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10 Mosquito Repelling Plants For Your Patio

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Today I am sharing 10 plants that keep mosquitoes away. I absolutely love the idea of using an organic method, such as plants, to repel those nasty little mosquitoes. I love using candles as well to repel mosquitoes but sometimes the candle scent is pretty gross so I try to use mosquito repelling plants like lemongrass, citronella and geraniums when I can!

Best Mosquito Repelling Plants

What is the best plant to keep mosquitoes away?

Some of the most popular plants that keep mosquitoes away are Lemon Grass, Citronella plants, Geraniums and Catnip.

Perennial plants that repel mosquitoes are an affordable, non toxic way to keep the bugs away.

The fact that the plants come back every year (perennial plants) keeps the cost down year after year. 

Some of you may know that we camped for years and needless to say, mosquitoes are more prevalent in the woods and on the water. Filling a group of planters with mosquito repelling plants was a must on our deck at the camp.

Not only do they make the deck look pretty, they help keep the bugs away. Plants that keep the bugs away are the best! 

Here is a picture of our deck at the camp featuring geraniums and lemon grass.

Mosquito Repellant Plants Outdoors

mosquito repelling plants / campsite + deck makeover before and after

Of course you can spray the area prior which I have been known to do but I usually end up covering my furniture with a film of smelly bug spray that only lasts for an hour or so. I recently have read a bunch of outdoor entertaining articles and learned that certain outdoor potted plants repel mosquitos.

Did you know that? I did not.

Whether you are using Geraniums, a catnip plant or a lemongrass to repel mosquitos, you will most certainly create an eclectic look of pretty flowers for your space.

Citronella Mosquito Plant

A citronella mosquito plant is one of my favorite plants. It adds color and texture and I don’t mind the smell. For some reason, the plant smells better than a citronella candle to me. 

mosquito repelling plants

Here is an example of an outdoor space on our porch below (at our old house) and the addition of beautiful potted plants that are not only pretty but repel mosquitos is a welcomed concept.

I especially love that a pot of beautiful geraniums repels mosquitos.

Do mosquito repelling plants really work?

I searched google to see if mosquito plants really worked and I was pleasantly surprised to find favorable reviews.

how to entertain outdoors

Some tried and true plants that definitely repel mosquitos are lavender, lemon balm, peppermint, marigold and rosemary.

Ironically, a handful are actually herb plants!

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When we entertain outdoors, I always have mosquito nets handy to protect the food as well as scented candles that supposedly keep the mosquitos away.

Many of the mosquito repelling plants are lush, full and even smell good.

I remember as a kid, my gram always had pots full of red geraniums. They thrive in the sun, repel mosquitos and look gorgeous.

mosquito repelling plants

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Plants that repel mosquitoes 

I had no idea that a cascading geranium was considered a mosquito repelling plant.

Did you know Citronella, or West Indian lemongrass, is a tall plant and the source for citronella oil?

mosquito repelling plants

Catnip is said to be 10 times more effective than DEET in repelling mosquitoes.

mosquito repelling plants

The cascading geraniums would be a perfect addition to our poolside lounging area below as geraniums thrive in full sun.

mosquito repelling plants

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Does anyone have any other tips on how they repel mosquitoes? Please share your tips below and add images, I would love to see your ideas.

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  1. I had no idea about these plants and I love how pretty they are to! Thanks for the great information.


  2. I love cascading geranium. If I knew this beforehand, then my deck would be filled with this plants! Great tips!

  3. I had no idea!! thanks so much for sharing Jessica!! pinned this post so I remember it for next year!

  4. How interesting!! And so much nicer, and prettier, than those smelly sprays! Thanks for the tips!

  5. Is It too late to plant mosquitos plants? Where can I purchase them?

  6. A great way to prevent mosquitoes in your yard is to prevent any standing water. Regularly dump bird baths, and check for any empty flower pots, trash cans, tarps, buckets or containers which trap water. Many mosquitoes only need a small container of water to breed in. Dump all standing water every few days and ask your neighbors to do the same.

  7. OMG! There is hope against mosquito’s, I look forward to sitting outside again!

  8. Here in Florida those plants are ok but we still need more I use Skeeter Screen products and I swear by them . They are not toxic and safe .
    The patio egg is amazing I have one by my entrance and exit doors and one on each end of my patio and we are mosquito free. You fill the egg half way with the solution and it last 60 days . Google them and you can get them on sale everywhere

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