When is the last time you had a fire drill at your home with your kids?

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This post has nothing to do with DIY, decorating or crafting,  but everything to do with fire safety here at our home.

Our son is 5 years old and is VERY inquisitive about fire and “naughty” people. He has been learning about fire drills at school and stranger danger from mom! The poor kid is probably on overload and I struggle with “is it to much” but then I come to the realization that at his age and moving on , he is VERY vulnerable to all the crapola that goes on in this world so better to be safe then sorry. You know what I mean?

Tonight, we had a fire drill at home. We have always talked about a meeting spot but never did the ‘drill”. So tonight, I called the central alarm monitors (we have a house fire and burglar alarm system) gave them the password and went into “test” mode. We did it 5x, setting all the alarms off and role played sleeping, watching TV ect. and getting out to the meeting spot once it went off. I also showed my son how to use the panic buttons on the alarm system if there was an emergency. He was scared. We did it a couple times until he was comfortable. It’s LOUD! You think your kids would know what to do right? I mean, how hard is it to go outside to a meeting spot. Well, when I set the alarms off, my son got scared and a little confused. These suckers are LOUD and yell fire fire! I am so glad we did it! My mom didn’t even know where the “meeting spot” was. See, the things assume everyone knows!

I recently went to Home Depot and bought multiple fire extinguishers for the kitchens, garage, barn & bedrooms as well as a fire ladder for the 2nd floor. Call me crazy, paranoid or over-the-top, I don’t care…..it helps me sleep at night!

I don’t think I would be smiling like this lady but you get the drift!

These items are all short money if you think about it. You can get them at Home Depot, Lowes or Wal-Mart. The extinguishers are only $15-20 depending on what you buy and the ladders are under $40.

Do you have fire safety equipment in your house? When is the last time you did a fire drill at your home and all met at the “meeting spot”? Do your kids know how to use an alarm system / panic button (if you have a monitored system)?

Ok, I’m off my paranoid safety rant….I feel better Smile


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  1. rachel@Acts of Life says:

    I love this post…made me smile lol. No we have never done this..we should. We used to have an alarm system in out old house…OMG that was soo loud…it makes you discombobulated when it goes off! I know I have always stressed the stranger issue…probably scarred my eldest a little but better safe then sorry! I am having a giveaway…check it out if ya'd like!

  2. I think it's a great idea! My parents did it when we were younger and I always knew what to do in case of a fire. I just thing about that poor family in Connecticut and if they could have been saved if they had a ladder and fire extinguishers.

  3. rachel@Acts of Life says:

    Hi Jessica,
    Just wanted to let you know I am having a giveaway over at my blog,hope you'll check it out and see if you might like it!

    Rachel 🙂

  4. This kind of stuff nearly gives me a panic attack every time I think about it. We've gone over what to do in cases like this and I've shown them how to dial 911 on my cell phone, but I still get panicky when I think of it actually happening. Would they know what to do in a REAL emergency? Would they be able to find my phone? Shoudl we get a home phone? AH!!!!! I'm freaking out already thinking about it. Thanks for bringing it up, though. Even though it makes me nervous, it's an important thing to think about!

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