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Over a year ago, Jim went to look at a house for a client who was considering purchasing the home. He went as the General Contractor, mostly to give the client an idea of what finishing the house would cost. You see, it was a new construction house that someone had started but never finished.

the previous owner did some amazing stonework around the house

Today I’m sharing how a “quick trip” to Rhode Island for a client, landed us with a new home and project that just about gave me a heart attack.

This house project started last March when the original client Jim went to look at the house with, decided not to purchase the house.

In true Jim fashion, he decided “we” needed it but it wasn’t a quick “one and done” type of purchase.

I love the view from the first floor deck

The house was in receivership by the city and was planning to be essentially auctioned off. The homeowner had listed the property for sale and once all the buyers had a chance to see the home, they had to attend a public meeting where each prospective buyer would bid on the house.

Fast forward, Jim attended the auction process and ultimately was the high bidder.

the lower level patio and ocean view is so pretty

In late March 2023, we found ourselves with this home that overlooked Greenwich Bay in Rhode Island (which has the best views) and a whole lot of work. The house was enclosed but the inside was completely empty. No insulation and the entire backside of the house was boarded up with plywood (no windows or doors).

Moving into April, May and June, we found ourselves going back and forth with the city regarding permits and a slew of hoops that we were not told about, in order to move forward with the building process. What a pain in the butt!

In July 2023, we finally go the go ahead to start with interior framing, plumbing and electrical but only for the first floor.

Once we got the large doors and windows installed it started to look like a house

We had to “re-apply” for the basement and 2nd level permits as the City realized they never issued those permits (honestly, at this point I don’t even remember what the details were) and that added another 30-45 days to the process.

What we thought was going to be a simple process turned into a 6 month ordeal that put us REALLY behind on finishing this home.

Moving forward to now, May 2024, the house is just about finished and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Last week when I shared my behind the scenes post, I mentioned this home and several of you emailed asking for some pictures.

I plan on sharing the house tour soon once it’s finally completed but the kitchen cabinets are still 5 weeks away from being delivered so …..soon!

The overall location of the home is amazing and under 5 minutes from several great restaurants, bars, beaches and less than a 1/4 of a mile from 2 marina’s.

view from the 2nd floor master bedroom is my favorite

Side note: because the house sits next to a Marina, Jim worked his charm with the office staff and managed to acquire a boat slip but the kicker was, we didn’t have a boat.

Well, on weekday afternoon I was with my son pumping gas at our local gas station and while we were getting gas, my son said, “mom was that Jim that just drove by with a boat?”

Needless to say, I didn’t know he bought a boat and it was a sore subject for a couple of days!

BUT here we are below, sitting in the boat (in the boat yard!) he decided to buy 🙄.

It’s a used boat so I couldn’t be too upset but still, we needed another motorized toy like we needed a hole in our heads. 🤷‍♀️

I will say, after our first experience getting the boat in and out of the water together, that will not happen again 🤯. When people tell you that divorces happen over docking and trailering boats – it’s a fact.

A friend asked me last week, which house do you prefer to visit, the NH lake house or the new home in Rhode Island.

Honestly, our Airbnb in NH has a special place in my heart as it’s so peaceful and I truly feel like I’m on vacation every time I got there, even though it’s only 2 hours from our house.

best lake house Airbnb in New Hampshire Lakes region
I love our NH lake house airbnb and how peaceful it is

I have so much clarity there and the days I do work from there, my creative juices just flow!

If you missed our latest Airbnb Starter Kit (if you are looking / thinking about one for yourself), be sure to download it here! If you are interested in renting our NH lake house, head to the Airbnb Link Here.

One of the things I like about the Rhode Island house is it’s 50 minutes from our house, has several places to eat nearby (the NH house is about 12-15 minutes from restaurants and activities), bars, nightlife, shopping and activities all within 5 minutes. Uber is also a nice bonus at this house whereas, those are few and far between at our NH house.

Stay tuned, I’ll share the updated interior next week and some of the outside projects Jim started last week.

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