseful of DIY renovations going on – not disciplined enough to finish one before starting another – but this past weekend I painted the inside and outside of my front door and it looks awesome!

    1. I just found fourgenerationsoneroof.This is great information for me as we are three generations living under one roof.. We are in the redo mode & I like what you have done with the stripe in this other wise plane bathroom, it adds character to the room. Thanks for sharing and look forward to following you & your family.


  2. I love pink and gray together. One of my favorite combos. Your ideas are an inspiration. The bathroom definitely gets a wow from me!

  3. We are in the process of building a new bathroom in our house for our kids, so I have been looking for fun, practical things to do in there for our kids. This is one of the things I want to do!
    By the way…love the stripe!! What a huge difference it made!

  4. Renee Kern says:

    I have been looking at my wall color that I have in our entryway, hall, living and dining rooms and have been wanting to change it. When I painted it, 5 years ago, I got it on and didn’t like it. So, my favorite project, would be to repaint those areas.

  5. Very nicely done – love the pink and grey, and those fixtures!

  6. Wow! This little bathroom is beautiful! You did a great job!

  7. Beautiful bathroom! It looks so much bigger and brighter!

  8. Melanie LaFazia says:

    I love the stripe! My 3 year old son would like an orange stripe on his bedroom walls 🙂 maybe now I won’t be so intimated to measure, tape and paint!

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE it…Thanks for the simple ideas! I am ready to tackle my bathroom now! Thank you!

  10. Barbara Moore says:

    Love the stripe on the wall. Pink curtain is a nice accent color. Great job!

  11. I love how calm and peaceful it looks! The fixtures are awesome… I learned something new-use a level to make the stripes. I never ever thought of doing that! Now I will when I finally tackle the board and batten/whole wall mantle in my dining room 🙂 thanks for that tip!

  12. Bathroom looks great – I love the mirror.

  13. jessie smith says:

    The bathroom looks so fresh and bright. Nice color combination!

  14. Won a gift card to Repco-Lite… In one week, the kids will be back to school. I’ll be painting my laundry room and my front porch pillars!

  15. I love the little bathroom. Our master bath is small and was thinking how stripes would look!!! Love your inperations!

  16. This is perfect timing – I need inspiration for my guest bath as I am planning on painting this weekend. The stripe gives this little bath a great pop of contrast.

  17. Love the contrasting colors! You’re giving me some great ideas! We just bought a house that was originally a cottage built in the 20’s, with several additions added over the years. We have so much to do, I can’t decided where to start!

  18. Wow, what a transformation! It’s so much brighter and cheerful. 🙂


  19. Terry Madden says:

    Very nice job looks so nice and professional. Ilike the color combinations.

  20. This is beautiful I love pink and gray color combinations too! I am getting ready to repaint my bathrokm and I love it! I get so excited to see makeovers what an improvement it is inspiring me to get started on mine I can’t wait!!! If I win ill reframe the mirror and paint a stripe or two.

  21. I love the bathroom makeover! It’s so pretty, yet not overly feminine. I wondered if that mirror and those light fixtures were vintage. They have that look about them and they still fit perfectly in the room.
    This is a link to how I’d like to paint my dining room chairs:
    I currently just have them slip covered because I’m tired of the way they look. If I can just convince hubby…

  22. Love the transformation. It goes to show you don’t have to do a lot to make a difference. Love it!!! Blessings, Debbie

  23. oh I LOVE the stripe Jessica!! I’ve been looking for something fun like that to do in our second bath I’ll be working on real soon!! I was waiting to see what you did with yours! haha!!

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  27. My family and I recently moved into a big old home and we have a long list of things we would love to do. You blog has given us many frugal ideas-Thank you!

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    I love the pop of pink in the valance
    Beautiful job 🙂
    God Bless You 🙂

  29. Debbie Wilson says:

    Would love to win!

  30. Sally Grasse says:

    I love it, we have a small bathroom that I think would totally benefit from the stripes.

  31. Gee…who couldn’t use some Home Depot moola!! :o)

  32. This is really beautiful and tastefully done, thanks for sharing! One question though, and maybe this is a stupid question because it’s late and I’m tired, but if you painted that light grey below the lower blue tape line, and the dark grey above it, wouldn’t you still have the original cream color as a stripe in between them when you removed the tape? Or did you paint them in two phases?

    1. Thank you! The original wall was cream (from last year, I left that the same color). I added the white (lower portion of wall) and the grey stripe in different phases (this past weekend) . Hope that helps clarify 🙂

      1. Ah ok that makes sense now! Thanks for clarifying : )

  33. It’s amazing what a little paint can do. The bathroom looks awesome. I too love pink and gray together. I am painting three rooms this weekend. I hope they turn out as wonderful as your powder room!

