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Easy + creative outdoor planters

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I decided to cut a hole in something that has been hanging around our house for a couple years, something that was my son’s when he was a toddler and now I’m trying to turn it into an outdoor planter.  It’s not going so well, in fact, I almost threw it in the trash but I’m working on salvaging it! What I thought would be an easy outdoor planter turned in to a lengthy project. Does that ever happen to you? With any luck, I will share it with you soon, I hope! Here are some easy outdoor planters I found that inspired me to create my own.

easy outdoor planter ideas

Who would have thought that a wine crate into a planter would make such a cute outdoor planter. Add a plastic liner inside and a coat of water sealer (spray or paint) and you have a cute planter. Love this idea.

outdoor wine crate planter

Wine crate 

You can pick up these plastic durable planters at Lowes or Home Depot and many of them are fairly inexpensive. This is a super easy way to spruce up your door way.

Do you have window seat or outside bench? You may be able to cut out a hole and create a planter. Unless of course you want to create diy bench like this one.
outdoor planters
Fastening hangers to a wall is simply done by screwing the back to the wall and drilling a drainage hole in the bottom.
outdoor planter containers
source unknown
DIY concrete planters.
outdoor concrete planter
outdoor planters
This is probably one of my favorites, a trash can on wheels. I suppose you could add wheels to any planter to make it mobile.
outdoor planters
We all have wheel barrows and by drilling a few drainage holes in the base gives you an instant outdoor container for plants.
outdoor wheel barrow planter
outdoor planters
outdoor planter metal pot
Cinder block planters. I never thought of this!
cinder block outdoor planter
My mom and I have been searching around the house looking for anything to create an easy outdoor planter.  My dad said, “why don’t you just go buy some?” Well what fun would that be right? It’s amazing the items you will find when you think outside the box a little bit. Always remember, you can add a plant to just about anything by simply drilling some holes in the bottom for drainage. Do you love sisal? You may be interested in our DIY outdoor planter using sisal. It’s a quick and easy way to add character and texture to any plastic outdoor container.

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  1. Those are some good ideas. I think you could do some potatoes in the garbage cans. I would start by putting kitchen compost in the bottom. Then layer it with manure, soil, newspaper, etc. Then a good layer of soil and add your potatoes. There’s nothing in the world like fresh potatoes! 🙂

  2. Hi, I like your idea, I am a long time, DYI in the home, just starting outdoors.
    Is there a place that you have told how you have done thing and I am just missing it?
    would like to see the step by step on some of your idea:)

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