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Sneak Peek of Lady Loft + Reflecting on Self Sabotage

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Totally off topic today and while 90% of what I write and share revolves around DIY and family, I wanted to stop in really quick to share a sneek peek of my lady loft (reveal this week!) plus a share from my personal Facebook page this past week reflecting on all the changes in my life over the last year or so. If you follow me on my personal Facebook page and already read this, just skip this post! -ha

Jessica Bruno Four Generations One Roof thumbs up, blue shirt on sectional couch

I received so many emails and direct messages from mom’s like me of how this helped them feel like they were not alone in their own life journey that I felt compelled to share here on the blog.

It’s a fine balance between deviating from what many of you come here for which is affordable everyday decorating tips, DIY renovation tutorials or multigenerational family moments (and as of late, our health journey).

I have come to realize that as I grow personally and face different life challenges, a lot of you want to hear that journey. I guess real and raw is where it’s at! -ha.

Here is my Facebook post from earlier this week. If you want to “click follow” on my personal facebook page, you will see most of my real raw life as it happens or follow me on Instagram where I am obsessed with instastories and share real life moments as they are happening.

Do you ever overthink things to the point where you self sabotage? I know that sounds dramatic but it happened to me. When I started my blog over 7 years ago, I didn’t care what other bloggers were writing about in fact, I didn’t care what anyone thought. I was going to do what I wanted and when I wanted to do it. Can I tell you that is when I was the most successful?

Something happens when you overthink, start comparing, start re-thinking and most importantly, care too much what others think. Never in my entire life, have I ever cared what anyone thought (well of course I took things into consideration but you know what mean….).

The last 12 months have been the craziest time in my life and needless to say, the chaos in my life warped my true self, my self confidence and my sense of being. Something happens when people in your life start dying and relationships end, you shut down. The ME before the FOG was so much easier to live with! -ha.

I am happy to say, I am out of the fog and feel like my normal self and am back to not caring 😂. I wrote a long overdue blog post (head to Four Generations One Roof to read today’s post) about my life now living as 3 generations under one roof vs. 4 generations.

I don’t know WHY I got away from that but I did. The amount of emails I have received over the last 6 months, asking why I don’t share my family stories as much is overwhelming and I heard you!

I often do not find us interesting and when my grandfather wasn’t in the house anymore and stuck in a nursing home, I stopped that part of my blog. Something happened a few weeks ago (and I don’t really believe in all that crazy talk from the dead stuff) BUT I heard my grandfather’s voice in my head tell me to “get your shit together kid and stop caring.”

That guy was such a source of inspiration for me when it came to ambition and motivation. That guy never gave up and could have cared less what anyone thought about him or what he was doing.

grandfather and granddaughter in car thumbs up

As awkward as that was to share on social media, it resonated with so many. I will continue to share and I appreciate all your love, kindness and support!

Here is a sneak peek of the lady loft (a cute story accompanied this basket on Instagram and Facebook too so be sure to follow on those platforms if you like my awkward personal reflection stories.)

Lady Loft Attic Living Room Grey Sectional rustic barn media console brown coffee table shag rug

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  1. Cynthia C Spurlock says:

    You had huge life changes in a short period of time. Life is hard. Surviving to live another day is hard. To already be back on track is remarkable! You have come back to you! Bravo!

    1. Thank you Cynthia! It’s been a process that’s for sure and some days seem to go backwards but they are fewer and further apart 🙂

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