How To Make A Cheese and Cracker Platter

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Let’s take a look at how to make a cheese and cracker platter in minutes! Creating a captivating cheese and cracker platter is effortlessly achievable, and with a little extra effort, you can transform a selection of cheeses into a stunning presentation using only a handful of essential items.

how to create a cheese and cracker platter

Simple Cheese Platter Ideas

Easy cheese boards will consist of a handful of cheeses, nuts, fruits and crackers. It doesn’t need to be complicated to look fancy!

Choose a Variety of cheeses

Begin by curating a diverse selection of cheeses, encompassing a range of textures and flavors, such as creamy brie, sharp cheddar, soft cheese, smooth gouda, and bold blue cheese.

I tried out three different versions, medium asiago, cheddar and white VT cheddar. They are delicious and because they are packaged in smaller sized proportions, they are perfect for a snack on the go as well.

how to make a cheese and cracker platter

Add Grapes

Fruit, especially grapes, provides color and texture to the platter. Colorful medley of fresh fruits, including grapes, strawberries, apple slices, and figs, to provide a delightful contrast.

Assortment of Crackers

Accompany these components with an assortment of crackers, offering both plain and flavored options like whole wheat, water crackers, rosemary, or multigrain. I personally love the “everything cracker.”

Cracker Dips

To elevate the platter’s appeal, include a couple of delectable dips, such as honey mustard, a fig spread or a creamy herb spread. Fig is my favorite!

how to make a cheese platter

How Do You Arrange Crackers on a Cheese Board

First, whenever I create a cheese platter, I always use a wooden cutting board so guests can cut their own cheese.

This plantation teak chop block was large enough where I didn’t need to use an additional platter so it worked out perfectly.

how to make a cheese and cracker platter

Step 1: Add Cheese & Fruits and Nuts

Add your selection of cheeses to the boar leaving spaces in between to add fruit. Seedless grapes are my go-to fruit when creating a cheese and cracker platter which work nicely in between the cheese selections. Trim any grape stems or place the grape bunch with the stems underneath.

how to make a cheese platter
Easy cheese and cracker platter with seedless grapes

Step 2: Arrange Crackers on Platter

Next arrange your crackers around the grapes and cheese. I always cut a few slices of cheese to encourage guests to indulge as well!

Feel free to mix in pretzel sticks or a longer assortment of crackers to add character to your cheese board. Be sure to have a cheese cutting knife available for guests.

What Kind of Cheese Is Good on a Cracker Platter

Making a cheese and cracker platter can be very easy if you keep it simple. I used an assortment of Sargento Cheeses from my local supermarket which were perfect for the occasion.

how to make a cheese and cracker platter

When it comes to cheese and cracker platters, the options are plentiful. From elaborate charcuterie boards to quick and simple ones like the one I made, there’s something for every occasion. For my platter, I selected a variety of delicious cheeses that are known for their smooth and neutral flavors, making them a crowd-pleaser among most guests.

Aged Vermont White Cheddar 

My first cheese was this coastal cheese is delicately ripened for 12 months in the lush grasslands of Vermont to bring out its unique, matured taste. The flavor can be described as brothy and savory with a firm, dry texture.

 Medium Asiago 

Another cheese I picked has an intense flavor and semi-hard texture, Asiago is an incredibly rich, yet approachable cheese boasting smooth and nutty tones.

Aged Wisconsin Cheddar 

Lastly, I picked up this cheddar which was matured for 12 months to craft its rich, nutty flavor, this variety is carefully seasoned to provide a delicious complement to savory and sweet desserts.

Other flavors include, ParmentinoTM, Creamy Havarti, Fiesta Pepper Jack, Bruschetta Jack and New Zealander (Egmont).

What to serve with a Cheese and Cracker Platter

When serving a cheese and cracker platter, I normally have sparkling water and a variety of soft drinks when entertaining as well as a mix of red and white wines.

I happened to create this cheese tray for our Sunday evening family dinner so sparkling water in lemon and orange flavor paired nicely.

Sparkling water is a great alternative to soda! Of course, use whatever you love but those are just a few of my suggestions and things we love.

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