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No Mudroom? Our Built In Kitchen Cabinet Closet Solution

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No Mudroom? Check out our built in kitchen cabinet wall closet solution that not only matches our kitchen cabinets but it has closed locker style doors, pull out drawers for storage and a built in bench over the heat register! Updating a kitchen wall or existing kitchen cabinet to store coats, shoes and backpacks is a great way to create a kitchen mudroom space for each family member- even if you don’t have one. This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience – see disclosure.

One of the issues we had in our old home was we didn’t have a designated mudroom off the back door, side door or front door. We didn’t even have a coat closet off the main entrance so finding an organized solution for coats, hats, shoes and backpacks was a top priority.

Mudroom Closet Organization 

mudroom cabinet wall locker style storage for coats and hats

I searched google and pinterest for updated mudroom ideas and design ideas and this was the best idea – build over the baseboard heat register.

If you haven’t seen our modern kitchen remodel, check it out here. This kitchen wall below not only had a window but a baseboard heat register which posed a problem for installing kitchen cabinets. 

We decided to build the mudroom wall (which is right off the garage entrance) around the window and above the heat register with a bench over the heat register in the middle. I cannot even tell you how much we needed this built in closet space with mudroom bench and it came out great! The upper cabinets are perfect for extra storage for items not used daily.

Gorgeous mudroom makeover

Here is the kitchen wall space before. This room was random room in between the old kitchen and family room. It was the perfect wall to encompass extra storage.

Gorgeous mudroom makeover

After the kitchen wall was torn down and new kitchen renovation completed. The amount of natural light that we gained was also a bonus!

Gorgeous mudroom makeover

Mudroom Closet Cabinets

The fabulous kitchen cabinets are the Masterbrand Diamond Line featuring the Maple Anden style door. We opted to use the same kitchen upper and lower cabinets as our kitchen remodel (see post here) and create a closet wall on the opposite of the refrigerator. I love the tall cabinets with doors! The blue/green paint color on the wall and the white cabinets look very clean and fresh providing that modern kitchen feel we were going after.

Gorgeous mudroom makeover

We don’t have a coat closet near our garage door so this wall featuring locker styled doors and drawers worked out perfectly.

Gorgeous mudroom makeover

The drawers are perfect for hats and mittens. This wall space is now a functional entryway and provides a proper mudroom in the perfect spot.

Gorgeous mudroom makeover

Mudroom Floating Bench above a Heat Register

The mudroom bench color is called Cataile and coordinates perfectly with the bar stools. Installing a floating bench or a bench connected to cabinets is a great solution if you are working around a heat register. You do not want to block the heat source so the bench idea is functional and stylish!

Gorgeous mudroom makeover

The mudroom cabinets are actually kitchen pantry cabinets which we converted to a locker style coat closet by adding satin nickel hooks. You can see I have my shelves stored in the top shelf. This way, if we ever do get a coat closet, we can use these cabinets as a food pantry or for dishes by simply adding the shelves.

Gorgeous mudroom makeover

Mudroom Built In Ideas

This wall is one of my favorite features in our new kitchen. Having a bench right near the door is not only convenient but a great place to decorate!

I absolutely love how these pillows from HomeGoods look with the warm colored stain.

Gorgeous mudroom makeover

We had a heat register to work around, which we couldn’t block the heat, so our designer at Masterbrand created the legs for the front of the unit not only for extra support but aesthetically, they added a lot of character to the unit.

I may end up adding short rectangular baskets underneath the bench during the summer for flip flops and sneakers but for now, I am loving the open look and white kitchen.

 Gorgeous mudroom makeover-26

Shop X-Back Wood Counter Stools  (click here)

Here is another before.

Gorgeous mudroom makeover

Here is another look at our mudroom closet wall with coat hooks prior to the big kitchen renovation.

Gorgeous mudroom makeover

Our gorgeous mudroom now features closed cabinet doors to hide the coats.

Gorgeous mudroom makeover

Pendant Dome Lights ( click here)

This is one of my favorite shots with the barn doors. The bench stain color, bar stools and barn doors add so much character to the kitchen.

Gorgeous mudroom makeover

Unfinished Barn Door + Kit (click here)  (we installed 2)

Our pendants are from Restoration Hardware and are out of stock.  These silver dome pendants are identical (click here).

Here is kitchen wall before we tore down the kitchen wall.

