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Try This! 9 Fun Valentine Surprises for Your Family

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Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to shower the people you love with some extra-special attention.  Give them a little something extra to celebrate the love you share.


I’ve been looking for ways that I can surprise my own family on February 14th, and I’ve definitely got some fun ideas!  Balloons, pinata cake, heart shaped foods and a kaleidescope with a secret message are just a few of the ways I’ve found to bring a little joy to my family.  Maybe you can use some of these ideas at your house, too!


1.  Balloons!  Hearts!  Surprise the family when they open the door with this Heart Attack.  Find out how at Confetti Sunshine.


2.  Hungry Happenings has a recipe for fun with this conversation heart pinata cake.


3.  I spy….a secret message for your loved ones in this Valentine kaleidescope by Handmade Charlotte.


4.  Leave a cute surprise on the bedroom doors of your little Valentines.  Doodlebug shares the tutorial.


5.  Hungry Happenings has a recipe for cheese-filled hearts that is perfect for dishing up at lunchtime on Valentine’s Day.


6.  Wake up the family to a love-filled breakfast!  Signaroo has some terrific suggestions.


7. The fruits of love….surprise the family with love notes on their munchies!  Find out how at Cake Whiz.


8.  Tatertots and Jello has a cute idea.  It’s a Valentine tree decorated with pictures of your dear ones.


9.  Suprise!  There’s a heart inside this pound cake loaf!  Get the recipe at Very Culinary.

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