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How to Add Curb Appeal with a Portico

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How to add curb appeal with a portico. Simple right? Last week I shared the start of our curb appeal project in the front of our home and how we are adding a new portico. What is a portico? A portico is a porch structure leading to an entrance of a building and is a fabulous way to add architectural detail and character to the front of a home. 

Prior to adding a new structure to our home, my mom and I always need to share images and updated ideas from google and pinterest with my dad so he can visually see what we are talking about. My mom has wanted to add either a farmers porch or larger portico for a few years now and finally, my dad has agreed. The farmers porch is still on her wish list but she will take a new portico for now ;).

Baby steps when it comes to my dad!

Portico Ideas

Adding a portico to a front or side door is a great way to add curb appeal quickly to any home. 

how to add curb appeal with a portico. A family of four generations living under one roof expands their home and adds a new portico to the front of their home to create architectural interest and character.

Here are a few of our favorites that we shared with my dad to get him motivated.

how to add curb appeal with a portico full roof line


Build a Portico with Columns

A portico with columns whether they are square or round will add character and architectural interest to any front door. Adding a portico to a colonial house is indicative of traditional design. I personally think the square columns are modern and create a sleek look to any front entrance.

how to add curb appeal with a portico


how to add curb appeal with a portico bhg 2


What are portico benefits?

A portico is not only a roof over a door that will keep you dry but it’s visual and curb appeal benefits are amazing! Imagine these homes I am showing you with now portico above the door. They would look unfinished right? Kind of naked and boring! That is exactly why we plan to add a portico to our front door. 

There also is a such thing called, “front door portico kit.” Yes, you can purchase a kit to build a portico. I have never actually purchased or seen one but while I was researching portico ideas on google and pinterest, I came across several. 

how to add curb appeal with a portico front door


how to add curb appeal with a portico side door

Dixie Delights

how to add curb appeal with a portico This Old House 

I love the portico idea below with the surrounding stone and wood ceiling. The texture and visual appeal is gorgeous!

how to add curb appeal with a portico front porch


Here is the house now with the old portico torn off the house. Boy the house looks pretty silly below! -ha. 

Updated  : See our New Portico Reveal. It’s finished and looks amazing!

a new portico for our home

Want a tour of the inside of this home and see the for sale listing (click here)? We sold this house in 2018 and the portico was one of the favorite features of the house! You can also see the house all decked out with Fall decor and the new portico (click here) looks amazing with the corn stalks! 

If you are looking for more front entrance ideas? Check out the split level flip house renovation. Jim increased the entrance of the split level by making the door opening bigger and added a small cute accent roof above. Click through this post, split level exterior makeover to see the before and after! 

Which portico style do you think would look the best? You can see how tiny the existing one was and how out of place it looked as the house size grew. Do you think round italian style columns or square columns? Personally, I like the round and I think, because the home already has so many square/rectangular dimensions, the round would help break that up a bit. So many decisions! Stay tuned, the final product is coming soon (updated, see final reveal with new portico here.)

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  1. .. and I know we will just love it! You guys do such great projects. My fav is the shake home with the brick steps and the red door. I need a front porch makeover stat. Loving that one sooo very much. Look forward to seeing the big reveal.