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Fall Mantel Decor

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Today, I’m excited to share my beautiful blue fall decor and mantel ideas featuring a stunning mirror. The combination of blue, white, and green hues creates a seamless transition from summer to fall while still maintaining that delightful summer vibe.

While I typically gravitate towards the classic orange and beige theme for autumn, I couldn’t resist the irresistible deep luxurious colors of the green and blue fall mantel decorations.

Mantel Decorating Ideas For Everyday

An autumn color palette does not always need to consist of orange.

Teal blue fall colors, light blue, green, gray and cream colors look great in a coastal or modern farmhouse theme home. 

Regardless, these non traditional Fall colors will look great in just about any home setting.

fireplace with blue and white pumpkins in basket with accent chair

You can find this accent chair here or  this chair here. 

Fall color themes from black checkered, blue and white, orange harvest, pinks and purples to gorgeous blue fall decorations.  I personally think anything goes if you love it :). 

How To Decorate A Fireplace For Fall

The first thing I do when I am styling a mantel for any season, is to remove all decor and start fresh. 

wood fireplace mantel, arched mirror, blue fall decor, blue fall wreath, green and blue pumpkins

The blue Fall sign decoration was my absolute favorite find. Layering in a seasonal “sayings” is a great focal point that adds character and visual appeal to your mantel. 

wood mantel, blue fall pumpkin wooden sign, green striped pumpkin

Blue Fall Decor

I simply purchased green and blue pumpkins in varying color shades and textures and added them on either side of the FALL sign. 

I got some of the blue fall decor and signs at my local Christmas tree shops, the Homegoods Fall isles, Amazon, Wayfair and Target. You can find several of my finds here on my Amazon Storefront.

Blue pumpkin, Fall wooden sign on stone fireplace hearth with logs

I always decorate the fireplace hearth in addition to the fireplace mantel. A simple long wooden “fall saying” sign with two pumpkins took care of this corner of the hearth and I think it looks so cute!

I thought this was the best Fall sign! Especially “& you” at the end. 

Simple Fall Decorating Ideas

I found all of these Fall decor with blue items very easy to pair and coordinate different colors and textures. The light blue colors are neutral and classic. 

Green apple basket filled with blue Fall velvet and wood pumpkins fireplace hearth

Filling a basket full of blue and white fall decor and pumpkins is a great way to fill a large fireplace hearth. I fill the basket with newspaper (almost to the top) and then add a few pumpkins on top. You can also use an old throw blanket to fill the basket. 

You can find the blue, white and green pumpkins here on my Amazon Storefront.

I love how pumpkins spilling out of a basket look on a fireplace hearth.

You will notice I used the same Fall blue color decor theme on the fireplace mantel and fireplace hearth. 

How to decorate a mantel 

Do you have a large oversized mirror? 

Try leaning it on top of your fireplace mantel. A mirror provides a beautiful backdrop and focal point . 

Layer your mantel decor around the mantel and you will be amazed at how good it looks!

You can find the mirror here.

blue fall living room, blue pumpkins, arched mirror on mantel stone fireplace, blue fall wreath hanging on arched mirror

I used crafting wire to attach the wreath and simply lean the mirror against the stone wall on the fireplace mantel. I love a leaning mirror!

white and blue Pumpkin throw pillow with beaded pumpkin design

The textured blue and green pumpkin throw pillow above is probably my 2nd favorite find (besides the Fall Wooden Sign). I found this cute textured pillow that would help get you the similar look. 

I love the blue green color and the coordinating piping along the edge.

Blue Fall Antique Truck with white pumpkin coffee table decor

Blue Mantel Decor Ideas

For Fall, I swapped out the wooden coffee table I had in the living room for my brown leather ottoman that is the perfect color for Fall. The ottoman serves as a coffee table which is large enough to hold a tray.

I decided to create a blue Fall vignette with the cute rich blue metal Antique truck (this one is similar) which looks so cute on a mantel or coffee table.

Updated to add: Click through this post, to take a home tour of our Fall home and see this living room decorated with rustic modern Fall decor, dining room and kitchen. This fireplace mantel and hearth have seen so many looks but the modern rustic is on my favorites. 

Our mantel is new since we bought the house a few years ago. Want to see what the granite mantel looked like before we installed this rustic wood mantel? Click through this post, “how to install a heavy rustic wood mantel.”

fireplace with blue and white pumpkins in basket with accent chair

Bentley and Chesney are loving my Blue Fall Mantel Decor Ideas so much that they think the blue velvet pumpkins are their toys to carry around the house.

white and black goldendoodles, fireplace with blue and white pumpkins in basket with accent chair

Fireplace mantel decor can vary in shades and textures especially during different seasons. I love how the blue Fall mantel decor is a little different and unique. If you are struggling with how to decorate your mantel for Fall, try adding a mirror above the mantel.

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  2. Absolutely stunning! I really really love it! I’ve always been a fan of robin’s egg blue and I love how the different blues blend so nicely with the creamy white, making it cool and calm. Very relaxing! My 2 favorite items are the blue velvet pumpkin and that old truck! OMG so dang cute! I could live in this living room forever! Love how the mirror decor is easily switched out for seasons. That fireplace though! OMG massive! Girl, we need to be neighbors! I’ll bring the pie, you make coffee!

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