My grandfather and his new cat {rescue cat}

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If you have been following along on facebook, you know my grandfather got a new cat. If you don’t follow us on facebook, click here and give us a like. Anyway, some of  you may know that my grandfather’s cat Friday, died almost two years ago at age 16. He was my grandfather’s best buddy. Literally. This cat was the most important thing in the world to my grandfather, so much that I think my grandmother got jealous sometimes. haha.

Here is my grandfather and his old cat, Friday. You can read about gramps and Friday here and here.


My grandfather and his new cat

Since Friday died, my grandfather has wanted nothing to do with getting another cat until a couple weeks ago. One day after we were driving home from a routine doctors appointment, he told me that he wanted to go look at kitties at the pet store, so we stopped on our way home. He was so excited to look at the cats.

My grandfather and his new cat

We also went to Micheals Crafts (above) so he could buy some faux flowers for Christmas gifts he is making. Yes, he is still working in his workshop making homemade wooden gifts. As you can see above, he is in a pretty good mood. That’s what looking at cats did for him! ha

Later that day, I told my dad that my grandfather wanted a new cat. My dad immediately said, “well lets get him one for his birthday!” So that’s what we did. The next few days, I took my grandfather to a few different rescues and looked for a cat. While there were so many lovely cats, he didn’t find one that he made a connection with. We were looking for a senior cat that was friendly.

After a couple days, we were put in touch with a friend of a friend of  a friend who had a shelter and had a female kitty called Sophie who was around age 9 and had been in the shelter for 3 years! Yes, 3 years in a crate. So sad. I took my grandfather to see her and after 10 minutes, my grandfather said, “lets take her home and give her a try.” The woman in charge of the shelter followed us home to do a home visit and the rest is history.

My grandfather and his new cat

Sophie lived in a crate for over three years waiting for her forever home. She is super shy and lovable on her terms. I mean, you can’t blame her for being shy and nervous. I wish we could have brought home every kitty in the shelters we visited.

My grandfather and his new cat

After a week, she finally hopped up on the couch.

My grandfather and his new cat

It’s been a little over a week now since Sophie has been here and she is slowly warming up. She actually comes out and sleeps on the couch for short periods of time. She is making progress! I still don’t have a picture of her with my grandfather yet as anytime I go to get my camera, she runs away and hides. I am surprised she even let me get the pictures of her on the bed and couch. Baby steps right? I’ll keep you posted over on facebook!

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  1. Jamie Blair says:

    ??? I love this. Brought tears to my eyes.

  2. Antonella says:

    Love hearing about your family stories!

  3. Don’t shop – adopt! That was a good thing your Grandfather did. I truly believe that the best way to honor a pet we loved and lost is to adopt another one and give that one the love. It saves two lives.

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