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Stunning Farmhouse Breezeway with Chickens + Homegoods Giveaway

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Today I have partnered with the 5 other HomeGoods bloggers and we are EACH giving away a $100 HomeGoods Gift Card (just like we did a couple months ago for our Foyer Makeover!). Yes! That’s 6 chances and $600 in Gift Cards!!! Keep reading, you can enter at the end of the post. When you live in the country, the craziest things can happen. My friend Nancy (who lives next to me through the woods) is actually a blog reader, turned friend. She has lived in town for the last 10 years and I had no idea who she was until she reached out looking for design help for her son’s bedroom. Long story short, she is a buddy now and we recently just set up her farmhouse breezeway for the Summer. Keep reading, her Silkie Chickens decided to set up shop and have a party once we were finished and they brought a $100 HomeGoods Gift Card for one of you as they were on a #gofinding mission too!

Sophisticated Farmhouse Breeze Way with Chickens

Nancy lives in the most amazing home set on over 20 acres and it’s seriously one of the nicest places ever. Her home is loaded with Brimfield unique vintage finds. If you are from New England, you know what the Brimfield Antique Flea market is all about. Their next show is in July and I am hoping to tag along with Nancy.  

Here is Nancy’s breezeway before.

Sophisticated Farmhouse Breeze Way with Chickens

We went shopping and found the cutest bistro set from HomeGoods and it fit perfectly near the entrance in her breezeway. She wanted an overall theme that coincided with the rest of her outdoor spaces so we mixed in some new things as well as some old things that she has collected over the years. 

Sophisticated Farmhouse Breeze Way with Chickens

This classic rattan set is reminiscent of a 1930’s European bistro set. Isn’t it the cutest?  The best part, it was super affordable! 

Sophisticated Farmhouse Breeze Way with Chickens

We picked up a faux olive tree from HomeGoods along with a few ceramic planters to create a cozy and inviting seating area. When in doubt, use flowers and plants to surround your seating area. Not only do they fill in gaps, but they help create a cohesive space and create architectural interest. 

Sophisticated Farmhouse Breeze Way with Chickens

Nancy’s breezeway is large and connects to her garage and backyard entrance. It’s the entrance she and her guests use 99% of the time so she wanted to make sure it was welcoming and consistent with the rest of her home. By mixing in old and new pieces, I think we accomplished this. The wooden vintage crates filled with peonies and the black milk jugs found at local antique shops came in handy when creating this space. 

Meet Jo Jo.

Jo Jo  is peppy, curious and has quite the little personality. 

Sophisticated Farmhouse Breeze Way with Chickens

Jo Jo  was very curious about what was happening on the breezeway. Not only did she come take a look, but she invited some friends too.

Sophisticated Farmhouse Breeze Way with Chickens

They didn’t come empty handed. 

Sophisticated Farmhouse Breeze Way with Chickens

Moe is Nancy’s oldest Silkie Rooster and is the sweetest most gently guy ever.

He was not impressed with the ladies as they spread his eggs all over the ground.

Sophisticated Farmhouse Breeze Way with Chickens

Bonnie (the gray Silkie on the ground) decided she wanted the eggs for herself. Aren’t they adorable?

Sophisticated Farmhouse Breeze Way with Chickens

As you can see, the black and white rattan bistro set sports chickens nicely. 

Sophisticated Farmhouse Breeze Way with Chickens

I decided to join their party and I must say, it was fun ;). 

Sophisticated Farmhouse Breeze Way with Chickens

Silkie Chickens are literally like lap dogs. Do you remember me mentioning in a blog post a few weeks back that we are getting chickens? Well, it’s all because of Nancy. My son has wanted chickens forever and I have always said no. Needless to say, these guys have grown on my over the last few months and my son loves them. 


These 3 are no slouches, they showed up with a $100 HomeGoods gift card for one of you. All you need to do is leave a comment below telling us what you would use the $100 gift card for if you won. 

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There you have it, a sophisticated farmhouse breezeway with chickens! PS. I didn’t crush the egg that was under my foot in the picture above. I didn’t even realize the egg was there until I was editing the pictures. I can’t believe I didn’t step on it! Be sure to head over to the following HomeGoods bloggers, Inspired By Charm, Know Who She Does It, Home and Fabulous, Crazy Chic Design and French Country Cottage to see what they have cooking up outdoors and enter their giveaway too! 


Meet Jessica

What started as a hobby, Jessica’s blog now has millions of people visit yearly and while many of the projects and posts look and sound perfect, life hasn’t always been easy. Read Jessica’s story and how overcoming death, divorce and dementia was one of her biggest life lessons to date.

