My Bay Alarm Medical Alert System for Seniors

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You must read this if you are a caregiver. Do you need to find a medical alert system for your parents, grandparents or another elderly relative? I am going to show you the Ins and Outs of the Bay Alarm Medical Alert System (In home) today and why it’s a smart idea to have one! This post is sponsored is by Bay Alarm Medical Alert but rest assured, I know a lot about medical alert systems after living with my grandparents for almost 8 years and they are necessary.

Bay Alert Medical System on wood coffee table with flowers

Bay Alarm Medical Alert System for Seniors

One of the biggest hurdles you will face when it comes to installing a medical alert system is gaining the cooperation of your loved one.

My grandmother would have given up ice cream forever instead of wearing a medical alert device and my grandfather would have just as well die from a fall than wear a medical alert necklace or bracelet.

69 years of marriage husband and wife

Initially, they were against it but the day my grandmother fell and was on the floor for over 3 hours with her head banged up before anyone found her, that was the day they finally said, “hmmmm. Jessie, maybe YOU should look into that fall thing?”

Bay Alert Medical System on wood coffee table with flowers

If you are new here, my grandmother and grandfather both recently passed away and we are now three generations under one roof. We are more of the “senior citizens”  vs. the “elderly” now. My parents are both in their late 60’s and would flip out on me if I referred to them as elderly. Hopefully they both remain strong and healthy for many more years.

Bay Alarm Medical with Senior Citizen holding help button, wristband and necklace with fall detection

My dad was actually enthusiastic about the system and told me I needed to put it in his TV room next to his “big guy” chair.

Bay Alarm Medical alert system with Senior Citizen

Medical Alert Fall Detection

The Bay Alarm Medical System arrived in a nice tidy box with a medical alert bracelet and necklace with fall detection, large oversized sticky help button (that you can stick to a low spot in the bathroom or near a bed) and a base system that connects to your landline. Don’t have a landline? No problem! You can add 4G-LTE to your in-home medical alert system for a small monthly fee.

Bay Alarm Medical alert system, medical wristband and medical necklace with fall detection

Simply plug it into the wall, plug in the landline and press HELP to test the system. Obviously you need to call Bay Alarm and setup the service prior to testing but the setup process once the system arrives is so simple.

The emergency alert system base has a built-in, high-output speaker and ultra sensitive microphone allows crystal clear 2-way communication during an emergency.  Additionally, the system can be used to answer a phone call.

Bay Alarm Medical alert system, medical wristband and medical necklace with fall detection

If you lose power, the system will continue to run for up to 32 hours. The battery will automatically recharge itself once power comes back on to the home. This feature is especially important for seniors who live alone and do not have family checking in on them often. You can see a full tutorial on how to set it up on the Bay Alarm Medical website.

Bay Alert Medical System on wood coffee table with flowers

You can even take the medical alert system with you in the car! You can read more about the first In car medic alert system but basically it’s a portable device that plugs into a car cigarette lighter and detects a crash and alerts the emergency response center. You can follow travel history on an app and the driver can also press a button and talk to the emergency response center.

portable in-car emergency alert response by Bay Alarm

We always had an on-the-go setup for my grandfather with a mobile fall detection device too. It covered him while out of the designated square foot radius range. The allowed him to leave the house and still be protected. Basically, wherever there was cell service, the mobile device worked.

Medical Alert Systems Cost

In the large scheme of things, the cost for these medical devices are relatively low. I mean, for less than a dollar a day, you can set up the Bay Alarm Medical alert system. See the Medical Alert Systems cost options on their website.

Bay Alert Medical System on wood coffee table with flowers

One suggestion that I would make is to call your local Elderly or Senior Services department. We used the Tri-Valley Senior Services in Massachusetts for both of my grandparents and they were a lifesaver when it came to assisting with benefits, insurance related questions and medical devices. I had no idea these services even existed until I started digging around and asking questions.

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My grandparents insurance even paid for the medical alert system and monthly fee via the Tri-Valley Senior Services. Now I am not saying that will be the case for everyone but in my grandparents case, it was 100% covered. You will be amazed at benefits available for Senior Citizens if you just take a little extra time and do some research. Just google your state name and add elderly services after your state name. Overall, the Bay Alarm Medical Alert system is easy to set up, has big buttons and will mix in with any home decor.

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  1. I never thought about the insurance possibly covering an alert system. My parents are in their late 70s, so that’s good information to know and also the tip about how to look up elderly services. That’s good that the system will still work even if you lose power.

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