February school vaca + 103 inches of snow + hibachi

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Last week was our winter school vacation. We stayed home and tried to stay warm! ha. We have over 100 inches of snow now and it’s borderline crazy. Who gets that much snow? I hate snow. I mean, I don’t mind the first snow in December but this …..I can’t deal with. I am a lot like my grandfather when it comes to winter. I would much rather be in Florida or Arizona. My son started skiing last month and is loving it. We enrolled him in ski camp and wouldn’t you know it, he loved it but only if “mom” was there every hour to check in. Separation anxiety at 8 and a freezing cold snowy mountain isn’t exactly my cup of tea for 5 days in a row. I am not sure how I ended up with a kid who is obsessed with cold weather sports but I did. I told him, he is the only person on the planet that I will stand outside for hours freezing my butt off as he flies down a hill on sticks. The things us mom’s will do for our kiddo’s! 😉

103 inches of snow + february school vacation

Just in case you don’t know what a lot of snow looks like. Here is our back door.

103 inches of snow + february school vacation

You know the snow is high when your son can run along the snow banks and the 6 foot high pool fence is barely showing.

103 inches of snow + february school vacation

Last weekend, we all headed to a local Hibachi Restaurant to celebrate my nieces birthday. Last week I shared my grandparents braving the blizzard to attend dinner. Today, here are the pictures. There isn’t much that will keep them from a delicious meal.

103 inches of snow + february school vacation

My dad enjoying a squirt of sake.

103 inches of snow + february school vacation + hibachi-2

The kids “water” version of Sake in a baby bottle.

103 inches of snow + february school vacation + hibachi-3


It’s usually the highlight of the dinner ;).

103 inches of snow + february school vacation + hibachi-4

Schools back in session and hopefully the snow melts soon.  I can’t wait to get to the campsite and start cleaning up. Before we know it, this snow will be a distant memory as we cruise the lake in our boat and cook marshmallows over the campfire. I can’t get it here soon enough!

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