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  1. I would use the gift card for new bedding for a soon to be guest room. **This is such a fun post. Those chickens are adorable, wish I lived in the country.

  2. I love HomeGoods so much! I would buy some items to decorate my back patio so we can enjoy being out there this summer!!!

  3. I would use the gift card for my daughter’s bedroom. We’ve been slowly redecorating and the gift card would go a long way toward finishing up.

  4. I would love to use the gift card towards new tableware. Our dishes are over 15 years old and our service for 8 is slowly dwindling…

  5. The breezeway looks so welcoming and I love that bistro set, simply gorgeous; and of course the little chicken ladies made it better. I would love to spruce up my back patio with a new bench and new pillows and perhaps a new umbrella too.

  6. I’ll be moving into a new apartment home in July that has a great balcony for entertaining and would love to decorate it with items from HomeGoods! What a unique space to decorate!

  7. We are turning out boys’ bedroom into our office. I would use the gift card to purchase some lighting and a side table to sit beside the comfiest armchair ever that we purchased at HomeGoods!!!!

  8. Well what I would do would probably involve less chickens unfortunately! But I love rustic decor and plant themes so I’d be getting a lot of vases and wood pieces!

  9. I would use the gift card for working on my own outdoor area. Love what you did with that cute bistro set!

  10. Those chickens are too cute! I can see why you are getting some now.
    I would purchase some new drinking glasses and a floor lamp to replace the halogen one I got in 1987!

  11. I would use it for something new in the livingroom or if I found the chair I wanted I would use it for that for my bedroom.

  12. I would find something to freshen up my outside area. The chickens are adorable! I love the way you made her outside look. Hugs,

  13. I would get some outdoor decor for my small balcony because right now I only have a storage box out there.

  14. I would use the gift card for some fun outdoor pillows. I would also love to add some outdoor lighting to my deck and patio.

  15. That breezeway is lovely and those chickens are adorable – so much cuter than the ones I’m used to seeing! I’ve always heard chickens have real personalities. I can only imagine how fun these must be! I’d use a HG gift card on some lamps or an end table for the family room. Love HomeGoods!

  16. I would use the Home Goods gift card to decorate my deck for the summer. Right now I’m it is a hodgepodge of items in neutral tones. I would love to create a comfortable space with blues, teal and white. The gift card from Home Goods would help tremendously in making my dream come true. It is one of my favorite stores.

  17. Great looking space!! I would love to win the gift card to finish up our family room area!! Home Goods is my go to for fun finds and styling our home!!

  18. I am not sure I can enter to win but I would continue to accessorize with any gift cards this time concentrating on my home office which I promised myself I would do over when I turned 50 .. hmm… I will be 52 this year .. 🙂

  19. I would use it to get an umbrella and chair for my mom’s little deck so she can sit outside when I am out there. My patio is too far for her to walk to!

  20. I would use the gift card to buy new planters and spruce up my patio! I love your little bistro set. So cute.

  21. I heart Homegoods! We are in the process of painting our entryway and as staircase a different color that will brighten up the space. But when we finish we will need new art and decor. I can’t think of a better place to get it then Homegoods.

  22. I will used $100 for my front porch in the afternoons it’s really nice outside but I need to give a facelift after 10 years whit just a pair of chairs to enjoy it more often

  23. Ahh! I wish I lived in a space that could accommodate chickens. But city living makes that tough.

    I’d use a Homegoods giftcard to refresh my bedroom decor. It doubles as my office, so I spend a lot of time in there. It could use a fresh look!

  24. My daughter has recently “flown the coop” and headed from Massachusetts to South Carolina. We loaded a U-haul with all her belongings as well as anything she needed/wanted from our home. All in an effort to make her move and settling in easier for her. A Home Goods gift card would certainly help with a refresh of lamps or occasional table, towels and even dishware. What we don’t do for our kids!!!!

  25. We’re building a new house and I would love to use the gift card to get some outdoor furniture like that bistro set!

  26. Homegoods… Yeeesss!! My happy place. I lose all control there. We’ve been married for 23 years and our bedroom looks like a poor college student’s. It’s the cry lady room to get attention. I’m just lost. We don’t even have a headboard! I have been wanting a big beautiful bedroom rug for YEARS. A gift card would definitely get this bedroom ball rolling.

  27. Super cute bistro set!!

    I would splurge on some new sheets and get some new kitchen towels. Thanks for the chance to win.

