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How to make a cheese and cracker platter

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How to make a cheese and cracker platter is simple and by taking a few extra moments, you can turn cheese into a beautiful arrangement with just a few items. I normally create a variety of platters when entertaining and cheese and crackers happens to be the most popular. Many times I will create a platter full of fruit, cheese, crackers and a dip or two when having my girl friends over for girls night or if we are all just simply hanging out as a family, watching a movie.

So lets just started, creating a delicious Sargento Tastings cheese and cracker platter.

how to create a cheese and cracker platterDoesn’t this make you want to make one right now! 🙂

how to make a cheese and cracker platter www.fourgenerationsoneroof.com

When Sargento asked if I wanted to try out a few of their new  Sargento Tastings cheese, I said, “of course!” Sargento tastings are a  line of specialty cheese snacks that help you explore a new world of diverse and exceptional cheeses from a brand you know and trust. Sargento Tastings come in eight delectable 3.25 to 3.95 ounce varieties for a suggested price of $2.69 each. So inexpensive! I tried out three different versions, medium asiago, cheddar and white VT cheddar. They are delicious and because they are packaged in smaller sized proportions, they are perfect for a snack on the go as well. I won’t lie, I take a few bites and leave the rest wrapped in foil and snack on it all day. My seven year old does the same thing!

how to make a cheese platter www.fourgenerationsoneroof.com

Here is a quick tutorial on how I created this fun arrangement.

First, whenever I create a cheese platter, I always use a wooden cutting board so guests can cut their own cheese. This plantation teak chop block was large enough where I didn’t need to use an additional platter so it worked out perfectly.

how to make a cheese and cracker platterAdd your Sargento Tastings cheese and usually grapes pair nicely so that is my go-to fruit when creating a cheese and cracker platter. Seedless grapes are the best. Next arrange your crackers and cut a few slices of cheese to encourage guests to indulge :). I always add a pretzel stick of some kind just to mix up the assortment. Be sure to have a cheese cutting knife available for guests.

how to make a cheese platter www.fourgenerationsoneroof.com

The three Sargento Tastings cheeses that I tried (there are 8 total available) were:

Aged Vermont White Cheddar 

This coastal cheese is delicately ripened for 12 months in the lush grasslands of Vermont to bring out its unique, matured taste. The flavor can be described as brothy and savory with a firm, dry texture.

 Medium Asiago 

A cheese of intense flavor and semi-hard texture, Asiago is an incredibly rich, yet approachable cheese boasting smooth and nutty tones.

Aged Wisconsin Cheddar 

Matured for 12 months to craft its rich, nutty flavor, this variety is carefully seasoned to provide a delicious complement to savory and sweet desserts.

The other flavors include, ParmentinoTM, Creamy Havarti, Fiesta Pepper Jack, Bruschetta Jack and New Zealander (Egmont). You can find these Sargento Tastings in most local markets.

how to make a cheese and cracker platter www.fourgenerationsoneroof.comI normally have sparkling water and a variety of soft drinks when entertaining as well as a mix of red and white wines. I happened to create this platter for our Sunday evening family dinner so sparkling water in lemon and orange flavor paired nicely. Sparkling water is a great alternative to soda! Of course, use whatever you love but those are just a few of my suggestions and things we love. Be sure to checkout the Sargento Tastings site, Sargento on Facebook,  Sargento on Pinterest and to get more ideas and see future promotions by clicking the red “visit sponsor’s site” below.

This post brought to you by Sargento. All opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. Something so simple and mine never come out looking like that! Amazing!