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Staining a deck in the muck of the lake

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I spent yesterday standing in the muck of the lake staining a deck. I have been procrastinating this project hoping that it would miraculously get stained by someone but that someone ended up being me. I put my son’s little lake shoes on and in I went. Not a very flattering picture of myself but the entire scene was pretty nasty.

jess staining deck in muck of lake -12


The lake is one of the cleanest in our area but for some reason, all of the grossness ends up under our deck. I for-see a net in my future and some cleanup in the works.

painting the deck in the lake

The easiest way to complete this project was to simply roll the majority of the stain. I used a brush to cut in around the edges but 80% was rolled. The growth and weeds along the shoreline will also be taking a vacation in the near future. Hedge clippers will be visiting soon ;).

painting the deck in the lake

This deck has undergone a major transformation in the last couple weeks. The existing deck was essentially unsafe and 85% rotted. It’a amazing what new pressure treated wood, stain and a day of labor will do. Sherwin Williams kindly donated the stain for this project and I will be sharing the colors and brand soon. Here is a sneak peak of our post tomorrow with the painted deck and our container plants.

painting the deck in the lake-1-2

We are part of the blog hop that starts today over at Home Stories A to Z which is featuring 22 different bloggers who will be sharing a How To Decorate post. We are sharing how to decorate with container plants so check back in tomorrow, the deck is looking much better ;).

UPDATE: See full campsite + deck full reveal here


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  1. No way I would have stood in that water without thick rubber boots on! Of course, here in NC you might have a nasty little water snake swim by/over your feet! I would have procrastinated too! LOL

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