Surgery for a Torn Rotator Cuff

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Hey friends! Just wanted to update you on a little problem I have been having with my shoulder. It seems that mother nature and her 110 inches of snow from last winter tore my rotator cuff after shoveling out 18 storms. I think taking a sledgehammer to an old nasty kitchen when we were filming for a project may have contributed too. Anyway, long story short, I had an MRI about a month ago because for the last 6 months, I haven’t been able to move my arm in certain positions and it’s been very painful. Once my sleep started being interrupted, it was time to figure out what the problem was. Turns out, I tore my rotator cuff in my right shoulder.

torn rotator cuff

I was totally fascinated with my MRI above that I had to take a picture as a keepsake. I know, not really a great keepsake but it’s still kind of cool looking. The image shows my right shoulder (the round part) and the white (with the arrow) is inflammation where the tendon broke off. I knew something wasn’t connected! I went through the entire summer doing physical therapy which only made it worse.

So what does this mean? This means I will be taking a tiny break from the blog for the next 6-8 weeks while I recover. We have lots of things scheduled over the next few weeks (including our kitchen reveal, foyer makeover and new barn doors!) and from time to time, I will be popping in to say hello and update you on what’s going on in our home. My mom has volunteered to guest post and type posts for me so that should be fun! I am not sure she knows what she is getting herself in to. Surgery is tomorrow so wish me luck! 😉

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  1. Wishing you a speedy recovery Jessica! Looking forward to your posts once you’ve taken the time to heal properly. Take care!

  2. I feel your pain! I had the same surgery 2years ago. I hope you have a recliner in the house-if not get one-you need it! That was the best advice I got from nurses & the guy who measured me for my sling. you WILL NOT be able to sleep laying down for a while, I slept in the recliner for 8 weeks! Also, oversize button front shirts & elastic waist pants are a must. Comparing notes with other PT patients while warming up/cooling down was enlightening. It’s not an easy recovery. Oh, get the nerve block & keep ahead of the pain. The heavy duty pain relievers are a must in the first few days ( and maybe sleeping aids) but using them lessens within a reasonable time. Good luck!

    1. Hi Susan, we just moved the recliner in to one of our rooms a couple days ago! Yes, my doctor told me the same thing. Not looking forward to this but it needs to be done :(. I don’t want to be 70 years old and have no use of my arm. I was actually thinking about how I was going to get dressed yesterday. Good idea on the oversized button downs. I will pick some of those up for sure. Thanks so much for the advice!

  3. Good luck to you! I had it done in both shoulders about 9 years apart. They also had to unfreeze mine as they had locked. Keep up with the physical therapy especially the first few weeks and you should be fine.

  4. Jessica,
    Thoughts and prayers for you. My son had the surgery done in Dallas about 4 years ago and now it is much less invasive.
    It’s wonderful that your Mom can help you out.


  5. Wow!! That was a surprise seeing your MRI.. I just had an MRI done last Friday for the very same thing. My left shoulder has given me problems since Last February. Turns out mine is not torn so I don’t have to have surgery!! Yay!! I am just going to have a shot and some therapy.. Although I already had 2 months of therapy that didn’t help. Good Luck with your surgery!! I hear the recovery takes quite a while !! Your mom may have a job much longer than she thinks. I’ll be thinking of you!!

    1. Thanks Tiffany! Physical therapy didn’t help mine at all so hopefully it will help you! I am not looking forward to this :(. Yes, my mom has no idea what she volunteered for :)Good luck with your shoulder!

  6. Susie Hinson says:

    Jessica, I also had this surgery along with two bone spurs and some arthritis. I was in therapy for 4 months and did the exercises at home every day religiously. I’ve talked to a number of people who have had this surgery-some did the therapy/exercises and some weren’t as dedicated. Believe me-do the therapy and exercises at home!! It will make all of the difference in your recovery. Good luck and let us know how you’re progressing!

    1. Hi Susie, that is what everyone is telling me. Do the exercises at home. I am hoping for a fast recovery so I will do the work 🙂 Thanks Susie!

  7. Susie Hinson says:

    Ok-one more thing. This will be harder than you anticipate but don’t get discouraged or give up. It’s that way for everyone but you can do this, girl!!

  8. Good luck to you Jessica! I just had my MRI follow up visit with my ortho surgeon yesterday and found out I too have two tears in my left rotator cuff requiring surgical repair. I wish you smooth sailing with your surgery and recovery, and look forward to hearing updates (via your mom!!!) on your progress.
    Hugs and best wishes from Cate

    1. Wow!!! 2 tears!!! good luck getting those taken care of . Thanks for the well wishes:)

  9. You will be fine – my husband had the surgery about 7 years ago and has his range of motion back and only a bit of discomfort from time to time. Hardest part was the sling for 6 weeks afterward. Start physical therapy ASAP and stay away from sledgehammers and snow shovels this winter. Take care – love your blog.

  10. Best of luck, Jessica – praying for a full recovery! Oh & I think everybody would love to see a guest post or two from Gramps – I know I would!!

  11. Gail Martin says:

    Take care of yourself. Let everyone baby you… milk it for all it’s worth. You may not get this chance again. Good luck on your surgery and recovery. We’ll miss you. Mom will have a great time keeping us posted on everything. Again, get well soon


  12. Sonia Stansbury says:

    3 weeks I had surgery on my right rotator cuff. Started therapy 2nd week after surgery. 2 times a week plus 2 times each day at home I’ll be off work for 4to 8. Months. Stay on pain medication, first week, then go on 800mg.of ibuprofen ,walk,walk, walk. Good. Luck!

    1. I hope I can start therapy that soon! It has only been a week and I am going crazy! ha

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