  28. Hi Jessica,
    I have chickens too. They are so comical and fun to watch and talk to. I swear they know what you’re saying. But then again, I understand their clucks and hollers now. lol
    If I won, I would use the Home Goods gift card for lanterns for outside. They are safe, yet still would give a nice glow when entertaining. Thank you for the chance. Cindy. 🙂

  29. The bistro set is beautiful and so are the chickens! Would love to win a Home Goods gift card to buy new dishes.

  30. Ugh! I need so much. Main thing I’m looking for is a entertainment console. TV is mounted on wall and I want a table underneath it. HomeGoods is the best place to find one!

  31. That bistro set is so charming. It would look fabulous on my back porch. That HomeGoods card would be just the opportunity I need to add the set!! (And a silkie chicken or two might be in my future!)

  32. I am recently engaged and would use the gift card on party decorations and patio furnature to create my backyard oasis

  33. What a fun post! I’d try to focus on things for a patio update but y’all know how it is when shopping at HomeGoods, it’s just so danged easy to get distracted! Walk in intending to pick up a couple of seat cushions and a candle or two and walk out with two lamps, a rug, 12 pillows and new linens for all the beds! Ack!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  34. Love the Bistro set (AND the chickens)! My guestroom sure could use a new quilt from HomeGoods, but I love that Fig Tree too!

  35. Hi Jessica,
    I like how you decorated the breezeway! Thank you for including the before and after pictures.
    I would definitely use the HomeGoods gift card to spruce up my front porch.

    On Instagram as Phototljn7

  36. I would use it to help my neighbor…she lost her husband …he had been sick for many years he just wore out. Something from Home Goods would just be perfect.

    I love your new home Jessica and this breezeway turned out so inviting. Thanks for sharing.

  37. Love this post! We just moved into our first home, so there are so many projects I could use this for! To just choose one, I would use it to help complete our living room with an end table!

  38. What a lovely home, and the makeover of the porch was so sweet! If I won a gift to HomeGoods, I would go shopping with the caretakers that help my Dad. I would enjoy giving back to them, for all they have done for my family!

  39. I’m planning on updating my living room, new pillows and curtains! Would love to use the gift card for that.

    Thank you!

  40. I love that house.. maybe an inside tour someday? Hint hint… I sure would love to win the gift card I just moved into a new home also.. We are also a multi generational family under 1 roof.

  41. I used to live in the country and we had chickens too! I have fond memories of playing outside and riding our ponies with my sister. We have lived in our house for almost ten years, and I have children leaving our nest, so I would use the $100 towards sprucing up some spaces with new pillows and decor. What a fun idea!

  42. I would combine the gift card with one I already have and get a new piece of furniture. I have been looking for a sideboard with glass doors.

  43. Love reading your posts. Home goods is one of my favorite store. With the gift card wanted to buy a coffee table for my living room, as it is keep getting push back for a while 🙂

  44. Those chickens! I’ve never seen any so fluffy! 🙂

    I would buy some furniture or accessories for my basement reno project. It’s painted but I need some love on the walls and on the couch.

  45. So funny that you featured a bistro set. That’s exactly how I’d put a HomeGoods gift card to use!

  46. I just bought a new house and it’s tome to decorate the dining room!!! $100 from HomeGoods would be awesome!!!

  47. My daughter and I will hit the ground running through HomeGoods to buy items for the home she and her two roommates will be renting the next three years while finishing college!

  48. Chickens on chairs – I love it! I would buy some new planters for the front and back porch of my home. HomeGoods has great pots.

  49. Hi there! What a beautiful space…and those Chickens! Who doesn’t love HomeGoods? Last time I was there I was pining over some cute weather resistant planters, thanks for the opportunity & the inspiration! ????

  50. I’d use the gift card to decorate my deck. It’s a work in progress. Great post with cute ideas.

  51. Ahhhhh love, love Homegoods! I would use the gift card to refresh our screened in patio. ????????

  52. Cute chickens and great updates. Thanks for the giveaway. I need to refresh my bathroom – towels, shower curtain, etc.

  53. Our pool area needs some serious updating..no new STUFF since 1999 and last year the chaise my husband built broke in pieces…so off to the dump for that. We need new chairs, chaise….so I can lounge!!

  54. I’m in the middle of painting/staining my deck which serves as my patio space which I haven’t done anything in the way of improvements for the last 8 years. That seems like too long of a “neglecting” period and a HomeGoods shopping spree would fill in nicely (love the bistro set) to make my deck inviting.

  55. Preparing to move, so some things for the new house!
    Who doesn’t always “need” something from Home Goods? ????

  56. Absolutely love how cute you decorate the area. Those are some adorable chickens. If I won, I would use my Home Goods gift card to get some outdoor furniture for my little backyard. Time to get outside for the summer.

