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How to add new door molding {our front door}

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Last summer we added on a new portico around our front door and we finally just finished adding the new door molding inside. Sometimes these projects linger on for months. We decided to add a piece of pine board to the top of the door (to the ceiling) to define the two rooms on either side of the door. This also allowed a place for the paint to stop! Before, the entire wall (which covered two rooms) needed to be the same color because there was not place to stop a color and add a new one.

How To- Front door interior trim

I asked my dad if we could beef up the door with molding in order to accomplish these two things:

a) give the illusion the door was larger and

b) have a place to stop and start a new paint color

His response, “what’s wrong with just leaving it all one color?” He thought about it over night and came home the next day with a pine board and said, “will this work?”


How to add trim to a front door {before & after

My fancy camera was having a small issue this day so these pictures were taken with my cell phone so they are not the best but you can see, the door needed a little cosmetic work ;).

How To- Front door interior trim -2

When we removed the old door, we had to remove all of the old trim. The old door was over 50 years old and of course, the new door didn’t fit exactly in the same space so we used pine filler to fill in the gap between where the old door space and the new door.

How To- Front door interior trim -3


How to add trim to a front door {before & after

Once we cut the pine filler to size, we nailed it to the existing door jam and filled in the gaps with spray foam insulation. Here is an image of what it looks like from Home Depot.

spray foam insulationYou can see below how we sprayed it in along the top of the door.

How To- Front door interior trim -4

Here is the door completely trimmed out with the pine insert pieces.

How To- Front door interior trim -5

How To- Front door interior trim -6

We added primed 2.5 inch wood trim molding that we picked up at Home Depot around the door along with the pine piece at the top. After a couple hours, the door looked fabulous and the two rooms are now separated and ready for their own color! Be sure to check out our latest DIY project on our Home and Projects page. New stuff is added daily!

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  1. Turned out great!! I know how frustrating that it when there aren’t breaks in the wall to change paint colors too… we have a few of those spots in our home as well. xo

  2. What a difference! I really like the fresh clean look your door has now. I like how your dad thought about it, and had a great solution.
    Thank you for the inspiration.

  3. It’s so fun to see the process! What a beautiful transformation!!!

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