How to decorate with Container Plants

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Today we are sharing how to decorate with container plants. I was thrilled to be invited to join Beth’s blog hop that started yesterday over at Home Stories A to Z . There are 25 bloggers participating over the course of this week so you are sure to find a topic or two of interest. If you are visiting from The Inspired Room, welcome!

How to Decorate with Container Plants Decorating with container plants happens to be my ultimate favorite during the summer months. It’s so easy to add a container, filled with blooming annuals or perennials (yes I plant perennials in containers) to a porch, patio or deck area. The colors and texture are sure to wake up any summer space. You may already know that we have been working on our new deck at our lake site and thankfully, it’s almost finished! I spent this past weekend staining and cleaning the deck, just in time for the blog hop. I purchased a bunch of flowers to dress up the deck and I have to admit, it’s shaping up nicely. Here is a sneak peek of deck.

how to decorate with container plants

Metal ice bucket and colorful plastic container:  This is an assortment of annuals and perennial plants. I added two hosta plants to the metal blue barrel and 4 mini spike plants in the lighter blue container. Be sure to drill holes in the bottom of whatever container you use. Don’t be afraid to use a unique or out of the ordinary container. The metal turquoise barrel is actually an ice bucket turned planter.

TIP: Remove the plants from the rug before watering. This rug is a Dash & Albert indoor/outdoor rug and can get wet but the soil and water will stain any rug if you are not careful. I always remove my containers prior to watering to ensure a long life for rug ;).

how to decorate with container plants

Store bought plastic container: The plant container above is a simple planter I purchased from Home Depot. Inexpensive and simple yet looks perfect on top of the deck rail. Be sure to screw any container to the rail to prevent it from tipping or blowing off. I normally screw it to the rail first, then fill with soil.

Wooden Container: Another option is to fill an outdoor wooden window box with a variety of flowers and simply set it on the ground. My girlfriend who also is on the same lake, planted this container below and it looks fabulous. She planted two identical boxes and placed one either side of her stairs. Window boxes do not always need to be near a window ;). This one looks great on the ground floating in black mulch. It also blocks the view under the deck.

how to decorate with container plants

I always try to mix different texture plants together.

how to decorate with container plants

Sisal wrapped container: Here you can see how I wrapped a boring white store bought container with sisal. You can buy a role of sisal at any home improvement store and it works perfectly to decorate any planter.

how to decorate with container plants

Plastic slatted square planter: Here is another shot of how container plants can add warmth and a cozy feel to your outdoor space. In this space, the white plastic slatted container from Wayfair adds a different dimension to the space. You can see the full porch under our summer porch category.

how to decorate with container plants

Decorative white containers go with just about any summer theme.

how to decorate with container plants

Containers with Shrubs: Did you know that you can plant roses in a container? I had no idea until last summer. All you need to do is dig a hole in the fall and place the entire container in the hole and then remove the following spring. We purchased the rose bushes last summer and they survived the winter in the hole while still in the container! These are simple plastic store bought containers. Not the prettiest and honestly, I thought for sure I would be planting these in the ground because I didn’t think they would make the winter. I didn’t want to spend the money on a decorative planter so I opted for the simple plastic container. Wouldn’t you know it, they survived.  I don’t want to mess with a good thing and replant them so they will stay put! They definitely add a nice touch around our pool area.

how to decorate with container plants

How to decorate with container plants can be as simple or extensive as you want it to be.

how to decorate with container plants

I normally mix and match and purchase one or two new containers each year. It’s always nice to use a couple unique containers as well. It adds that unexpected element to the space and visual interest. Up next on the blog hop, the ever-so talented Traci over at Beneath My Heart. Guess what she is decorating! You’ll have to head over to see :).

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  1. Living in the city with a teeny, tiny yard, container planting is practically my only gardening method! Great tips. Love the sisal wrapped container. Thanks again for participating in my series!

  2. Oh I am just loving all your plants and containers Jessica! So many great ideas and that sisal DIY is so fabulous! I want to try that. Thanks so much for all of the inspirations and tips girl!!

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