  57. Hello there ! From an Idaho farmgal !! Love. Your chickens !i love to decorate ! It’s my PASSION !Love T.J. Max ,Homegoods !!! LOVE this store, !! Would LOVE a gift card ! PICK ME !!!!! PLEASE !!

  58. Wow, I never knew chickens could be so friendly! That’s funny you mentioned about not crushing the egg. I saw it under your foot, and was wondering! If I won, I would use it to buy some kitchen organization products.

  59. love the olive tree ..trying to grow a real one now 🙂
    And, the bistro set needs to be mine.
    Will look for that and setting I saw on another post. Dishes always a weakness.
    Will not be an issue 🙂 Linens too. Gah.

  60. I would see if they had a bird bath. My bird bath broke last fall and I really miss watching the birds in the morning getting all clean. Until I get another one they seem to like rolling in the dirt in the gardens. I’m sure they would love a new one! ????

  61. I would use the $100 HomeGoods card for some new things for my family room that we just finished updating or some new things for our deck that we are getting ready to update!

  62. I would use the $100. towards a cute bistro set such as the one you did for Nancy. I love the blue and white set.
    If I can . . . I’d like to decorate the back porch like Nancy’s breezeway. You have such good ideas.

  63. Great photos of a fabulous space!! Beautifully designed!

    I’d sjhop for a new dining umbrella and outdoor light ????

  64. We just bought a new home, and my son (7 years old) asked if he could decorate his new room before school starts. I would LOVE to be able to take him and let him pick out some art, accessories and maybe even a rug for his new room!

  65. We just replaced carpet with luxury vinyl plank flooring at a beach house , so I would use the $$ to buy rugs.

  66. We literally sold our house today and sign papers for our new house next Wednesday!???? I’m sure I could put that gift card to good use. Thanks for the opportunity.

  67. I love those chickens!!! That bistro set is so pretty too.

    If I won, I’d get some new goodies for my kitchen. It needs a spruce up =)

  68. Love reading your blog and following your family and seeing you decorate your new home… Inside and out. I’m redoing my living room and I have seen grommet top curtains at HomeGoods that would be perfect for my room.

  69. My patio is totally empty, I will use the gift card to buy a beautiful table with chairs and be outside with my son and share with him every morning a breakfast outside.

  70. I would use the $100 HomeGoods gift card to outfit our first nursery for our little boy that’s on the way!

  71. I love your bistro set! I hope I can find one at my home goods store! Or I would buy a cute bench for the end of my bed. Fingers crossed! Thank you!

  72. My husband and I just bought a 1960’s ranch style house that we are currently remodeling and redecorating. If I won a Homegoods gift card, I would use it for find the perfect piece of art for my navy blue and white dining room.

  73. Gorgeous home and patio…love the chickens! I need art for my entryway….and HG is my absolute happy place to shop and find great decor!

  74. I would love to use a gift card for getting new flower pots for my patio. Thanks for the chance to win!

  75. I would definitely get some decorative items for my back patio, and maybe some colorful drinkware and a pitcher.

  76. I bought my first house this past October. Just me. With nothing but a set mortgage. I need some stuff! $100 would get me some perk me up stuff!

  77. I would love a gift card to Home Goods to buy some new lamps for our living room or outdoor entertaining supplies!!

  78. I think I would look for an olive tree and a similar tree for my foyer! Yours looks amazing and is inspirational to my decor! Thanks for reading this!

  79. Wow, there are so many things I could do with that gift card. But, I honestly think I would just go in without purpose and enjoy myself.

  80. My husband was forced to stop working due to a chronic back pain. I would use the gift card to decorate his home office for a pick me up and inspiration.

  81. I would use the gift card to decorate my husbands home office. After raising 5 girls the man needs some masculine touches!

  82. I’d have to invest in a foundation piece for the new hardscaped patio that’s going in. Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway…I SO adore silkies!

  83. Hmm. It’s hard to say what I would end up using the gift card for because I often come out of Home Goods with more than was on my list. At this point, probably a rug or kitchen items.

  84. I would use the $100 to start the redecorating of my daughter’s room! We are doing a natural boho room with maybe forest greens, natural woods, and pops of color!

  85. Oh my they are the cutest chickens ever! My son and daughter in law just got some this spring can’t wait to see them all grown up. If I had the opportunity I would love some new planters. Please enter me into the drawing. Thanks, Denise

  86. I love what you did for your friends breezeway! I would use $100 from HomeGoods to get some things for my family room which we just renovated or the deck which we will be doing a refresh on soon!

  87. I would love to renovate our bedroom! Homegoods is just the place to go for everything I would need!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win the gift card!

