Weekend plans + yard work

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Happy Friday everyone! I don’t know why but I am especially happy that the week is over. Our weekend plans are not very exciting as of right now. I am hoping to get some yard work done and re-seed a portion of our back yard. We have dogs and the yard gets destroyed over the winter. You know how that goes with dogs. The yellow spots are out of control from these guys, but they are well worth it :).

weekend plans and yard work

The horse paddocks need to be cleaned up as well as stall door repairs. Although, the barn repair projects won’t start until summer.

weekend plans + yard work

This is DJ, he is our 23 year old Halflinger pony.

I am hoping that my grandfather will be enthusiastic about building some small DIY items with me for our yard although he has been hanging out in his recliner a lot lately so I’m not to sure how that is going to work out. He is still really sad about his cat and I think he is a little depressed. Some days are better than others.

Have a great weekend and I hope your weekend plans are more exciting then mine! 🙂

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  1. The only definite plan I have this weekend is church, followed by lunch with our small group. Maybe we will go to an auction on Saturday morning. I love having weekends that are NOT full of plans. 🙂 It gives me great pleasure to hang out at home, get my cleaning done early Saturday morning, have time to work in the gardens, and then spend time with family and friends. Working full-time makes me long for those quiet, relaxing weekends.

  2. I’ve got plans to go to IKEA on Saturday with friends and then do some yard work and crafting on Sunday.

    So sorry your grandpa is so sad! Hopefully some yard work cheers him up! 🙂

  3. Have a great weekend! Lovely photo of your pony. Hitting my first yard sale of the season tomorrow, working on furniture and taking some photos for a shop my friend is opening! x

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