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Our Portico Reveal {curb appeal}

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The portico is done! During the summer I shared our stages of how we were building a portico in an effort to add curb appeal and a bit of architectural detail to the front of our home. When my parents purchased the home almost 30 years ago, the square footage was around 2000. Over the years it has more than tripled and the sad tiny original portico never grew. It’s surroundings did….but “it” didn’t. Finally, my dad addressed the issue when he replaced the 30 year old front door this past summer. Our friends over atWayfair have joined in the fun and sent us some fabulous items to add the finishing touches to our new portico.

How to add curb appeal with a new DIY portico design at your front entry. Must see the before image.

Keep reading, you need to the before!

Our New Portico - curb appeal reveal. Must see the before!


new portico- curb appeal reveal: must see before

We completely ripped out the front door and the existing portico.

new portico- curb appeal reveal: must see before

 Like, see you later alligator 😉 .

new portico- curb appeal reveal: must see before

We completely covered the stairs with new Trex decking (see here) which is maintenance free and so pretty! The walkway is in need of being replaced as well but we haven’t quite figured out what to do with it. Ideally, jack hammering it up and laying brick would be my choice but that would be costly so that topic is for another day. Baby steps right?

new portico- curb appeal reveal: must see before

The gorgeous indoor/outdoor fabric rope basket and wheat colored tweed rug from Wayfair coordinated perfectly and guess what, that basket looks fabulous with a flowering mum inside. You would just need to remove the plant before watering. It’s so pretty!

new portico- curb appeal reveal: must see before

new portico- curb appeal reveal: must see before

We added new house numbers and solar flood lights. I still have some touch up work to do but I am thrilled that my part in the project is just about finished!

new portico- curb appeal reveal: must see before

new portico- curb appeal reveal: must see before

My grandfather was hovering over with his cane asking why I didn’t rake the leaves for the picture. I said, “it’s fall gramp, there are suppose to be leaves on the ground!”

new portico- curb appeal reveal: must see before

We added new planters as well on either side of the step. Giant flowering mums added the final “wow” factor that this portico needed. I love that the planters are versatile and will be perfect for the changing seasons. I picked up the white garden stool from Homegoods for a summer project but it was also perfect for this display. Adding height to your plants will help add visual appeal. Looks kind of cute right?

new portico- curb appeal reveal: must see before

A much needed improvement right?

new portico- curb appeal reveal: must see before

Two things I must have,  my phone and Dunkin Donuts ice coffee. DD coffee is my weakness. My grandfather and I always head to DD to get coffee together. He loves it too!

new portico- curb appeal reveal: must see before

We still need to do some landscaping around the portico and front walkway but that will come later on next year. Be sure to check out our painted bench tutorial as shown below. The bench is from HomeGoods and I decided to paint it red to give it new life. I think it will be perfect for Christmas too. Sometimes I find things that I love but they are the wrong color. Don’t be afraid to spray paint it if you truly love it. It’s an inexpensive way to re-use what you have ;).

new portico- curb appeal reveal: must see before

Building a portico was probably one of the best investments we made to boost our curb appeal. The next step is to add shutters. It’s amazing how this larger structure, new decor, substantial planters and solar ground lighting have dramatically increased the architectural detail and changed the look completely of the front of our home. My mom has wanted shutters for about 20 years so hopefully that gets completed next year! Be sure to head over to Wayfair to see more curb appeal and fall decorating ideas.

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Disclosure: I was provided with complimentary products from Wayfair. All opinion and words are 100% my own.

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  1. Hello. Such a beautiful update. Would you please explain how you laid the TREX decking over the concrete stoop? We would love to do that as well… we were told a variety of ways including strapping underneath and so on. Any tips would be appreciated. Thank-you and take good care.

  2. Oh Jess! It turned out so beautiful! The new portico really makes a difference in the home’s curb appeal. And all those accessories from Wayfair are great!

  3. Looks wonderful! What a great opportunities to have the sponsors help with the gorgeous finishing touches!!!!!

  4. Looks awesome!! Go Fred!! Totally makes the house look different !!

  5. Tiffany Gugino says:

    Jess I absolutely LOVE this! What a difference!
    Great job!

  6. Very nice, its been fun seeing the transformation. Inspiring!

  7. Beautiful ! But originally there was one step up to the door and now there are two. How did you manage that ? I’m guessing the new door couldn’t have been raised that much.

  8. Just stunning. It DOES look like a magazine photo. Oustanding job!

  9. Wow! Fabulous! I agree with Mom – shutters would be the crowning glory.

  10. Wow, what a difference! It’s beautiful, and so very tasteful. What color did you paint the new door? Love it!


  11. Oh my, you make me feel soooo lazy! In honor of this post, I’m going to spruce up my front door 😉 Let’s hope for the best! The portico looks amazing! You are so talented Jess!

  12. I LOVE the portico! I see this is from a few years ago, but I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing a ballpark figure of what it ended up costing? We want to add a portico to our front entry. We got a few quotes a while back and they were ridiculously expensive. We’ve been renovation our house on our own, we just wanted to hire someone for that project. We had other projects that were more pressing, so the idea fell to the way side. We’re getting our siding and shutters painted soon, so the portico idea was up for discussion again recently. Yours turned out so beautiful!

    1. Thanks Nicole! It’s hard to say as it depends on what you need for footings and foundation area. I think ours was in the ballpark of 4-5000.00. That included the site work ect. we had to do. Like I said though, it all depends on what you need has far as materials ect. PLUS we did a lot of the labor ourselves. Oh and we also bought a new front door and used Trex decking that is kind of expensive for the floor.

  13. Hi
    I am curious regarding cost. We have just hired contractors to add a portico to our ranch home and I am thinking they’re a bit high for price. We too are using trex decking. A ballpark figure would’ve appreciated! Yours looks absolutely STUNNING!!!!
    Thank You for sharing

  14. I love the color of the siding. Do you happen to know the color?

  15. Hello,
    My wife and I fell in love with this portico. We were wondering if the deck is floating over the concrete or if there is a ledger board connected to the house.

    Thank you

    1. Hi, thank you! This is at our old house and I believe my dad built over the existing concrete.