  88. Would love to upgrade the bedding in our guest room, just converted from an office we were not using. Would love to add some coastal touches!! I love HomeGoods but then again who doesn’t! Thank you

  89. My neighbor has chickens, really not sure what kind, but I love the fresh eggs I get from them. I have a rooster named Jack n hangs around there alot, we joke that he is protecting his harem.

  90. What a darling post!
    A $100 HomeGoods giftcard would be lovely for a fun front door wreath and a rustic(ish) bench nearby.
    Wish you all the best with the chickens! Our subdivision doesn’t allow them, which is ridiculous, IMO, but I’d love to have that rule overthrown and follow suit- after my current project, growing a Tower Garden is well- established.

  91. Our old home had a bar(high counter with an overhand) in it, but our current home does not. Now we have a set of bar stools, but no bar. I would pout it towards the purchase of a bar.

  92. I love that table & chair set…looks wonderful & very inviting! I’d use a HomeGoods gift card on some new summer pillows for our living room, and some grilling tools for the hubby!

  93. We just moved and now have a little patio outside of our back door so I’m looking for some outdoor items to make it feel homey. Something like the bistro set you showcased is definitely on my list!

  94. YOU GUYS ARE SO BUSY. If I win the gift card, it would be easy to spend as we have a new Home Goods in Nicholasville KY ad dying to go…love to spend it on cute shoes.

  95. I love chickens. These are so fluffy and pretty! I would buy some decor for my covered sun porch from HomeGoods if I won!

  96. We are thinking about downsizing and if that happens I want a whole new decorating scheme. Home Goods would be a great place to start looking!

  97. We just started building a new home, Home Goods is one of my favorite places to explore and search for just the right item to make every room special.

  98. I would use the $100 to get some outdoor pots for flowers and outdoor pillows for my back porch. I love the outdoor decorating ideas on your blog.

  99. I need to redo my sons room. He’s in college and needs some new end tables and more mature accessories and bedding.

  100. I am turning my pation into a BOHO retreat – with Buddha’s, deocrated umbrellas, running fountains, hanging laterns, flags and lights – pretty sure homegoods could help me complete this space of my own (which I will of course share). It is my favorite store its like an Amazon wish list that you can touch and feel.

  101. My Son just bought his first house and I would LOVE to buy him something wonderful from Home Goods !!!

  102. My husband I are newlyweds and just bought our first house! We have a fantastic outdoor patio and screened porch area that we would use the gift card for 🙂

  103. Ive got several ongoing Reno projects right now. Something I would love is a potting bench & some great planters for the patio. Also, cozy chairs for my kitchen-always love the option for company while I cook! Home goods is such a great store-just makes me happy to lose myself there & dream up such beautiful ideas for my home!

  104. Such a gorgeous space and those chickens!

    I’d buy some new bedding for my master. The master is always the last too. To get love!

  105. Getting ready to ‘do’ the family room in the 1930’s cottage we moved in to. Would love to have a Homegoods gift card since I know I’ll be spending a lot more than that at Homegoods. Love that store. I even know where they are located near all of my out-of-town friends. A visit wouldn’t be the same without a HG run!

  106. My home just became an empty nest ( both of my chicks flew the coop… See what I did there with the chickens… LOL!) and so I am remodeling some areas to make it more my own. A hundred dollars would sure help out in any of the areas that need love and attention. Thanks for the opportunity. Good luck to everyone! You

  107. I’d spruce up my front porch or back deck. HomeGoods always has some hidden treasures whenever you shop.

  108. The breezeway decor looks terrific…. I like the idea of adding plants around the table/chairs…. it looks lovely. I love breezeways…. I used to live in CT and lots of people had them….. not so much in WA state, where I now live.
    I would prob browse and pick up some new decorating items, as I am tired of mine!

  109. I would love a Homegoods gift card for my bathroom renovation!! Thanks Jess for all your great, informative posts!!

  110. Homegoods would be the perfect place to help create a warm, enviting space on the deck of our new tiny house!

  111. Home Goods is truly my favorite shopping experience. I would buy a few birdhouses,( I collect them )and some outdoor garden accents and maybe some new towels. I would have a great day shopping with that gift card!!!!

  112. This is going to sound syrupy, but have you ever gone into a store and know you are to bless someone. You just walk right up to them, don’t give them your name, and drop something in their hand. You think you are blessing them, but in the end you get blessed.
    I would do this with your gift card. I can wait in line behind a person who I know in my heart is the right one, and then you slip your card in to the charge machine (funny name isn’t it) and they just look at you with a shocked face. If I hand the card to them it couldn’t have my name on it then all is well, but if it has my name on it, then I would have to be the one to place the gift card in to the machine. No name necessary.

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