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Big Post and Beam Barn Renovation Starts Now

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Today I am sharing our big post and beam barn renovation because we have nothing better to do and are totally bored (just kidding….we are crazy with projects ….see our Mediterranean Home Projects here) we decided to renovate our big post and beam barn this year and seal it up. When we moved here this past February, we stored a ton of stuff from our old house inside as we moved in the dead of winter and had the freezing cold temps and snow to contend with. It was a mad dash to get out of our old house and into our new one on a tight time frame.

Big Post and Beam Barn Renovation starts now

Big Post and Beam Barn Renovation starts now

The post and beam barn was added by the previous owner about 10 years ago. We planned on tackling this project next year but you know how that goes, you get on a role and can’t stop. My dad wanted to seal it up before this winter came so we decided to add board and batten strips to the outside to seal up the cracks. The barn doors were not attached to the barn, they were leaning as the hinges had ripped out of the barn wall. 

Here is the barn before.

Big Post and Beam Barn Renovation

Big Post and Beam Barn Renovation starts now

Here is the barn after we did the excavation work and prior to the trees being removed in April.

Big Post and Beam Barn Renovation starts now

Big Post and Beam Barn Renovation starts now

Big Post and Beam Barn Renovation starts now

Big Post and Beam Barn Renovation starts now

Big Post and Beam Barn Renovation starts now

The roof needed some new shingles so we also are addressing that. 

Big Post and Beam Barn Renovation starts now

The board and batten strips will keep the rain and snow from blowing inside and help keep it dry.

Big Post and Beam Barn Renovation starts now

My dad had his guys from work reinforce the header that was supporting the doors and add a new beam to attach the doors too. The doors are really big and heavy so we needed to make sure they were secure.

Since the board and batten strips have been added, the barn looks a little ridiculous. They are light colored and the rest of the barn is weathered. 

Big Post and Beam Barn Renovation starts now

My dad said, “oh no big deal, they will weather in about 10 years and look like the rest of the wood.” 

Needless to say, we need to stain the barn. I am on the hunt for inspiration pictures of stained barns. I was thinking about staining it the color of our front door to help coordinate the barn and house. 

Big Post and Beam Barn Renovation starts now

Big Post and Beam Barn Renovation starts now

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A reader on our Instagram account account suggested maybe staining the roof the color of the front door and a lighter color on the barn. I think I like that idea. What do you think? I will share more our our Big Post and Beam Barn Renovation project as it progresses but please leave me a comment below with your stain color suggestions. PS. we are also planning to add a chicken coop off the side of the barn and a covered pen, yes….we are getting chickens! Just what we need right?



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  1. Love it. I would love a barn. Keep up the good work.

  2. you guys all of you have more energy than a whole town…I am always amazed at what you have done in such little time.

    I like your idea about the staining but would reverse the stains…lighter on top so it will be cooler in the heat…especially with your chickens.

  3. Carolyn K. says:

    How much prep work is there on weathered wood that is to be stained? I know that there is plenty if one is going to paint weathered wood. You might like to check it out if you haven’t already. Also the new wood and weathered wood probably will not accept the stain in the same way. Probably one will come out lighter than the other. You might give the battens a coat of stain first then stain everything again. I’m getting a headache just thinking through your project.
    You are one terrific lady! Are you related to the Energizer Bunny?
    Best of luck. Hope your pool is ready so you can jump right in as needed.
    Carolyn K.

  4. When my husband had to re-do part of our fence, it ended up looking the same way. He re-used what boards he could and then had to buy new posts and a couple new boards. So, our fence now has weathered and new boards. So far, the homeowner’s association hasn’t said anything!

  5. No chance painting the barn the color of your house and then staining the barn doors to match your house front door?

  6. Can I ask why you moved? I loved your old home! I just thought that you were going to be on the lake, but I haven’t seen it behind your new house. Anyway, I definitely like a rusty/Burgundy red for a barn, but I don’t think a variation of the same color would look good for the roof, just my opinion. I do wish you all the best though.

  7. Can I asked why you moved? I loved your old home! That said, I thought you were moving to lakefront home, but haven’t seen the lake yet. Anyway, my two cents is to paint the barn the same color as your front door, but have the roof a different color. I really do wish you all the best in whatever you do.

    1. Hi, our plan was to purchase a home with one kitchen (we didn’t need multiple kitchens since my grandparents were not there anymore) and the plan was to buy something on the lake. BUT this house became available and we were able to negotiate a price that worked for everyone and here we are 🙂 Some day maybe a place on the lake but this place satisfied the water need with the pool and it has a lot more land than we could have gotten on the lake. I like the idea of a different colored roof for sure.

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