Lunch Ideas Bento Box for Adults and Kids 2021

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Lunch ideas bento box for adults and kids!  Whether you are headed back to work or back to school, thinking outside of the box for lunches can make lunchtime enjoyable and more than just a break to have lunch. I know for me, when I have an interesting lunch to look forward too, it makes my morning so much happier! Plus, it’s all about easy prep, right? 

I personally am loving the bento box lunch idea alternative instead of a sandwich.

What is a bento box lunch? The bento box gives you the option to pack sandwiches, yogurt, cheese, crackers, fruit, a salad, and dessert all in one container. Having fresh food items that are on the go and easy to pack is key.

Amazon has a TON of lunch idea bento boxes for adults and kids and this lunch box is my favorite. 

Bento Box Ideas 


Trending on google 2021: Isn’t it funny how google knows it’s back to school? This post has been trending on google for the last week and it’s because parents are searching not only for back to work lunch ideas, but back to school lunch ideas. 

When I was a kid, it was pretty exciting to get lunch in the school cafeteria instead of one packed by your mom.  

Fast forward a generation, and it seems like my kids are happier to bring their lunch from home, and I hear many other parents are saying the same thing.

I’m not complaining–I’m happy to send a little bit of love and lunch from home with them each day.  But I have to admit, sometimes it feels like we get in a rut with our home packed lunches.

This is why I love the lunch box bento box idea!  This school year, I’m gathering ideas that will help me to “think outside the lunch box” when I’m planning lunches.  

Here are some of my favorite ideas for packing delicious, healthy, interesting, and fun lunches for kids and adults.

Easy Lunch Bento Ideas


Try This:  Creative Lunch Ideas

Chicken-Taco-Bento-box lunch idea

Chicken Taco Bento at The Exhausted Mom

chopped-salad-in-a-cup on the go lunch

Chopped Salad in a Cup from 24/7 Low Carb Diner

Freezer Pizza Bites lunch idea for kids

Freezer Pizza Bites at Super Healthy Kids

tomato soup and grilled cheese packed lunch in box

How to Pack Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup at Momables

School Lunch Bento Ideas

This adorable tin can filled with pizza rolls and muffin macaroni and cheese balls are certainly to be the talk of the cafeteria.


How to Send Pizza Rolls to School at Coupon Closet

Bento boxes are perfect for picky eaters too. Instead of making a boring sandwich that your child may not like or having your child stuck eating what the school makes for lunch, you have the option to pack a variety of fresh food items that you child loves!

mac cheese ham muffins lunch ideas

Ham and Cheese Lunchbox Muffins Recipe at I Should Be Mopping the Floor

pasta-lunch bento box with noodles

Great for Teens–Pasta Salad Lunch at Operation: Lunch Box

smoothies-to-go lunch ideas

Healthy Smoothies to Go at Mom Makes

taco-lunch-box bento box with beef

Chicken or Beef Taco Lunch at Keeley McGuire


Pita Pocket Sandwich (plus links to lots of other great lunch ideas) at It’s Always Autumn

Are you on the Lunch Ideas Bento Box for Adults and Kids kick this year too? I would love to hear your lunch ideas or recipes below in the comment section and how you pack a fun lunch that is worthy of looking forward too! 


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  1. Thanks for including my Chicken Bento Boxes in your roundup! I love all these ideas…can’t wait to try them!

  2. My kids did not like cafeteria lunches! Wish I had all these amazing ideas when I was still packing their lunches 🙂

  3. Jessica pabon says:

    The lunches for tacos. Will this lunch be served cool not warm right?