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Basement 2×4 Framing Walls and Closet Project {basement remodel}

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We have progress in our basement! Today the basement 2×4 framing walls and closet project are complete and it’s looking so good! You can see how we used 2×4’s to frame the closet spaces and wall area.

If you missed last week’s post showing the the basement before we started the basement remodel, you can find it here. The goal of the basement remodel was to create more closet space and add a partition wall separating my blog studio space (my home decor storage space) from the new finished part of the basement.

2×4 Frame Walls and Closet Project

The furthest part in the basement above will be the xbox/tv space with a white planked accent wall. If you look closely, you can see the cement wall and the 2×4 studs against the cement wall.

basement 2x4 frame walls and closet

Jim also had a great idea to create a half wall tying in the lally columns to create a visual separation between the tv space and the remaining part of the finished basement.

basement 2x4 frame walls against concrete and framed half wall

The view above is from where the tv / xbox space will be. The tv will be on the left wall.

basement 2x4 frame walls and closet

Framing a basement wall against concrete

2x4 framing against a cement wall

Framing around pipes and against a cement wall can be a daunting task so we decided to keep the wall flush and have an access panel for the pipe cleanout.

This is the cement wall in the basement that we plan on adding planks to create an accent wall. We partnered with Armstrong Ceilings for the planks on the ceiling and this wall and I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am to get them up!! They are going to look amazing!

2×4 Framed Closets in the basement

You can see two closets created below. One for my mom’s home decor and the other for the cat (remember we inherited my grandfather’s cat when he passed away?). Yes, the litter box and cat dishes are getting a space.

We partnered with Horner Millwork and the Livingston Sliding Barn door by Masonite is gorgeous! Wait until you see, you are definitely going to want one ;).

2x4 framed closets in the basement

If  you look straight ahead in the below picture, you will see the opening to my dads storage closet which will house his tools. The man has a lot of tools!

The sheetrock was added once the 2×4 frame was complete. A space really starts to take shape once the walls and closets are framed.

Again, you can see the partition walls below that enclose half of the ugly lally columns. We will wrap the top part of the columns with a round column. They will be gorgeous when they are done!

basement remodel gaining storage closets sheetrocked closet

basement walls with lally columns and sheetrock

Basement 2×4 framing walls and closet project

Looking for another project the relates to framing a closet? Checkout our how to frame a closet with a low slanted ceiling in my lady loft space.  Next phase is the floor. Stop by this weekend and see the most amazing wood like Vinyl flooring from Select Flooring you have have seen!

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