Gorgeous mudroom makeover

Here is the kitchen wall with window once the wall was torn down between the kitchen and living room.

 Gorgeous mudroom makeover

Final mudroom kitchen reveal and our built in kitchen cabinet closet solution. See full kitchen remodel before and after here. 

Gorgeous mudroom makeover

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*disclosure: This post was sponsored by MasterBrand Cabinets and we were provided complimentary product. All opinions and words are 100% my own.  


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  1. Tara Furey says:

    It looks amazing! I love it!!!

  2. Gorgeous.
    You must be tickled.
    All that storage, behind closed doors, but still accessible.
    It’s perfect!!
    Love the design.

    1. Thank you Shannon! You bet I am tickled! ha. So happy to have a space for coats that I can’t see 🙂

  3. I love it, love it, love it! What a great use of space! So bright and cheery! I love your kitchen, Jess! xoxo Traci

  4. That looks so nice!
    We have a similar wall in our kitchen and I’ve always wanted to put a bench there with storage underneath – but have always refrained because of the baseboard heat. Do you think having a bench/cabinets like this will effect the amount of heat that the room gets? I think my bigger concern would be how the heat would effect the cabinetry, particularly the underside – do you think there are certain materials to stay away from?

    1. Hi Liz, so we are sharing our tutorial in a couple weeks on how we built the bench but we decided it would be fine. The heat still can get out as you can see, there is a ton of room underneath and we also have another heat register in the room. As far as the heat goes on the cabinets, I really do not know. When we built ours, we have a piece of plywood and a full frame underneath the cabinet drawers and pantry cabinet so it’s not directly on the heat source. When we framed the area for the bench, we stayed a bit away from the register.

  5. Shirley O says:

    Jessica, you have done a wonderful job of showing an alternative to a separate mudroom. I couldn’t live without mine, but many homes do not have that option. You have created a true mudroom within an open floor plan. The concealed storage is the key to balancing the clean, gorgeous look of your kitchen. Love it!

    1. THank you Shirley! You are so luck to have a separate mudroom. I love looking at homes that have a room dedicated to coats,hats and boots -ha. Thanks so much for your kind words 🙂

  6. What an amazing transformation. This space definitely fits the rest of the house now.

  7. Antonella says:

    Great use of the blank wall and ties in great with the rest of the kitchen. Love the idea of using pantry closets as lockers for coats.

  8. It looks amazing! I have an almost full wall of hot water baseboard heaters in my kitchen, and we put a custom built in similar to yours on the section that doesn’t have the heaters (we don’t have a mushroom either and kitchen opens up directly into garage with no closet) but I am at a loss for how to fill in the rest of the space. I also have a foyer entry with a blank wall with baseboard heaters…so hard to figure out how to make the space useful with heaters everywhere and yours is a great example of how to make it look pretty but also create functionality! There are not that many examples out there, so thanks!

    1. Hi Sarah! So happy you found us and an idea that might work for your space :). Yes, those heaters can be a pain! ha

  9. Hi Jessica,

    I love the bench and your island!! We are thinking of doing something similar and I was wondering if you ever posted how you built the bench? I looked through many blog posts and I couldn’t find it. Thank you!

    1. Hi, our pictures got lost on the computer for that project!! 🙁 We literally added a cleat the wall with a 2×4 and bought the drawers that mounted to it, created legs to support the other end that wasn’t attached to the cleat/wall. We added plywood on top of the drawers for the bench to sit on, added another cleat to the wall and mounted the long stained bench to the top of the drawers and fastened to the wall/cleat. We placed the closet pieces on top and screwed to the wall and purchased upper small cabinets to go on top. Everything was mounted to the wall. We used trim pieces to fill in the gaps on the side where the cabinets met the wall. Corner molding too. I wish I had the pictures b/c it would have made a great DIY Post.

      1. I am so sorry! Thank you for typing all of that out! Again your kitchen and mudroom look amazing. My husband and I are just about to start out mudroom project and then hopefully move onto the kitchen later this year. 🙂 Your remodel has become our inspiration. Thank you again!

  10. Looks great! We want to do something similar with the ikea pax wardrobes and add the bench and drawers underneath. Did you make or buy the drawers? I haven’t had much luck finding pre made drawers.

      1. Yi Cheung says:

        May I ask where you bought the drawers from ? I can’t seem to find a link? Or perhaps it’s from mastercabinets?