  34. Pink and grey are gorgeous together. If only I didn’t have 2 boys who have firmly stated that there will be NO PINK. So I settle for yellow and grey!

    GORGEOUS bathroom!

  35. painting.about.com/od/stencillingdecorative/a/PaintWallMural.htm

  36. I love to paint anything. In the spring I always like to touch up the trim around the doors, it just takes spring cleaning to the next level.

  37. Love ur new bathroom…looks so clean and fresh!!!

  38. What a nice transformation. A little paint, some tape and time..This post has given me the push l need to paint my kitchen cabinets.

  39. I’m helping my daughter with her nursery this coming weekend and love this idea. Might try it in the nursery!

  40. Jackie Barnes says:

    This blog is inspiring me to finish my painting project! Need to get some of that ScotchBlue tape!

  41. Beautiful will have to be pinned to our bathroom renovation board!

  42. We just made our last house payment. Now comes the time to start some renovations. I would like to start with my master bath. Starting now to look at ideas. Your bath looks wonderful. Thanks for chance to win.

    1. Don’t have a link yet because I don’t know what I want to do yet.

  43. I love this easy way to add a tree ring to your yard. We have a tree that’s got roots showing, and it’s just not pretty. I plan on trying this in the fall, hopefully it’ll add some beauty and character to the yard. http://pinterest.com/pin/203295370652618972/

  44. I love it! How creative to use paint instead of a more time consuming chair rail.

  45. tracy mccormack says:

    I Love the pink and gray! and I’m now inspired to put a stripe around my little 1/2 bath.

  46. Heather B. says:

    We have recently replaced all the floors in our home – good-bye carpet! I have been busy painting the new/old baseboards/quarter-rounds. They look so fresh and clean.

    My favorite painting project has been painting my bedroom dresser … WHITE!

  47. I have been wanting to do this stripe in the middle of a room but the project seemed so intimidating. Thank you for the detailed explanation & pics. It looks fabulous. I’m totally going to try it 😉

  48. Natalie Ramirez says:

    it looks like a completely different space& it looks super expensive. ive painted stripes before, and loved them. yours is so simple and adorable. my favorite part though has to be the oink curtains!

  49. Lisa Williams says:

    This is a great idea–it really brings the space to life.

  50. Rhonda R. says:

    Wish I would’ve had this tutorial BEFORE I did my bedroom stripes….Ugh!
    Think I should’ve used a brush instead of a roller when doing the stripes. My lines did not come out crisp at all.

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    Are project right now is painting our pantry off our kitchen,

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    I like this project-http://pinterest.com/pin/56787645274304342/

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    I love the bathroom re-do!

  54. What a pretty bathroom that turned out to be!

  55. This is absolutely stunning! It has such an inviting feel about it with the soothing colors you chose! I LOVE it!

  56. I always love Jessica’s inspiring ideas, I also did a bathroom renovation make over this spring/summer and DIY ceramic tile throughout the bathroom, creating a shabby sheek, antique soaking oasis! Home Depot is our home away from home lol!

  57. I love stripes! I painted one of the walls in our bedroom with three different widths of vertical stripes. Took a long time, but I still love it 7 years later.

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    Love Love Love it!

  59. I’ve been seeing a lot of gray in Blogland, but not with touches of pink. Love it!

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    I would love to have the gift card to add to our new home!

  61. What a sweet color combo in a bathroom… Great job!!!!!
    I entered the Home Depot give away…hope I win, we are trying to add a back deck in the fall…

  62. Where did you get the mirror & light fixtures? They’re beautiful. Please email me back

  63. You did such a wonderful job. Clean, simple, and just lovely. Where did you get the towels?

  64. Where did you find the lights beside the mirror? I have the old 1950’s two light fixtures, one on top and bottom but it has a very plain cover on it. My bathroom is crying for a makeover and I’d love more lights like that expect more stylish.

    1. Hi Ruth, those light fixtures are original to the bathroom (1970) so I have no idea where they are from. Good luck with your makeover! 🙂

  65. I have red cabinets in my kitchen and A LOT of them. They were from the previous owners… so needless to say I new cabinets are not in the budget, but a few cans of paint and elbow grease are. Can you tell me what the exact color of the vanity is?

  66. Love the clean look and soft colors. Great idea for my guest bathroom. Love your ideas.

  67. It inspired me to do a similar process, It isn’t difficult and makes a big difference. I would love to know how she taped to paint behind the toilet without making a mess

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